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  1. Ryuna added a post in a topic Dark Elf December 15th KR   

    You never specified that you weren't talking about facial features, learn to be more specific.
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  2. Ryuna added a post in a topic Dark Elf December 15th KR   

    She doesn't look like Arisha at all to me. Maybe the eyes just ever so slightly, but no where near close enough to say she looks like Arisha. Showed a video of the DK to my bf who was also an avid Vindictus player(shout out to all his brother Karoks!) and he agreed with me.
    I chose this image because it has little makeup and her hair is short to bring more attention to the face because I feel hair and makeup can really alter the actual appearance of a character.
    Wrong. I can tell you people haven't played Vindictus in a while. Arisha's boobs are huge and even when you try to make them the smallest they still look huge in my opinion. Go back and play Vindictus! I guarantee you will end up being disappointed with it. I recently blew up my +12 staff trying to get it to +13. I can't compete with the majority of the community who have +15s.
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  3. Ryuna added a post in a topic Korean 2 years infographic   

    I don't know if I'm just bad at the class or whatever, but I think it has a lot to do with the lack of mobility. I still have a lot of fun playing my Witch, but hoping Awakening makes her a bit better. I'm aware her Awakening may end up being OP, but it would be nice for a while.
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  4. Ryuna added a post in a topic Korean 2 years infographic   

    That Kaia gear is amazing to help new people get on their feet. I currently have the weapon rented on one of characters.
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  5. Ryuna added a post in a topic Awakening Event Series - Kunoichi and Ninja   

    Vindictus had a bad habit about doing this kind of stuff with their new characters they would come out with. It was mainly, "first 10 players to lvl 80 will get a special title!" I really dislike when games do that. I probably won't get the title on my Witch unfortunately, but it is whatever I guess... I won't be a special snowflake!!
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  6. Ryuna added a post in a topic Not quite sure I get the Economy in this game..   

    Am I the only one glad that the marketplace isn't controlled by the players?
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  7. Ryuna added a post in a topic Why does this community hate Latin players? (✿◡‿◡)   

    I have to agree as well. However not all BRs are that way and some can be pleasant people to be around. Honestly I welcome anyone to the game even BRs because they always make me laugh if they end up being this stereotype.
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  8. Ryuna added a post in a topic Patch Notes - December 1st   

    I don't see it either!
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  9. Ryuna added a post in a topic [Updated][Maintenance] Maintenance November 30th   

    Looks like your game is re-downloading? RIP.
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  10. Ryuna added a post in a topic [Updated][Maintenance] Maintenance November 30th   

    I just let my launcher sit and my patch eventually finished.
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  11. Ryuna added a post in a topic [Updated][Maintenance] Maintenance November 30th   

    I don't think it really has anything to do with Kakao over promising. I think people who play a lot of MMOs are used to the majority of MMOs that always extend their maintenances. At least for me it feels that way. I always expect long maintenaces or extended times, its a given with these games.
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  12. Ryuna added a post in a topic Some stats on the P2W dye system   

    Go play ArcheAge which has RMT as well and then come back and tell me it is not P2W... because by your definition AA isn't P2W.
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  13. Ryuna added a post in a topic WTF are you actually winning when you buy dyes?   

    Inb4 BDO switches to the F2P model. Kek.
    I swear it almost feels like people here have never played any other MMO besides BDO. People have and will spend thousands on gamble boxes and these RANDOM(gamble) dye boxes are no different. Just wait and see... dyes will skyrocket once this event dies down. I can guarantee people are already stockpiling sellable dyes. If they put price caps on the dyes so they cannot go past 3mil then I'd have no problem with them. My main beef with this is if they can do this what will they make sellable next? Costumes? Pets? Etc? This is only the beginning of a downhill slope. I'm still giving the game a chance though, since this is rather mild. I'll just wait and see what they do next.
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  14. Ryuna added a post in a topic Anyone expecting complete silence come Monday?   

    And notice how everyone is ignoring that... Only reason dyes are so cheap is because of the free ones right now. Wait for everything to settle down and watch those dye prices skyrocket. I'm going to be smart and save my dyes until I can sell them for 20m+! Not to mention I better buy dyes now to get the look I want before said price increase.
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  15. Ryuna added a post in a topic [Poll] Pretty or Creepy (thank you you all!)   

    Tear ducts and outer corners of the eyes is what makes her look weird. Also her lower eyelid that far down makes it look even more weird. It is whatever you like to be honest. If you want to be known as the creepy doll then go for it.
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