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  1. PookieBear added a post in a topic xentago joins equilibrium on his alt account and farms and reports himself   

    11/10, give that guy permanent valuepack for his efforts!
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  2. PookieBear added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance April 5th   

    I'd usually agree with you, but sadly I have to say that DK is not worth using in nodewars without awakening. Given that I am also hitting 59 within the next week, I think it is really time they finally publish it so I can clown around :<
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  3. PookieBear added a post in a topic Servers Lagged Out   

    Great game, 11/10. Had a full fort setup, people freed up time to make it to the only viable group activity in this game, just to teleport to the fort and then get stuck. Some random wizard and witch pets are running around, still killing people, no one else able to move. Slowly everyone gets dced and cannot reconnect. 
    If this is where the game is going, there will be many people going somewhere else soon. Too many play ONLY for node wars in the first place...
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  4. PookieBear added a post in a topic Tamer Infinite confirmed!!   

    I think it's a nice feature of tamer and the nerf is honestly not deserved. I'm sorry but every class has Iframes, superarmor, and block mechanics. If you spam either of them, void lightning will not keep you locked more than twice, and the only reason it was effective in this case is because that guy was 1. not smart and 2, attacked by a bunch of mobs, This rotation would never be able to kill or cc lock equally geared and decent players for a long time ....
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  5. PookieBear added a post in a topic Tamer's Resent Class Changes in KR   

    Usually I give a company the benefit of a doubt when they nerf a class that is already weak in comparison, but I think at this point they are just taking a piss. 
    I'm a 500gs, 230 AP tamer that STILL can't use his awakening fully to farm valencia mobs as the multipliers are garbage compared to our bolt -jolt cancel. And now you are telling me that we need a nerf on void lightning, whereas it is basically not a danger factor anymore since every class has sufficient super armor or block mechanics to not even get affected by it? Yeah, I am playing my DK right now, and honestly that 1.1 bill tet kzarka money is going into my DK now too, cause this garbage is getting really old...
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  6. PookieBear added a post in a topic How come tamer is so weak?   

    Been playing Tamer since release, definitely a strong class when it comes to the skill layout. Problem is that the modifiers are absolute trash, especially the awakening ones. I'm sitting at 200/210/265 and still grind with non-awakening + all round spinner, just because that's the only way to actually to decent damage. In pvp you need to actually know how to play your class and you will do fine against most, just because your lockdown is insane. I can reliably beat most other players of same or higher gear, until it comes to witches and wizards, which are just completely broken right now. 
    The best thing to do would be to give tamer a HUGE buff on all awakening skills and then adjust the pvp dmg reduction accordingly to make it fair again, still leaving a buff to be noticed. How it is currently, every other class can 1 shot valencia mobs while tamer still needs a bolt & jolt cancel or a fully channeled all round spinner, which is completely bs
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  7. PookieBear added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Awakened Skill Reset appears in Inventory
    I noticed that there is a Awakend Skill Reset Item displaying in my pearl inventory, but I cannot use it. Then I noticed that if I uncheck the auto-sort it disappears. I logged out multiple times and even after the maintenance today it still appears out of thin air when I check the auto-sort again.
    Any ideas?
    The real PookieBear :3
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