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  1. Fudgetruck added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Support resolved issue, thanks!
    Problem Resolved support helped me thank you

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  2. Fudgetruck added a post in a topic Want to return but have a question   

    Losing xp was a problem for me, and one of the main reasons it was a problem. Do you still lose xp for dying to monster? It's not a huge deal really, but the losing xp to players was the only reason I didn't enjoy it, you'd spend hours farming a spot and lose all the xp you've earned. 
    I already have a level 50 character, but after having to farm the high end farming spots for so long, it became way too much of a hassle.
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  3. Fudgetruck added a post in a topic Want to return but have a question   

    Man that's really a bummer, you'd think they might at least entertain the idea a bit. My full time job is making YouTube videos, and the whole production time just takes up almost all my time. Thanks for the responses
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  4. Fudgetruck added a topic in General   

    Want to return but have a question
    Hey there,
    So I was thinking about playing again, but was wondering if the game suffers from the same problem that made me leave in the first place.
    I know that the game is heavily pvp oriented, but in the past year or so have they done anything to segregate players that don't want to pvp all the time? I understand it's a huge driving point with the game, but I'm very busy and I just don't have the amount of time other people do to dedicate to the game, hence I fall behind and people get ahead and kill you. 
    It's just not fun.
    Thanks in advance
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  5. Fudgetruck added a post in a topic Third Valkyrie training/skill quest?   

    What is the quest called and where do I go to find it?
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  6. Fudgetruck added a post in a topic What do horse Hope Skill Changes Do?   

    Well to answer your question..

    Still waiting
    I finally got the skill I wanted, but it was like 36 stacks before I got it, and my horse was level 28, and only  had 3 skills left to get.
    I don't recommend using those skill resets. I don't want to go as far as to say it's a scam, but it's pretty unfair.
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  7. Fudgetruck added a post in a topic What do horse Hope Skill Changes Do?   

    I sent in a ticket 4 days ago, still haven't gotten a response. My stacks are like 34 now. Something has to be wrong, i'm a little irritated if they expect me to be happy about spending 70ish dollars for nothing.
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  8. Fudgetruck added a post in a topic (Alustin) ~Erased~ | Social | Semi-Hardcore | PVX-Focused | (New Thread) | Recruitment Stopped For Now!   

    Please come to Orwen and sell more Birch logs thanks!
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  9. Fudgetruck added a post in a topic Cash Shop Hero   

    Here's what I have so far. 60$ spent on horse skill resets

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  10. Fudgetruck added a post in a topic Offer a NA/EU server for NO PVP   

    All they need to do is create a new channel where flagging is disabled. Everything else would work the same. There's no reason for PVP outside of GvG and node wars, other than a little bit of fun or to grief people. 
    I still don't quite understand why people that oppose something like this have to complain about it and add ridicule to the person/people that proposed this idea. Grow up people.
    Who cares if they add a PvE only channel, deal with it and play on the other channels.
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  11. Fudgetruck added a topic in Guides   

    Horses, Hope, Broken?
    Hey guys... so I have been trying to get a particular skill with my horse. I've been getting the skill resets to try and get it. Has anyone else had experience with doing this? I'm either starting to think i'm doing something wrong, or my horse is broken. Right now I have 21 stacks of hope... 20 of them are bought, and 1 was from a free skill change I got. They cost 250 pearls each (It's only like 80 or so in KR)
    so we take 250x20 and we get 5,000
    Aside from being an astronomical idiot for spending 50$ on this, maybe someone can enlighten me what I might be doing wrong. Nobody should have to spend that much to get a skill for a horse.
    Here's a screenshot for failure. 

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  12. Fudgetruck added a post in a topic okay. im done with this game.   

    Man this thread though... FULL of haters
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  13. Fudgetruck added a post in a topic What do horse Hope Skill Changes Do?   

    Yea no kidding. That's like 20$ worth of skill resets
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  14. Fudgetruck added a post in a topic What do horse Hope Skill Changes Do?   

    Adding this here.... no luck on sprint after like 13 skill resets, I think it's rigged man. 

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  15. Fudgetruck added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Orwen is Dying
    Server isn't responding when in game. NPCs and monsters stand still. Nobody can seem to talk to NPCs 
    Lost my group in the middle of trying to do boss scrolls, this is a sad day.
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