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  1. Hye added a post in a topic Kunoichi movement and gap closer vs other classes   

    Hey I discovered this cool way of moving with ghost step that is very fast while awakening weapon is out. What I do is this:
    Sprint Attack + Ghost Step 
    I wanted to feel the gap between ghost step like we do jump attack with ghost step with regular weapon. It is pretty nice for moving around if you get into the rhythm of it. Try it.
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  2. Hye added a post in a topic Do not realese awakening   

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  3. Hye added a post in a topic About the PvP "balance"   

    One thing for certain is that many people with gear get carried by numbers in one way or another to get to where they need to farm good money or items. Grouping without any source of solo play or 1v1 only makes you less skilled, but with the gear being much more important than skill it doesn't matter. This game offers many opportunities to get very good at fighting in multiple ways 1v1, group, and zerg v zerg but with the gear meaning so much more than skill it takes people away from the fun. It isn't a game where many people mix and match anyway. There is an endgame set you want. Then for just about everyone there is a certain build you want all which pretty much makes people into cookie cutters. Cookie cutters require less skill as well. I see a lot of people following builds and swearing by them just because its the general good thing and not because they actually know their class. After all of that comes into effective counters. DP compared to AP completely sucks and any other option is even less important i.e., damage resist, evasion, damage to beast, damage to human, high health and so on. In the end what we do in PvP can be considered so tasteless and simplistic a computer can do it just buy running number checks against 2 people or 2 groups and seeing who has the higher damage and utility (like those auto fight games you just watch and give no input in). Each time that computer would be correct at simulating BDO PvP and it is pathetic.
    Personally I have a build I am trying that gives me interest in staying in the game, but if it doesn't work I can't see myself playing this anymore. Without actual theory crafting I personally believe a "competitive" PvP game is crap.
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  4. Hye added a post in a topic Looking for info on Ninja gearing   

    Grunil is good, but I would be wary of those 2 piece glove benefit armor sets. If you have or plan on getting a Bheg the glove boost from Grunil missing makes it useless. You will have the rest of the Grunil pieces for a long time before you get full boss armor and they won't give you good boosts. The non boss armor is temporary, but I'm sure you would go for the bheg first. The armors that don't the the 2 piece glove and stuff are cheaper on the market too. Unless you already have gear.
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  5. Hye added a post in a topic Player Enchant Level   

    Ah I see. That is a good point. Maybe our forum goers will paint an interesting picture though.
    I can change it :b Tons of reasons someone might not have 10-15 reroll or etc.
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  6. Hye added a post in a topic Player Enchant Level   

    That's a good idea, but I can't. The system will only allow me to have 3 questions.
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  7. Hye added a topic in General   

    Player Enchant Level
    Just curious how far the majority of the player base has come along. Don't know if the choices are fair.
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  8. Hye added a post in a topic Ogre belt   

    Maybe he is thinking of the basilisk belt. Valencia gold belt item.
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  9. Hye added a post in a topic Valencia Part One Trailer!!   

    Daddy likes
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  10. Hye added a post in a topic Tamer secret NERF   

    Its just one less awakening skill I guess, but you guys don't seem to care.
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  11. Hye added a post in a topic Tamer secret NERF   

    I was thinking the real secret nerf is that if the Heilang not dying in PvP is a bug and not intended then the awakening ability that makes him invincible is much less useful if useful at all.
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  12. Hye added a post in a topic Tamer secret NERF   

    When I BJ LBP BJ I definitely do see a delay on the CD.
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  13. Hye added a post in a topic ninja awakening recap.   

    What do you think of the cast time? I can imagine it being difficult to get used to as a melee with those long cast times in PvP. I'm guessing the damage is rewarding though.
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  14. Hye added a post in a topic New Patch Positive Ranger Thread   

    Well right now for PvE I am using (w/o extraction) maxed Pinpoint for mana and occasionally because it doesn't get as much mana back Q cancel. I've found myself without mana pots and Pinpoint with Spirit Healing and attack speed gives me loads of mana back. Then for some reason my WotW does more than my shotgun and is more faster so I grind using that, and since it does so much and shot gun is reduced by 50% in PvP I'm sure it does wayyy more in PvP. It is very risky though, and survivability takes a bit of a dive.
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  15. Hye added a post in a topic Corrupted File ate 48% patch   

    For me the version.dat wouldn't show because as soon as I got the corruption error it would be gone and make me do another check that doesn't work. What I did was reinstall the game and I did the regedit fix you may find on the forums or google (sorry don't have link for that) after I restarted my computer I got a new error that said failed to init security (after the game installed and was playable of course). So I turned off my firewall and tried it with no other programs running and that didn't work. Eventually I stumbled on this http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/92747-failed-to-init-security/&page=1
    and that fixed it.
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