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  1. Sgtteddybear59 added a post in a topic Horse breeding - investment vs reward   

    Silver-wise? Horse breeding is a pain in the ass. But you're mainly breeding for the horse itself. But this is where the game is P2W

    If you don't use money, you will never become an effective breeder. The one who dumps a lot of money into the game will get better horses all around and make more of a profit off of it.

    Anyone who says different is simply defending the game, It's P2W lol
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  2. Sgtteddybear59 added a topic in Suggestions   

    Tier 1 and 2 should look visibly weaker
    So far, the difference between Tier 1-8 is hard to tell. While you do notice the muscle structure, I feel Tier 1 and 2 should more visually represent their Tier than they already do.

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  3. Sgtteddybear59 added a post in a topic [Pictures] Armor Suggestions   

    Right but this would be a general idea of what I personally would want. For example; Some nice Persian outfits.

    Obviously it would be bad for them to copy this exactly. Instead they should take inspiration.
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  4. Sgtteddybear59 added a topic in Suggestions   

    [Pictures] Armor Suggestions
    While I do enjoy some of the armor, I want something a bit more practical as well. For example the 'Angel Armor' in the game [While looks good on an Elf] Kind of looks absurd on a human and not practical. Regardless, here are some Armors from different games that should no doubt give some inspiration to BDO.

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  5. Sgtteddybear59 added a post in a topic Overcast and Longer Rain   

    Yeah definitely. That's why I said have a long break in between each storm. Maybe one week would be full of rain and overcast while the next two weeks would be sunshine/partlycloudy
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  6. Sgtteddybear59 added a topic in Suggestions   

    Overcast and Longer Rain
    So, the rain is kind of ridiculous. One moment it's raining the next it's not. While normally I wouldn't mind this, the shift between a sunny day and rain is too much. Not only that, but I'd love to have a good storm or steady rain that lasted at LEAST a full day or two in game with a long break of sunlight after.

    Even better, we should have days with Overcast either randomly, or before comes and rolls in. It wouldn't be too hard either. Simply remove the rain effect and boom, you have Overcast. Even make the overcast slowly 'fade in' and 'fade out' so it doesn't just pop up out of nowhere.

    Weather should be meaningful and realistic, not just a 5 second event. I want my rain to last for a couple of days or more before fading. Even when it fades, we should be left with overcast
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  7. Sgtteddybear59 added a topic in Suggestions   

    Just like in most games, it would be nice to have a /roll option

    For example:
    /roll - By default rolls a number between 1-100

    /roll # - Rolls a number between 1-# - Example: /roll 20

    /roll #-# - Rolls a number between # and # - Example: /roll 5-20
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  8. Sgtteddybear59 added a post in a topic Please add auto-fill recipes for cooking   

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  9. Sgtteddybear59 added a post in a topic Dancing Emote   

  10. Sgtteddybear59 added a post in a topic This game is very satanic   

    Pretty edgy video man. Should talk to someone.
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  11. Sgtteddybear59 added a post in a topic Plague Doctor Costume   

    Holy shit they do!

    SO COOL! But we should be able to nab it down the road.
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  12. Sgtteddybear59 added a post in a topic This game is very satanic   

    This may or may not be revealed down the road. I'd just wish we had the option to choose and not pick evil. But sadly we are forced.
    Yeah, this game is shady. It scares me even more when I see all these people so willing to side with the Black Spirit. It's like stabbing yourself in the leg because it's trendy. I just want the ability to reject it.
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  13. Sgtteddybear59 added a topic in Suggestions   

    Hair/Facial Hair should be free to edit
    We paid for the game, so it would be nice to get some love in return. I'd love to be able to change my hairstyle once in awhile and facial hair. I feel  it would make sense considering we can in real life as well. Same thing goes for facial expressions.

    Anyway, if anything, just create new hairstyles that people can buy as a compromise 
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  14. Sgtteddybear59 added a topic in Suggestions   

    Standby Expression Sliders also effect Emotes

    This should also effect the emotes we use in-game. I find my character smiling like a complete ass when my slider puts it right where I want it. I know I'm asking for a lot because coding is a pain, but it could be something to consider.

    Not only that, but Standby Expressions should also be emotes that you can toggle to change the face of your character I shouldn't have to pay to change the expression of my character. It becomes largely useless to have these if we cannot turn them off later when we don't like it anymore.
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  15. Sgtteddybear59 added a post in a topic Plague Doctor Costume   

    Yeah, or just to look cool ;D lmao
    This is how I felt too.
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