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  1. Berthkgar added a post in a topic Gathering Event? Nope...   

    Using fig pie, magic tools, and my week long kama... I'm getting 1 sharp/hard per round of energy used and I have 241 max with Art 7 gathering. This has been each day since the event. 
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  2. Berthkgar added a post in a topic Wizard with Evasion Equipment ?   

    Using Rocaba gloves/helm with 1x evasion and 1x mem crystal is the same evasion as full boss with 2x evasion. Just sayin'
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  3. Berthkgar added a post in a topic Trouble keeping MP with wizard Awakening vs witch   

    read above: Wizards can't W+F back into awakened.
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  4. Berthkgar added a post in a topic Wizard awakening Combos?   

    Yeah, I use it more for the block or as a way to reposition in a fight since the front block moves around with you, albiet with a short delay.
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  5. Berthkgar added a post in a topic Post Pics of Your Witch/Wizard   

  6. Berthkgar added a post in a topic Siege on Christmas Eve   

    inb4 small guilds take over all the territories for a week.
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  7. Berthkgar added a post in a topic For those not 1000+ sp.....priority of skills?   

    Sage Meteor is still good for the AoE knockdown. I'll TP > Sage > Protected Ground/Heal > Meteor > water bomb and then combo off the knockdown from meteor/waterbomb explosion.
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  8. Berthkgar added a post in a topic Wizard awakening Combos?   

    Chilling Wave is great as a quick front block into other abilities though... but not for damage.
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  9. Berthkgar added a post in a topic Patch Notes - December 14th   

    You realize they're doing a LOT of networking maintenance right? It's even on their "Hey, we're doing maintenance" post. Please learn to read.
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  10. Berthkgar added a post in a topic Wizard Awakening Prep....   

    ugh. idek know anymore. I attempted tet kzarka one more time cuz I listened to my guildies and it's a 104 stack. I'm really hoping I get a dande by next week and if I can get a tet, I'm gonna go for pen right away.
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  11. Berthkgar added a post in a topic Wizard Awakening Prep....   

    Trying to tet my kzarka... 95 stacks now. I think I'm just gonna hope to buy a dande box day 1 and use that for a tet dande
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  12. Berthkgar added a post in a topic BDO needs a PVP overhaul   

    I was grinding for silver at a spot for hours. Someone comes in and disrupted my rotation so I killed them. They then whispered me and said they'd start karma bombing me for the spot since they couldn't fight back. I had an officer declare on their guild and as soon as dec went through they whispered me saying they were being put on protection to continue to karma bomb me. I had been there for literally hours and this person could force me to channel swap because of the negative karma penalties when they're the ones being an asshole about a spot. I could easily have defended against them and I did for the 2 times they flagged on me in revenge. But as soon as you can beat someone for a spot, they resort to petty tactics that does not make for a healthy Open World PvP game.
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  13. Berthkgar added a topic in Ranger   

    Possible Bug when fighting rangers?
    I'm dueling my ranger friend, I'm a wizard, and I have 74% knockdown resist and 58% grapple resist. Whenever he uses spirit's shackles on me, it says "immune" then I get grabbed/knocked down About 90% of the time it says immune, he still gets the knockdown. Any ideas on why this would happen?
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  14. Berthkgar added a post in a topic Black Stone Event?   

    True, but with all the awakenings and boss gear, I feel like the prices will still stay high with an event. It's the combination of stone event + relic event that really tanks the market.
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  15. Berthkgar added a topic in Wizard/Witch   

    Wizard Awakening Prep....
    What are you guys doing to prep for it?
    Unfortunately, no dande box for me and due to work schedule, I'm low on auras... but I'm trying to get to 180+ AP without offhand before it comes out. I'm at 168 right now. Planning on getting Tet Kzarka and getting my boss gear to tri, getting a tri ultimate parrying dagger, and going full evasion before then. Thoughts?
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