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  1. Tynen added a post in a topic #NerfBlader   

    I agree.
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  2. Tynen added a post in a topic Node Wars and the reason..   

    You need to be AT LEAST 350 to be somewhat relevant. I'm at 172 263
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  3. Tynen added a post in a topic Hardware upgrade advice needed   

    I'd highly suggest going with 3200 MHz RAM, if you checkout FPS difference between the different frequencies you'll notice that you want at least 3200 but there are huge diminishing returns after that speed. 
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  4. Tynen added a post in a topic What offhand are you 16+ing?   

    Thanks for the thread, found it very useful
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  5. Tynen added a post in a topic Make "Costumes" non class specific and transferable   

    I would buy them all if they were transferable too. 
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  6. Tynen added a post in a topic Tamers in GvG and Sieges   

    Sounds exactly like what I do.
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  7. Tynen added a post in a topic Graphics pixalated?   

    Looks fine to me man... Also - your Butt does look big in that. 
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  8. Tynen added a post in a topic Please Make Node Wars Available for PST players   

    I TOTALLY AGREE WITH THIS OMG. It would be best if it started at 5:50 PST. There's a thread talking about the same issue on Reddit. Apparently starting at 3:50 is only going to be for this week, and next week it'll go back to starting at 4:50, but that's still too early. 
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  9. Tynen added a post in a topic Marketplace Bid System Fixed date   

    Dude, start showing up to world bosses, they drop at LEAST 2-3 livertos every time, I've seen 7 drop from one boss
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  10. Tynen added a post in a topic -1% xp in pvp - Pro & Con   

    There should be an increasing timer on PvP death to respawn at node. First death, instant respawn, second death 30 second timer, third death 2 minute timer ETC. The "spawn at town" should be instant
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  11. Tynen added a post in a topic RIP Edan Server   

    Same issue here, Valencia E1 and E2
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  12. Tynen added a post in a topic Massive Issues!!!!   

    Valencia E1 and E2 are laggy AF, and I DC every 30 seconds - 2 minutes. Gunna keep trying different channels. =\
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  13. Tynen added a post in a topic Bad lag   

    I'm also having horrible lag in Edan channels. When I talk to an NPC the UI never opens but the controls act as if the UI was open and I will disconnect after ~30 seconds. 
    Game is literally unplayable 
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  14. Tynen added a topic in General   

    Fishing bug? Not Catching fish on successful catch
    I've been enjoy the XP weekend and doing a lot of fishing with my guild, which is awesome! Last night I didn't have any problems. I logged back in to fish this morning and whenever I successfully catch a fish there's no loot window. I tried fishing about 10 times, and I got no fish! I switched servers and I was getting fish. I thought maybe the issue was resolved so I switched back to my guild's normal server and I couldn't catch fish again. Anyways, I can't see to find a pattern to it, but I'm not getting any fish after a successful catch. Anyone else experiencing this??? 
    Also, sometimes after trying for a while whenever I cast I INSTANTLY have a fish caught, every time I cast there's instantly a fish on the hook.. it's really strange. 
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