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  1. Nubah007 added a post in a topic Can someone make a video of them jumping into RBF without Desync plz   

    It doesn't matter if I could fall in there in one motion or not, once I land there is always some 146 - 158 warrior one shotting everyone at the bottem neways..
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  2. Nubah007 added a post in a topic "Minor bug fixes and class changes will be implemented"   

    Finally a logical human being on the forums, I salute you.
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  3. Nubah007 added a post in a topic Pop in and Draw Distance   

    Pop-in has been a over-looked issue in this game since day one.. will they fix it? no.
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  4. Nubah007 added a post in a topic DK Awakening Poll!   

    not waiting, not spending money on this class.. you know why? because if you started playing this class you will be behind 88% of the population.
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  5. Nubah007 added a post in a topic Patch Ready To Download!   

    he said home-office day LOL
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  6. Nubah007 added a post in a topic Fix the Servers   

    does it matter, they don't have to upgrade the servers for anyone.. 2 million people x $15 a person = $30 million dollars
    now if ea. person bought 50ART mem - that's another ~$12.50 x 2 million people = 25 more million
    now.. not counting costumes and other baloney that should be enough to pay for developers that know how to math
    and at least 12 servers.. nobody cares, good game right?
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  7. Nubah007 added a post in a topic Green Vs Blue Awak   

    nope the difference is what it is.. does it mean anything? no. game is balanced. 1 ap > 4 dp
    get used to it, because if you suggest positive changes for the calculations your post will be blocked
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  8. Nubah007 added a post in a topic GM's Lucky Box   

    your bags are full
    relieve some "weight" and it should clear up your issue
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  9. Nubah007 added a post in a topic Cadry's piece-blue ring   

    It takes 81 rings to make the final TIER of these pieces. the developers don't farm in there own game, they p2w with the money we give them.. gg lol
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  10. Nubah007 added a post in a topic Dk awakening/Kamasylve Devs please give us an answer   

    Don't count on it, the devs would rather delete your post then tell you anything.
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  11. Nubah007 added a post in a topic Night Vendor needs higher chance in items of BOSS level   

    I agree - 1% for Superior 4% Non-Black Stone 95% black stone
    good game right?
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  12. Nubah007 added a post in a topic Do Elixirs actually work?   

    They should, but prob. not.. I'll do some testing sooner or later on this myself to find out for certain.. wouldn't doubt it.
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  13. Nubah007 added a post in a topic Open up the market.   

    Invent a time machine, then sure.. otherwise, I disagree.
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  14. Nubah007 added a post in a topic You need to change node days and some siege mechanics.   

    I agree, but balancing the game requires work.. so, don't count on it.
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  15. Nubah007 added a post in a topic Anyone else think that the market is abit.. broken? / Everything is Overpriced.   

    I think the market is broken.
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