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  1. Explozn added a post in a topic KR patch note for 10th November by Chopper85   

    anyone able to hop on korea and check the stats of the helm destroyer belt
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  2. Explozn added a post in a topic Desert Shovel Exploit   

    Yeah kinda like the no cooldown abusers got 48 hr bans right? My hopes are certainly not up. 
    The players that did this will be ahead of everyone probaby for the lifespan of this game.
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  3. Explozn added a post in a topic .   

    I'm just salty because I tried it for the first time today and it's just another event that rangers and mages excel at
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  4. Explozn added a post in a topic .   

    This event is garbage. it's just a cluster----- zergfest like everything else in this game
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  5. Explozn added a post in a topic Patch Notes - September 14th   

    More p2w just what the game needed right boys.
    I had to talk my roomates out of buying this game because they saw me playing and thought it looked good.
    I would feel like a terrible friend to recommend anyone archage 2.0
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  6. Explozn added a post in a topic FOTM   

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  7. Explozn added a post in a topic F U RNG, Grats to the TRIs!   

    Got tri blue first try at 36 stacks. Never attempted a tri before
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  8. Explozn added a post in a topic Warrior Awakening PvP Stunlock Combo Inven Translation   

    damn @Oneuproad you rekt that guy spamming tears, and when you murdered them both with your 100% black spirit i cried in amazement
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  9. Explozn added a post in a topic What is the point of OWPVP   

    The new method hinders peoples gameplay. Now I can't go to sausans without having someone screw my rotation over until I leave.
    This change makes the game infinitely less exciting to play. and I'm not even a powerful player I got ganked as well as killing people but it is pointless now.
    I respect your opinion but I disagree. if they added more good grind spots would you be open to having the 1% xp loss back? so at least you'd have options? and the pvpers can at least defend themselves?
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  10. Explozn added a post in a topic What is the point of OWPVP   

    nice assumption retard but no what i am salty about is karma griefers not being killed. who gives a shit about being killed you lose nothing? are you that slow?
    I just find it funny that your reading comprehension is so low that you took my statements as the exact opposite to how I feel
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  11. Explozn added a topic in General   

    What is the point of OWPVP
    What is the point of owpvp just curious. You can't defend grind spots with it because people just come back and grief karma until they win the spot.
    What was even the point of the new karma changes if pvp is pointless? Hardly anyone goes to the desert anyways.
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  12. Explozn added a post in a topic Skill Reset with patch?   

    that's what I get for not spamming the resets thinking theyd disappear after the event
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  13. Explozn added a post in a topic Greatsword Quest   

    shout out to all the real warriors who stuck it out from the beginning and didnt reroll when they heard awakenings are gonna hit
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  14. Explozn added a post in a topic MFW I see them caring about balace now   

    gee idk maybe to keep your players in the game and happy, totally a waste of time. my guild lost most warrior mains who just got fed up with the game now there are 2 of us left because grinding on a warrior compared to every other class is pure ass. In a game where grinding is everything you'd think it'd be obvious.
    we shouldn't have been nerfed in the first place for awakenings when we weren't going to have awakenings for months anyways it's completely stupid.
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  15. Explozn added a post in a topic MFW I see them caring about balace now   

    ^ Do not understand this line of reasoning. Other classes got balanced why are we singled out as being bad until awakening?
     It isn't rocket science that all we needed was some Korean pre awakening warrior balance and then when AWAKENING ACTUALLY CAME they could nerf s&s. 
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