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  1. Chrome added a post in a topic Make characters invulnerable to damage during first 30 seconds of logging in   

    You know, some games just have it where you have 30 sec. invulnerability until you move lol.
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  2. Chrome added a post in a topic Value pack 30% works as intended   

    Bruh, just collect it, trust me. If you take the difference between your new sum and old sum of money, you should get more than 5.9 mil shown there even though it lists as 5.9 mil
    Anyways the title is very misleading though
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  3. Chrome added a post in a topic Musa + Maehwa DP + AP bugged + other issues (PVE+PVP) main thread   

    @Lyea, its working fine in other versions because they did not try to bring in "balancing" to the classes without meeting the proper requirements.
    As it is, I highly doubt that there will be a reverse or a temporarily buff to the class. This nerf was intended for their release of their awakening, but we don't have it yet, for who knows how long D:. Still though, I gotta say it was pretty lazy of them to implement this without testing it as this is not an actual balance since it is making the class under-performing. But hopefully they shed some light soon... soon! 
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  4. Chrome added a post in a topic So blader (not plum) black spirit rage one shots ppl?   

    Its only Blader
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  5. Chrome added a post in a topic Northern Wheat Plantation - Norman Leight Investment Bank?   

    It is referring to your storage in Calpheon
    Did this and got back about 10k Silver, almost 11k back lol.. not sure if 20-24 hours is worth your wait.
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  6. Chrome added a post in a topic Bringing a Black Stone to Basteer (Granbill)?   

    I believe you guys can extract the blackstone back, I remember doing it and extracted back the black stone used (not the black stone (basteer))
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  7. Chrome added a post in a topic Yato's Last CBT 1 Key Contest! [Hiatus, @Kuliya]   

    Erm, I don't know, but I kind of skimmed through the TOS along with the forum rules, but never really found anything that said that giving away a beta key through a contest such as this, breaks TOS agreement.
    So I have a feeling that Kuliya is just infact trolling Yato, unless I happen to have missed it somewhere in the TOS where it was "implied"
    Anyways, If you didn't bother reading the entire post, before the self-promotion part, he says its optional, which means that you don't have to like him on social media to have a chance of winning the key at all. 
    And what of this is actually sketchy? I'm pretty sure he made it clear that it was a contest to win a key, and he also explained what the contest was in detail... and if you are referring to his social media pages and liking him, well, that was never a requirement to win a key, therefore it isn't sketchy, I mean unless you want to receive a key from a friend you know then that is fine, but I mean, whats a "fake" key going to do to you other than waste your time? lol
    Otherwise I'm pretty sure other forum members here would like to have a chance to win a key since they did not receive one, or win one I guess...
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  8. Chrome added a post in a topic Question   

    Lol I feel ya Xilitu, though... originally I planned on playing Tamer as a support in PvP with the CCs while my friends did the killing lol
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  9. Chrome added a post in a topic Petition to have more classes available at launch day.   

    Well... time to turn back and tell my group of friends that they'll probably have to wait for a little while to be able to play the classes that they want lol.
    Man, I really did want to pre-order the game with the founder perks and main the class that I wanted to main lol.
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