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  1. AngryBvr added a post in a topic [Rumor] Sicil Necklace Evasion Debate   

    this should be easy to verify.
    according to datatables Sicil and Centaur belt has 0 damage reduction, just evasion.
    Unequip the neck/belt. Take few huts (or hundreds). Note the dmg you take from each landed hit. Also count the evaded shots.
    wear the piece and redo the test.
    if this increased number evaded hits -> possible evasion increase.
    if only dmg taken was reduced -> damage reduction.
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  2. AngryBvr added a post in a topic [Fishing] 'Bottle with a Note' item - Also possible to obtain when fishing. Details and location.   

    Thanks to this, I also found this exact location. Sand spirit was good landmark.
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  3. AngryBvr added a post in a topic How do you crate sellers process so fast?   

    people going offtopic... Sigh.
    im also interested finding a way to process that much and getting that badass daily income.
    150M / day processing and turning stuff into crates. Nice.
    all i see is math and theorycrafting, extreme numbers and situations for possible gains and profits.
    IIRC op asked how You do it. Not the numbers what can be done.
    i cant find a way to find stable active income from crates. Advises appreciated.
    dont care about the max numbers. How do you do get your trademoney, how often do you trade and how much time do You spend processing the wood/ingots ?
    i have loads of mats already but but processing time / money gained confuses me. Feels like id turn my wood into crates in matter of days and then again weeks of no gain at all while waiting more mats.
    In average I assume time spent on processing/money gained by hour would be less than 150 cooking boxes a day in longer run
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  4. AngryBvr added a post in a topic Was getting 25-30 FPS in BDO.   

    well... While messing around with AMD driver setting and checking temps and core clocks using GPU-Z, the framerate seems to drop only and when GPU automatically adjusts core clocks.
    GPU load varies and drops down to 0% from time to time and causes stuttering.(no load, gpu downclocks)
    To avoid this weird behavior, oddly I could solve the problem easy by opening Google Chrome and Youtube on second monitor to keep Core clock maxed at all times.
    stuttering happens now only when game is providing lot new content and cpu/hdd isnt fast enough to process it.
    also framerates seem to take most hits when UI is enabled, disabling player names shows significant increase in framerates. Im guessing this is the coherent ui that sucks so bad
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  5. AngryBvr added a post in a topic Get rid of the Christmass Event already, it looks like shit and it doesn't make the game run any better...   

    any1 else notice r9 390X starts making noise and screaming for help when talking to marketplace npc in Velia because of xmas decorations around the stand?
    very poor optimizations. The glow/bloom, fog and sprites overheating gpu.
    its not that cooling is bad or anything. In normal circumstances cpu rung at 40C (hybrid aio cooling) and gpu 73C degrees but xmas deco increases temps to 50 and 79C when looking at close range.
    fan curve on my GPU seems to have huge increase from 73 to 78C.
    u can also easily see increased gpu usage when zooming into single xmas sprite/effect
    i know my gpu isnt very quiet but xmas stuff made everything just worse.
    i dare to talk to npc max 2 minutes because of the problem.
    please remove all season effects
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  6. AngryBvr added a topic in PVE   

    Margoria treasure map?
    I finished the Margoria quests and got the last piece for Margoria Treasure map but whats the point of it?
    If I right click the map it shows the location of treasure chest but it actually points to the chest (Ancient treasure chest) which I already opened before for another main quest in same ancient ruins?
    Is the map totally useless ?
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  7. AngryBvr added a post in a topic Lebyos amity   

    F5 greet
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  8. AngryBvr added a post in a topic All awakenings released we need....   

    i heard u can exchange a weapon only once. So much qq for exchanging weapon for wrong class
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  9. AngryBvr added a post in a topic Siege on Christmas Eve   

    some dont even have christmas. Just another regular saturday
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  10. AngryBvr added a post in a topic People Killing Witches and Wizards trying to stop them from getting Awakenings   

    this should be expected more often when they add small competition on "who gets something first gets rewarded".
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  11. AngryBvr added a post in a topic Overloading Horse vs Deleveling Gear vs Shoveling   

    i wonder why theres a limit on items you can carry in first place?
    suppose limit is to avoid transporting huge amounts of stuff on one run.
    however theres an "exploit" that allows you to overcome this rule. It gives a minor time advantage and game becomes _slighty_ less repetitive.
    if the comments about devs not caring about it or chose not to fix the exploit, they could at least remove all weight restrictions.
    fine with reduced speed at 100% or 90000%.
    without any confirmation from devs/publishers, some people might feel like cheating. I know stubborn people with principals who would not ever cheat in any games even if it was just "a bug" with zero benefits.
    however there might be something to be improved. IE reduce speed based on how much overweight.
    or add additional features.
    too much weight in backback gives player tradepack and no longer able to travel on mount or fight. Same behavior on mounts. Too big piles becomes packs, reduces speed and increases durability/stamina consumption and additionally adds low change on dropping % of items when being hit or travel longer distances.
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  12. AngryBvr added a post in a topic Party bag Configuration   

    you roll dice on stuff u want to keep.
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  13. AngryBvr added a post in a topic GvG war recieved bug   

    I made my own guild with 3 members, no node wars or wars declared but some clan still managed to declare on us.. suppose its a bug.
    I told them they're exploiting a bug so they retracted the war
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