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  1. Rebornz added a post in a topic PVP Is Completely Broken. Admit it.   

    I would be so happy if they ever release a game mode with equal gear in this game but lets be honest they will never do so.
    Why? Because this game lack so much content , the only way to keep players around is to make them "work" their asses off to be able to enjoy the game.
    Everything in this game is grind related which is the laziest way to create content in any game ever. You want to pvp? Grind money to get gear - how to grind money? - grind mobs until your eyes bleed or do life skills- how do i do life skills? Chop tree's for hours or fish at the same place for hours. 
    Its the only way to keep players around, Make them waste time farming/grinding to accomplish anything.
    If we get equalized gear in pvp who would grind and for what? There is no point in grinding if its not for money to buy gear to be able  to pvp.
    Without insane unbalanced pvp via gear and lvl's this game would have 0 content (really 0).
    Can't blame them, they found the best way they could to keep players around.
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  2. Rebornz added a post in a topic Please make Golden Chests dynamically located and not static...   

    Of course it is. You go at the locations the chest is not there welp unlucky and you leave.
    I guess is much better to run around a 3 hours horse ride map to look at every little corner to see if you find a chest. Pure waste of time.
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  3. Rebornz added a post in a topic Please make Golden Chests dynamically located and not static...   

    Yes so someone can lose 8 hours of his life "exploring" in bdo for a chest he might never find.
    Great idea!
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  4. Rebornz added a post in a topic road to TET Ogre   

    One less wizard/witch on bdo.
    I call this a win.
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  5. Rebornz added a post in a topic Criticism of Poor Explanations   

    They have an in-game "wikipedia" btw
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  6. Rebornz added a post in a topic Trying to pick an alt between Musa/Maewha/Ninja/Kuno   

    Musa is the best out of all of them. Followed by Maehwa , ninja and kuno are weak atm so the "fun" doesnt  last long when you see most classes do better then you with less.
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  7. Rebornz added a post in a topic Class for solo farming (nopots) ?   

    A lvl 59 overgeared in a 57 zone. Good way to showcase skill and clear speed of a class. Smart
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  8. Rebornz added a post in a topic Witch/wizard awakening is way too OP. Nerf or tuning needed.   

    I see, you refuse to take note about all of my posts and you go on by repeating the same thing.
    Can't argue with someone below 70 iq im sorry .
    Have a good day poor soul
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  9. Rebornz added a post in a topic Witch/wizard awakening is way too OP. Nerf or tuning needed.   

    300 dp is relevant. If you think otherwise you've never pvp in this game.
    I was a zerk , find it boring to beat everyone without effort so i went for a trash tier class to have a bit more challenge (not all of us like ez mode like you).
    Not popped on. I was just amazed how a 6 sec cd on Aoe spell from wizard could break my block stun me and deal 60% of my health (again 6 sec cd).
    Stop trying so hard man. Your class is broken , i know it , you know it , we all know it. I guess its easier to play something broken and act like skill is what makes you win some of your fights.
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  10. Rebornz added a post in a topic Witch/wizard awakening is way too OP. Nerf or tuning needed.   

    I play ninja actually. Stop being delusional, your class is as braindead as the one you love to hate on.
    I dont get pooped either. Im overgeared so most people barely scratch me. Still need to be mentally slow to not see how broken wizard is atm.
    + if you knew how to read you'll see why i and a lot of others find wizard broken. Not only because they have DMG. 
    Its funny how you mention blocks. Meanwhile wizard completely destroys blocks with aoe without breaking a sweat. (Coming from someone with 300 dp).
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  11. Rebornz added a post in a topic Witch/wizard awakening is way too OP. Nerf or tuning needed.   

    Wtf is this excuse of "we suffered for 5/6 months so we have the right to be overtuned". What about Ninja and kunos that waited almost the same time as wizards/wittches and they are completely trash tier right now. Dont they deserve a buff too?
    Yes Sorc,War,Zerk are super strong. We all know that. Not an excuse to add more overtuned classes in the game. Wizard are Op right now. How can you even say that they aren't?
    Wizard is the only class in the game that legit has everything in the game. (Heals,huge dmg.huge aoe, shields , aoe defensif , tons of cc , aoe cc , tp's ,more cc's , pets that deal decent amount of dmg , grab , frontal block on skills that deal crazy dmg , ultimate completely broken (nerf coming ty god).
    Tell me one class that as that many utility in the game. Dont bother there is none.
    You might struggle vs zerk,warrior,sorc because they are just as op. For classes like kuno,ninjas,tamers Wizard are cancer.
    But what can you expect of the forums when most of the game populations plays wizard/witches especially the forum community.
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  12. Rebornz added a post in a topic Kutum Vs Nouver   

    Most people now (even in kr) are using kutum in pve/pvp. For pve there was a test done between all the offhands and kutum won.
    For pvp it depends on your overall gear but kutum is the best bet since its what you will use "endgame".
    I feel like nouver is only good for pveing when you grind things like sausans at lvl 59.
    Kinda hard to think for yourself when there is no number to go on by (in-game) Instead we have posts of people that tested both weapon for hours.
    So yes instead of wasting 500M just to test a weapon ill trust the Videos and posts of people doing tests for me.
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  13. Rebornz added a post in a topic tamer's broken defense against witch/wizard   

    All other classes in bdo?
    What about ninja? M8
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  14. Rebornz added a post in a topic Nouver AP Broken   

    Kutum is better for pve too (test done in kr). Especially in places like Pila ku and Hystria.
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  15. Rebornz added a post in a topic Awaken Boss Scrolls bugged?   

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