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  1. Sovrai added a post in a topic KR Patch 23/02 - Down Smash on Ankle Break   

    Fixing the down smash is going to make it so that it can be incorporated into the end of combos for extra damage. A little more goes a long way in chip damage. You should be able to keep an enemy CC'd for a little longer. It's not going to be huge, but extra damage is extra damage.
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  2. Sovrai added a post in a topic CC types and comboing questions   

    Thank you so much for sharing all this information! I'll be trying out all this info tonight.
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  3. Sovrai added a post in a topic CC types and comboing questions   

    Also, recovering and punishing an enemy for their gaps, I found that when you get grounded, if you try to stand it'll take 1-2 seconds to stand again. Is there a way to use abilities/recover quickly from these types of cc?
    I play a warrior, so I'm learning how to ani cancel back and forth to chain more skills together. Practicing on mobs has yielded me a lot of successful combos. And I feel like I'm probably in the middle of the road as far as skill goes. Nailing successful chains always feels great. And understanding how these systems work mitigates the amount of people screaming certain classes are op.
    The last part of my questions is how accuracy vs evasion works. From what I've tested it's much better to roll evasion rather than stack resists
    Also super armor/ invincible. Such as warrior block (super armor while held) vs head chase (invincible when off cd)
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  4. Sovrai added a post in a topic CC types and comboing questions   

    Is there any info on duration of ccs? I'm missing a lot of that
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  5. Sovrai added a topic in PVP   

    CC types and comboing questions
    So I have been trying to learn all I can about PvP and how it works, because I find this game's combat extremely enjoyable and the small scale pvp is really appealing to me. So me being me, I started to take notes on things that I thought would be useful and improve my play. One of the largest things is learning about CC chaining. There are two groups of people, baddies that spam 1-3 skills (me) and those that utilize their class using ani cancels, cc chains, and combos. So in an effort to move myself into this later category, here's all the info I think I have gathered, and hope is correct. There's a lot of gaps in it. 
    Black Desert CC Chaining:
    3 Types being: Standing, Grounded, Ground Extensions. Standing Combos leave your opponent standing, Knockback, Stiffs, and Stuns fall into this category. Grounded CCs take your opponent to the ground, these include Bound, Knockdown, Floats and Grapples. Ground Extenders extend the duration of a Grounded CC, these are Grapples and Down Smash.
    Standing CCs can combo with each other and will stack so long as you alternate between them eg Knockback>Stun>Stiff or Stun>Stiff>Stun>Stiff, this will refresh the duration of each CC. Using the same type of CC will not refresh the duration.
    Grounded CCs can be comboed from Standing CCs, however they can not combo with each other. You can also not go back to standing CC once you ground an opponent. The only way to keep a grounded enemy CCd is with Ground Exteneders, they put your opponent into another grounded state. Successful combos should end with a string of down attacks, these deal additional damage on any grounded enemy. a x1.5 multiplier in PvE, and a x1.2 multiplier in PvP
    I got most of my info from youtube and the forum, but it is definitely lacking. Such as in how cc resist factors into which skills. So idk. pls help me git gud
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