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  1. Shenandoath added a post in a topic I want a support class   

    So you are stupid.
    I will add full support with OP heal to my party and i will go to Valencia Dungeon or everywhere where I want to go.

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  2. Shenandoath added a post in a topic I want a support class   

    But if you could erase their AP twice with buffs - all party will want you.
    Also, if you could heal like bishop in L2 - Valencia won't be empty enymore. 

    To other people:
    If you say that this game doesn't need support class - you just don't know what is support class. Really.

    Just anwer this Question:
    If Kakao add support class that can add you +30% of your AP + 15% atk speed/cast speed, +30% DP, +50% HP/MP/WP etc - wont you add him to your party?
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  3. Shenandoath added a post in a topic I want a support class   

    Look at my movies.
    In L2 support classes have so OP buffs so every party in game wants you for exp.
    That's why you dont need dmg - you need op buff.

    Few years ago, In Lineage 2, without buffs I had for example 2100 P.ATK. With full buffs i had 7000 P.ATK.Everyday i had party to play.

    Watch this:
    People in this party dont use potions or elixir. 1 healer heals them all. So much OP healing.
    WATCH FROM 3:30
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  4. Shenandoath added a post in a topic I want a support class   

    This is joke, not supporting class.
    Check movies in my post. You will see what is true support class
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  5. Shenandoath added a topic in General   

    I want a support class

    Do You agree with me that the support is an interesting class?
    Full support class (like in Lineage 2, where you had 5 supports classes with 0 dmg skills and 2 healer classes also with 0 dmg skills. They had to play with party, but their healing skills was so OP - look at movie).
    I really love to play as support with team.
    Also buffs... Now you have to use elixirs or food. Why there is no supporting spells in game?
    Check the movie (also from Lineage 2) about buffers  - look at buff's icons on the left corner:

    in Lineage 2 you had buffs (20min buff + you can get a 2min song/dance from specific support class: Bladedancer or swordsinger) for everything -
    atk. speed
    cast. speed
    HP & MP
    crit rate
    crit dmg
    resists (for example to poison, or resist to water/wind/earth/fire/dark magic/holy magic dmg)
    etc. You could get max 40-50 buffs from all support classes in L2 (7 diffrent classes with diffrent buffs)
    Healer from 1st movie and buffer from 2nd movie dont have any dmg skills. They are addicted to party/guild. And I like it!
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  6. Shenandoath added a post in a topic Margoria pre-download - starting January 16th   

    Why RIP? I have game on SSD and still i have more than 400GB free space
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  7. Shenandoath added a post in a topic AMD VEGA's High Bandwidth Cache   

    I heard HBM2 memory will have 4096bit buss speed.

    We should also wait for AMD ZEN CPU.
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  8. Shenandoath added a post in a topic Question about Intel chips..........   

    Each of them.
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  9. Shenandoath added a post in a topic What class do you want to see next. After Dark Knight?   

    I wanna see REAL SUMMONER class (like for example Aracan Lord from Lineage 2) or REAL support/healer class (focused on buffs/extra healing) or male ranger...
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  10. Shenandoath added a post in a topic Post Pics of Your Witch/Wizard   

    Some new photos about the cutest wizard ever!

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  11. Shenandoath added a post in a topic What should I upgrade? CPU or GPU?   

    You should wait for ZEN proccesor and VEGA GPU - then read tests and buy what will be better,

    Actually for 300 euro you can buy GTX1060 which is faster than GTX980. I have GTX1070 and i play on ultra details with 60fps (60hz monitor) and 30-35 FPS on kzarka with CPU I5 4460.
    But ZEN should be better than all Intel's i5 CPUs (with the same price like i5) and Vega will have HBM2 Memories (16GB/4096bit)
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  12. Shenandoath added a post in a topic Why Witch prefered above Wizard?   

    I prefer wizard couse i am male and i wanna created myself in a game.
    My wizard looks very similar to me.
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  13. Shenandoath added a post in a topic Post Pics of Your Witch/Wizard   

    The cutest Wizard ever

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  14. Shenandoath added a post in a topic Post Pics of Your Witch/Wizard   

    Can you add this to Beauty Album?
    Are you playing on Europe or US servers?
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  15. Shenandoath added a post in a topic Lf old L2 players   

    Server L2 Cerberus (3k online+) from Gracia to H5 - I was hero Arcana Lord. I had 1st Vesper robe set on server
    Old good times.

    My 1st server was L2 Existence - Chronicle 4
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