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  1. Kvn added a post in a topic Chase stamina cost removed!!!   

    I'll believe it when I actually see it in game... and even if they do go thru with adding this it doesn't do much to fix the issues with this class.  Great we're the best at running away again... awesome!!  
    It's just hilarious now that I've gone back to level my old wizard back up seeing just how trash tier musa really is.  My weakling lvl 58 wiz with a measly 196 AP running 0 ACC and  a lame blue awakening damn nears 1 shots anyone I run into at bandits with just the forward F dash ability...   I can quite literally roll my face on the keyboard and kill people on wiz.  Meanwhile my lvl 61 musa with 30 more AP is forced to stack ACC and has to work 8x's as hard and would have to be fighting some lvl 56 scrub to do 90% of someone's hp in 1 skill... but hey infinite chase!!!  Whoooooowweeeeee people will be so jelly watching me dash away into the sunset after they kick me out of my grind spot lol!!  
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  2. Kvn added a post in a topic Make Musa Great Again 2017   

    Officially retired my lvl 61 musa to lifeskill alt status until the devs fix this garbage tier class.  
    Absolutely hilarious how they nerfed Musa into irrelevancy just to turn around and release this DK class that's far more overpowered than Musa's ever were in KR.  The Striker class looks like yet another cruel joke with it's 9 SA's, 3 i-frames, and grab in base kit.  I'm sure their awakening will be even more OP and broken than DK so might as well chalk up another loogie in our faces while we sit here waiting for the supposed "balance patches" that will never come.  I wish I could adaquetly express just how frustrating it is to level a Musa up to 61 only to realize there is literally no reason to continue playing the class at this point.  DK's do literally everything better with far less gear and far less effort.  They're even better at our super fun 'scout role' in node/siege since they're not restricted by stam (as if any ahole with a horse couldn't fulfill that role anyways but I digress)...  
    So yeah, if anyone needs me I'll be rolling my face on my keyboard leveling up the Wizard I abandoned for Musa last year so I can at least be useful to my guild in siege.  I'd like to think I'll eventually be back to Musa but I have literally zero faith in the Devs actually addressing this class.  Probably just end up rolling a Striker whenever that gets released here.  Sorry for the rambling, just needed to vent....
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  3. Kvn added a post in a topic Make Musa Great Again 2017   

    Since word on the street is they're not going to nerf the classes at the top of their graph (wiz/dk/witch) and are instead going to buff up the rest of the shit tier classes I suggest everyone continue bumping this thread until we actually get these supposed buffs.  Maybe we'll get lucky and they'll take some of the ideas put forth in this thread.
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  4. Kvn added a post in a topic Musa Open World Chronicles - Vol 1   

    LOL!  The reality is he recruited some players who were previously banned due to shovel exploiting or something that had just come back on new accounts which caused a rift with a bunch of his Savanna officers and members who promptly quit.  Afterwards he tried to play it off in discord/gchat talking about how we didn't need those scrubs anyways since he had our core and those guys didn't know how to pvp like us and blah blah blah...  Needless to say the entire situation didn't sit well with our core so decided we'd rather rebuild Hybrid than stay under his toxic leadership.  
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  5. Kvn added a post in a topic Musa Open World Chronicles - Vol 1   

    Thanks man, glad you enjoyed it.  It's funny that you remember me from Savanna though since our core was only in that guild for like 2 weeks before Bnat imploded his guild and we ditched that sinking ship to go back and rebuild Hybrid from the ground up as Juicy.  
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  6. Kvn added a post in a topic Musa outfit....?   

    Still waiting for this one...  any day now...  

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  7. Kvn added a post in a topic Musa Open World Chronicles - Vol 1   

    See here's the thing. Who cares what is and isn't the "proper" way to play?  It's a game not a job interview.  If the end result is a win does it really matter how someone got there?  Stop being so elitist.
    It's amusing how my 4 minutes of video has suddenly become representative of the entire NA musa community lol.  Blade combos were great before class awakenings but in my experience trying to execute blade combos post-awakenings just results in me getting CC'd more than it actually works so I rarely bother.  Maybe your experiences are different and you can use them successfully.  If that's the case congrats on it working for you.  Personally I really don't see the big deal if the end result is a win but my apologizes for giving all you other NA musa's a bad name lol. 
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  8. Kvn added a post in a topic Musa Open World Chronicles - Vol 1   

    Wow, I love how 4 minutes of pvp footage from 1 random NA player is enough for you to characterize the entire NA playerbase as monkeys.  Sorry if I offended your elite musa skills by not including any footage of me doing any stub arrow combos lol.  It's not like I never utilize it... it's just not something I typically bother with since it's clunky and ends up getting me CC/killed far more than it actually works.   I'd rather just stay in awakening.  *shrug*  
    This guy gets it.  Thanks man.  I wasn't trying to make some elitist pvp instructional video...  It's just a fun little video I slapped together in about 4 hours last night from the past 2 weeks of random open world bullshit I actually remembered to save to disk in an effort to motivate my guildies into sending me footage of their own...  (I just enjoy making these types of videos as you can clearly see from all the BF4 videos on my youtube).
    I mean if I was actually trying to stroke my epeen here I wouldn't have included the montage of me repeatedly dying to my Wiz guildie in the beginning and would of saved up months worth of cherry picked encounters and edited them to make it look like Jesus came down from the heaven to play Musa lol.  And yes, that TET did trigger my guildies btw since that 62 stack was from failing to rage enchant my tree armor and it was my very first TET attempt on the dande.  
    As for the lack of stubs/bloomings... I'll make a note to include more footage of that kind of stuff in the future since it apparently triggers people if I don't show those encounters lol. It's not something I personally use often since 99% of the time I swap out of awakening it results in me getting CC'd and killed lol but hey, I can easily just edit out all the times it gets me killed and slap together a bunch of those rare times it actually works so Cryptid won't think I'm a monkey lol.  
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  9. Kvn added a topic in Musa   

    Musa Open World Chronicles - Vol 1
    I needed a break from grinding last night so I slapped together a quick video of some open world pvp fun from the past week...  
    And yes I know my gear sucks and I need to git good.  
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  10. Kvn added a post in a topic Musa: Best Outfit?   

    When the F are we getting this one?  Been waiting for it since release...
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  11. Kvn added a post in a topic What is your biggest gripe about BDO?   

    Horrible optimization (unplayable frame loss during world boss/large scale region wars/memory leaks/pop-in/etc).Net code built for South Korea infrastructure that desyncs like crazy on America's shoddy infrastructure.No class balance at all.  You have the clearly overtuned top tier classes that continually get buffed and the garbage tier classes that continually get ignored.  Do the devs even play this game?Progression gated by RNG dice rolls.  You waste months and billions watching your accessories go *poof* into thin air due to RNG meanwhile your friend that barely plays some how one-clicks everything and leaves you in the dust because of RNG.  
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  12. Kvn added a post in a topic Make Musa Great Again 2017   

    You ingrate!  Didn't you see they buffed Dual Blade Slash Damage 3 whole percent?!?  WATCH OUT FOLKS!! BIG DAMAGE ON PING COMING UP!!! 
    Meanwhile OP Wizard's (that already have SA or guard on literally all their awakening skills) get a hefty 754% -> 905% bump on Earthquake and SA on the entire animation.  
    LOL.  Are the devs even playing the same game?  I seriously don't understand the rational behind these "balance changes".   
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  13. Kvn added a post in a topic Fix Musa and do a AP/DP rebalance already.   

    Oh I thought it was some reference to my gear sheet or something.  Obviously I'm not gonna post a pic of my gf for you nerds to jerk off too but I can certainly post a screen shot if you really don't believe my level.  Think I'm at 60.45 currently if my memory is correct and that's with me mainly life skilling since hitting 60 and only grinding when I'm out of energy for Pila scrolls and $ at bandits.  Haven't been to pirates since hitting 60 and you couldn't pay me to go back even though it's still the best XP.  
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  14. Kvn added a post in a topic Fix Musa and do a AP/DP rebalance already.   

    I have no idea what this means.  Please use actual words.
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  15. Kvn added a post in a topic KR 9th February Musa buffs by Chopper85   

    What a joke.  Does anyone even have Gale skilled after awakening?!?  
    Unless they add SA or Guard to the base kit skills these minuscule "buffs" are irrelevant.  
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