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  1. Ioyalty added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Bugged quests, hep prease
    first off, I know I've done these quests on this character already, I've had countless bugs pop up after deleting toons.. I've opened a GM ticket and it seems most of them don't have the brain power to read the post before replying. If anybody has had this problem and actually fixed it let me know what you did, thank you!
    p.s I've already tried deleting my cache which allowed me to move my characters that weren't able to be moved after I deleted a few toons to free up spaces.
    p.s.s Black spirit does NOT have any quests to be picked up, I can't navigate to these 2 quest locations and when I click to pick them up black spirit comes up with no quests.

    @GM Creat0r @GM Creator @GM Kaiji @GM Moose @GM MWallace @GM Neevachu @GM_Anon @GM_Axion @GM_BBrilliant @GM_Bytesize
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  2. Ioyalty added a post in a topic Na to EU??   

    Thanks Che!
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  3. Ioyalty added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Na to EU??
    I'm moving in a month to the EU
    Is there anyway I can get switched NA to EU with all my pearls I've spent over $500 on pearls. 
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  4. Ioyalty added a topic in Off-Topic   

    I accidently added 3 Maewah tokens together trying to do the 12 token 1! what do I do?!
    Edan server TylerT (ioyalty)
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  5. Ioyalty added a topic in Website Tech Support   

    Hello Customer Service?!?
    @GM_Tokaji @GM_Nevermore @GM_Gemu  @GM_Rhotaaz @CM_Jouska
    Ticket Id:85038
    Ticket Id:86176
    If these aren't replied to soon I'm just going to refund the money and move on to something else this customer service is DREADFUL..
    my tickets have been open for nearly a month now! 
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  6. Ioyalty added a post in a topic 21 Days Waiting. Friend submits ticket last night reply this morning.   

    did you get a reply back?
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  7. Ioyalty added a topic in Suggestions   

    QOL update!
    Suggestion 1:The character select screen it should say current energy/contribution on each character so you can see how much energy is on each of your toons before logging into them.
    Suggestion 2:There should be a move up or move down in list to control the order of your toons in the character select so you can set them from highest level to lowest or from most used to least used.
    Add screenshots of regions in just a moment!

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  8. Ioyalty added a topic in General   

    Wizards get shit looks
    https://gyazo.com/afe0bebc627b912c68b9e786b7a3f084 why is it that every costume for wizards has some kind of feature that none of the other classes have that make them look like idiotic circles.. why? just give me a cape! #wasted money
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  9. Ioyalty added a post in a topic WHY?!   

    I want that outfit so bad lol
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  10. Ioyalty added a post in a topic WHY?!   

    I have tree, cavaro, and kharlstein.. I've wasted so much on dyes trying to make them look half decent then I noticed my cape on the tree outfit makes me look like a pumpkin!!! like, wtf?!? everyone elses back actually looks like a cape.. and I get nothing.. PLEASE I WANT CAPE! lol
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  11. Ioyalty added a topic in General   

    Why does everything on a wizard look so stupid.. I bought a few costumes because they looked decent in the pearl shop but when wearing on my wizard they look completely trash.. we get no cool capes or outfits and everything on them looks completely trash for example... https://gyazo.com/afe0bebc627b912c68b9e786b7a3f084 why is my cape round and other classes have cape like backs?!? please EQUALITY! 
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  12. Ioyalty added a post in a topic Help please!   

    thats exactly how mine is @Gundamnit! I can only pick up the quests on my wizard but if I complete them with my sorc I can't get the kill quest for the tokens, and seals. I also don't remember how to start the black spirit story for the crystal Idk if you can do it on multiple characters or not.
    Still looking for an answer!
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  13. Ioyalty added a topic in General   

    Help please!
    okay, so I've leveled my first char to 50+ and decided I wanted an alt so I started a sorc but when I got to lvl 50 I didn't get any story quests for media.. also I can't pick up the seals/tokens quests from the black spirit unless im on my wizard and if i turn them into binstimi, becker, and the abandoned monastary guy I don't get the kill quest for the hourly seal/token!? please help, Idk how to get my new char to where I left off on my old  character.
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