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  1. Kajjirr added a post in a topic Fix the game please!!!!   

    ...... It seems you ppl missed the IQ comment..... I still have yet to see any valid comments just a bunch of ppl that would rather the game not have pvp making comments......
    The real sad part is in World of Warcraft (the most ultimate pve game ever made) you have an easy time defending grind spots on their pvp servers, mabey bdo should have pve servers for those of you that have no interest in getting any pvp skills and are willing to die over and over to prove your better.... wait that seems wrong o.0.
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  2. Kajjirr added a post in a topic Fix the game please!!!!   

    Yup, this new age of no skill trolls gets me very salty, why would it not????? I work over 12 hours a day and when i finally have time to play i work hard to get good gear and levels. but I am not allowed to use that strength and time i spent getting better at my class to even hold a grind spot???? The only ppl that think this system is fair are hippies that think life should be fair for everyone and they live in their own land of rainbows and butterfly's. Life is never going to be fair and you must work hard to get where you want..... why try and change that??????
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  3. Kajjirr added a topic in General   

    Fix the game please!!!!
    I just do not understand why a PVP focused game is rewarding ppl that have less levels and gear. The strong are not able to defend grinding spots vs weak or unguilded trolls, it is bassically up to us to leave and find a new spot when these ppl come in to our spot. Oh yes we can out kill them on the mobs but they just mess up your good xp rotation and drop your xp per hour by at least half. First thing that needs to happen is if we flag and kill an unguilded we have no penalty for it at all, second all guilds no matter what nodes they have should be able to have war dec vs them. I know I am not the only one that is sick and fcking tired of having to swap channels or get karma bombed/jail time just to grind in a spot. I have never tryed to take a spot from others but am given no tools to help me defend mine....... you ppl even took away exp loss on pvp death thus giving these weak trolls the power to do what they want without being strong enough!!!!!!!!! 
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  4. Kajjirr added a post in a topic Cannot log into server after multiple disconnects!!!!   

    Seems there are a few ppl with this issue, or one similar.
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  5. Kajjirr added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Cannot log into server after multiple disconnects!!!!
    I spent about 1 hour getting disconnected in the jail "dungeon", then after last one i could not log into same server cluster and would try another one and it would kick me out and would not be able to log into that one as well. Might be a major issue that needs to be addressed.
    Family name : Kajjirr
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  6. Kajjirr added a post in a topic FAQ - The New World   

    I am not sure if I am the only one that thinks this, But don't you think that fixing the server issues we currently have might be a great idea? before we merge every bdo player into same cluster/world.
    This weekend for example I have not been able to play at all with dc and massive lag and dsynq. And for the ppl who choose to troll with no thought I have been playing online in other games all weekend, and others I know are having same issue. Though I will admit its not everyone so yea... 
    Just a thought that mabey fixing problems should come before making new ones.......
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  7. Kajjirr added a post in a topic [Updated] In-Game accessibility to Pearl Shop Items   

    This is a very big Mistake.
    I could list all the games that have died due to P2W, but I will not. I will just point out that making it so ppl with less time and more money will have either equal or greater chance to be competitive is not in keeping with what an mmo is at its core, Mmo's are ment to reward skill> time> effort, over anything else.
    Most ppl came to this game to find a fun game with plenty to do and more to come, but when they see that those top 10%ers can be as well geared or better geared with far less time or effort but into game they will move on. I have seen 60% or more of the gaming community for Black Desert up in arms ready to charge back and get refunds already, and this system is not even in place yet. If this goes the way it seems to ppl will leave, then you will have to make it more worth while to sell cash shop items in game. After all of this you will be left with a very small player base.
    Please look at other NA mmo's that have done this very same thing, very few ppl play them, you never see adds for them on TV or anywhere. They have moved into the shadows. I know this game could be very popular but not if this system gets put in place. 
    If you want to give access to pet's, costumes, and other cash shop items then make some of them loyalty based, or hell even make some daily/ weekly/ monthly quests to help ppl get access to them. If you truly want to give ppl access to these items there are other far less damaging ways to do it.
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  8. Kajjirr added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance August 3rd   

    I truly hope the GM's do not read these forums, make's one lose faith in their fellow man................
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  9. Kajjirr added a topic in Tamer   

    Tamer Fix Suggestion
    When a tamer dies they should have their summon pet ability get off of cooldown, In essence tamers are the only class in the game that have death cooldown in either red battle or node wars. To be honest I am very surprised that this is a thing and has not been taken care of..... a tamer can not work in large scale pvp with out pet so ........ do the math.
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  10. Kajjirr added a topic in PVP   

    Fix Red Battlefield
    #1 Do not allow ppl to switch teams by leaving and rejoining.....
    #2 Balance teams by number at the very least.... (30 vs 3 for the first min is not smart
    #3 Make the game mode objective based not deathmatch ( base camping should never happen)
    These are things that any game developer should have thought of long before relese.
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  11. Kajjirr added a post in a topic [NA] Black Desert Guild Index   

    Most Hated 
    Server: EdanFocus:PvP/PvE BalancedVoIP: Teamspeak 3Website: http://mosthatedgamingcommunity.shivtr.com/Recruitment thread:http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/73843-edan-most-hated-gaming-community-pvp-ii-pve-ii-guild-missions-ii-grinding-groups-ii-knowledgeable-helpful-members-ii-teamspeak-3-ii-high-salaries-ii/
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  12. Kajjirr added a post in a topic [NA] Black Desert Guild Index   

    Most Hated
    Focus: Competitive PvP/BalancedVoIP: Teamspeak 3Website: http://mosthatedgamingcommunity.shivtr.com/Recruitment thread: http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/73843-edan-most-hated-gaming-community-pvp-ii-pve-ii-guild-missions-ii-grinding-groups-ii-knowledgeable-helpful-members-ii-teamspeak-3-ii-high-salaries-ii/Edan Server
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  13. Kajjirr added a post in a topic [NA] Black Desert Guild Index   

    Most Hated 
    Focus:PvP/PvEVoIP: TeamspeakWebsite: http://mosthatedgamingcommunity.shivtr.com/Recruitment thread:http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/73843-edan-most-hated-gaming-community-pvp-ii-pve-ii-guild-missions-ii-grinding-groups-ii-knowledgeable-helpful-members-ii-teamspeak-3-ii-high-salaries-ii/
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  14. Kajjirr added a post in a topic How many people on NA have NOT received a GM box?   

    Yup Kajjess Edan none as well as All in my guild not got one.
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