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  1. Terrormaise added a post in a topic Getting fed up with false reporting   

    Gotta admit. The fun factor on this forum increases for me. Yesterday a "confession" of hacking was reported and today a "botter". Both times the "evidence" is quiet hilarious (for the uninvolved people at last).
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  2. Terrormaise added a post in a topic Based on yesterdays news and the responses I see, I hope Pearl Abyss do not aim to please the top '5% no-lifers'   

    I totally understand you cause that's my problem too and why I stopped playing at the moment. I like a lot about the game. But pvp seems to be the end game content and to my understanding as the mechanics are you'll be crushed like a bug if you're not on par in lvl and gear with your combatant. I don't have a problem with players that put in more time and effort to have an advantage...but has the advantage really be so harsh to make the other player cannonfodder?
    Knowing that I will unlikely be able to compete in pvp totally kills my motivation for the game. It makes me feel excluded from the end game content and there being so little player-player interaction in the game also from a large part of the multiplayer. This way for me the game becomes a singleplayer experience with a chatbox attached to it.
    Yes, some people might say I could just play more efficiently to be competitive. But I want to enjoy the game and do not want 75% of it to feel like work so I can experience the end content. If pvp was more forgiving regarding gear and player lvl I think I could have a lot of fun with the game.      
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  3. Terrormaise added a post in a topic Valencia Part 1 is coming to BDO !   

    Jup, me too.
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  4. Terrormaise added a post in a topic Scummiest Thing You've Done in BDO   

    I've bought the angel costume and did wear it.
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  5. Terrormaise added a post in a topic A thread for Fond Farewells   

    That's really silly that your feedback thread got merged into this one. It really shows how much a customer's opinion is valued here - as does the poorly chosen title of this thread.
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  6. Terrormaise added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Color Theory   

    I'm no expert in breeding so if I tell wrong tales please somebody correct me but since no one answers I'll give it a try:
    1. Yes - you can actually test it yourself, since the horse calculator was recently extended with color theory (and also has some tables and explanations about color theory)
    2.  >=7  for a chance at a T7 purebread
    3. To my knowledge only one color (black/white/red) is randomly selected and the foal gets the sum of the parents numbers in that color, e.g. black. Values for the non chosen colors, e.g. white and red, are randomly assigned afterwards I think.
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  7. Terrormaise added a post in a topic May 4 Pearl Shop Update Items & Pics   

    Thx dulfy. I also enjoy your website.
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  8. Terrormaise added a post in a topic How much money have you spent on BDO?   

    50€ for the game, 100€ for pearls which is tbh a bit much for the month that I've been playing. I'd have been better off with a subscription if there was any. 
    Goal for the future: Work with a budget that is closer to a standard mmorpg-subscription (13-15 €/month). 
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  9. Terrormaise added a post in a topic I DEMAND A COMPENSATION   

    I demand mystery boxes being randomly distributed among NA-accounts with a 25% chance on obtaining a Kzarka weapon as compensation.
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  10. Terrormaise added a post in a topic Who do you worship?   

  11. Terrormaise added a post in a topic Fishing traps   

    Only useful if you think your storage feels too empty and you want to fill it up with trash.
    Tried to satisfy my cooking needs for fish, but I only got about 3 white fish + lots of fish bones for a skilled human's workday.
    Had I only gone fishing for 5 minutes the whole workday of that poor human worker would have been obsolete - and I am not even experienced in fishing.
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  12. Terrormaise added a post in a topic Post your Dream Outfit!   

    A new fishing costume for me.

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  13. Terrormaise added a post in a topic Why are you delaying this outfit so hard?! o.o   

    It'd be my favourite sorc outfit so far. By far.
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  14. Terrormaise added a post in a topic The people demand maids and maid related accessories!   

    Yeah. My dyes on the wings & clothing look terrible and look completely different depending on the lightning/weather. My wings turn from brown to mild pink to almost white during the day...
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  15. Terrormaise added a post in a topic The people demand maids and maid related accessories!   

    No thanks. The angel outfit on my sorc looks already slutty enough. Wished I noticed sooner how transparent the outfit was...or used a different lightning in the pearl shop preview^^.
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