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  1. MikeyDN added a post in a topic Finished/Update 3. Mini-event today (28th March, 2017) EU server.   

    Sounds like fun! Is the reach/get to event gonna be based on clues and riddles? Or will you just say "i'm at cron castle fastest one here wins"?
    Can't complain about free stuff/prizes, specially not pearl prizes from your own pocket. But gonna give you some constructive criticism right away: Items traded from one player to another can not be put into storage or sold (correct me if i'm wrong), so the person winning like 120 hamburgers or 70 elixirs will have to carry them all in their inventory until they're used up.
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  2. MikeyDN added a post in a topic Black desert set-up   

    im on my Phone so i cant really check the link. But having the mb delivered with the updated bios and them having the bios available for download is not the same. i mean you cant download the new bios if you cant even boot your pc.
    Performance wise in the game youll probably wont see a difference when using default settings. But other things like pc boot time, overclocking and other features might be better with a z270.
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  3. MikeyDN added a post in a topic Black desert set-up   

    If you're going with a Kaby Lake CPU you'll want a z270 motherboard. Otherwise you'll have to make sure the z170 is being delivered with bios updated to support Kaby Lake (i7-7700k). But tbh there's no reason to buy a z170 when there's z270 mobos for the same price.
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  4. MikeyDN added a post in a topic lost a few worker after the Maintenance   

    This is from the new world FAQ:
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  5. MikeyDN added a post in a topic Thanksgiving Events   

    Edit: Wops wrote in the wrong thread.
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  6. MikeyDN added a post in a topic Witch awakening Q&A   

    Oh ok. Thanks for reply
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  7. MikeyDN added a post in a topic Witch awakening Q&A   

    Why aren't you using the passive casting speed in your pre-awakening skill tree? Does it not affect your awakening skills?
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  8. MikeyDN added a post in a topic Introducing the Value Pack   

    Was waiting for desert camo and new outfit for witch, then I was gonna invest another €100 into this game (already spent €230 so far).. Changed my mind when I saw this item, beginning of true pay to win.
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  9. MikeyDN added a post in a topic change pet looting mechanics   

    +1 from me, feels like the pets are kind of useless now.
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  10. MikeyDN added a post in a topic Pets and Looting   

    +1 from me, feels like the pets are kind of useless now.
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  11. MikeyDN added a post in a topic More Bundles for the rich   

    Ok then I'm with you on what you're saying.
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  12. MikeyDN added a post in a topic More Bundles for the rich   

    Tbh I don't get what you're saying. What stories? What was proven wrong? Also do you really need to throw in insults in every comment you make? Not very nice. The forums are meant for discussions right, do they have to be so hostile?
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  13. MikeyDN added a post in a topic More Bundles for the rich   

    I stated i'm not gonna argue about if the skill is OP or not, i'm not ignoring it. I'm commenting on the topic of this thread and you aren't.
    Do you even go to field bosses btw? I see just as many melee classes as ranged classes getting good loot (in my guild, cannot comment on overall). This is after the recent patches when the loot was changed and more randomized.
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  14. MikeyDN added a post in a topic More Bundles for the rich   

    I'm not gonna argue about if MMA is op or not. But did you read the topic of the thread you are commenting on? I'll read it for you. "More Bundles for the rich". Do you consider it being rich having a 72 AP character?
    If you don't have a witch and gonna complain about that, you should know it takes at most a few hours leveling one to 50. Not saying it should be mandatory to have a certain character to do bosses but if that's the current state of the game, i'll adapt rather then getting no loot.
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  15. MikeyDN added a post in a topic More Bundles for the rich   

    @ 21:48 mark he gets liverto drop with 72 AP lvl 50 witch.
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