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  1. Sniper_Dance added a post in a topic Simple Guild Quality of Life Discussion   

    Yup, that's the idea.

    Yes, that was the case  I explained in detail after the suggestion. We wouldn't want it to be easier to kill AFKers
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  2. Sniper_Dance added a post in a topic Simple Guild Quality of Life Discussion   

    I'm sure they're working on something at least. Hopefully PA will take the suggestions into consideration seeing as how the calendar would be the hardest to implement.
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  3. Sniper_Dance added a post in a topic Simple Guild Quality of Life Discussion   

    Why thank you.
    I think this could also fall into the create our own ranks/permissions suggestion.
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  4. Sniper_Dance added a post in a topic Simple Guild Quality of Life Discussion   

    Glad you like them. I agree, they aren't really huge deals, but they would be something fairly easy to implement and I'm sure lots of people would enjoy them.
    Hopefully the thread will blow up and they take them into consideration
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  5. Sniper_Dance added a post in a topic Simple Guild Quality of Life Discussion   

    Fixed, thank you.
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  6. Sniper_Dance added a post in a topic Simple Guild Quality of Life Discussion   

    That would be a good idea as well. But it would take a lot of effort to implement.
    I'll edit the OP for harder to implement but still a good idea section
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  7. Sniper_Dance added a post in a topic Simple Guild Quality of Life Discussion   

    Glad to hear it
    I mean of course we could all use outside sources like a website for a calendar, but I don't see it being that hard to implement in-game.
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  8. Sniper_Dance added a post in a topic Simple Guild Quality of Life Discussion   

    Done, good idea as well. Especially for newer players joining the guild, having to remember both family and character names for everyone is a bit much.
    That would be a bit much I think...
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  9. Sniper_Dance added a topic in General   

    Simple Guild Quality of Life Discussion
    I'll try to keep this thread simple and to the point. I'll also try to word it so that it doesn't come off as one of those "Please make the game better," type threads. I'm no expert coder or game designer, but I believe some of these suggestions would be easy to implement since the game should already have (for some of the suggestions) variables and data these could pull from. Forgive me if some of these changes have been added for other versions of the game. Most of these suggestions are for Guild related quality-of-life features, and should be fairly easy to implement. All of these are simple suggestions through my many hours playing this game, feel free to debate or add anything to them or suggest other simple and relative easy-to-implement ideas. If this is in the wrong forum page, sorry.
           Please consider adding an <AFK> tag or something similar to the guild roster for players auto-looping or AFK fishing.This would be the easiest of my suggestions. The game already tracks something similar with the Cinematic Mode that adds filters and changes camera perspectives and is activated when you haven't touched your mouse or keyboard after a few minutes. Seeing as how it's encouraged to AFK in this game, why isn't there a way to notify your guild that you aren't actively playing? Making it only for the guild roster or friends list would also be a good way to prevent other players wanting to PK AFKers for easy luls, but wont entirely solve that problem. All that would be needed would be a simple display or String added to the guild members name displaying something like [Away] or [AFK] which could be tied into the cinematic mode timer.
            An in-game Guild Calendar (while also using/fixing the Saying of the Day)This would be a bit more time consuming because Pearl Abyss would have to design a GUI, but it wouldn't be that hard. It would be simple really, another tab for the Guild Menu that would display a calendar which could also be tied into the Guild Saying of the Day. For example, you could make a saying of the day for every day of the week, or put certain events on the calendar in-advance for the entire guild to see. This would be especially useful when Guild Sieges finally come to the game or for other guild activities.
             Add more ranks other than Member, Officer and Leader (or allow us to make our own guild ranks)A lot of guild members don't want the full responsibility of being an officer, but also want to just recruit. Maybe some people want to name their guild ranks to match their guild name. Not only would this make guilds easier to manage, but combine this with the above features and by helping guild leaders and officers manage their guilds, these suggestions (I believe) would make the game more enjoyable to be a part of... if you're in a guild of course
    Option to have family names before char names in guild chat. Suggested by ChartosHarder to Implement Ideas (But still good ideas)
    Guild based crafting of consumables/tools/outfits (Unable to sell to NPC or marketplace) Suggested by RulesBot 
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  10. Sniper_Dance added a post in a topic Journal   

    Yes, the guild history (that shows people who have joined the guild and left) is also bugged as well, making very frustrating trying to figure out what has happened while offline. 
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  11. Sniper_Dance added a post in a topic Journal bug fix any time soon?   

    The personal journal is also bugged.
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  12. Sniper_Dance added a post in a topic Fix the guild history (and add an permission system)   

    Bumperino. There are a couple other threads about this topic, it's not game-breaking but it is extremely annoying to deal with.
    It would also be nice if you didn't have to be on the same channel to invite or update a contract. But that's just nit-picking.
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  13. Sniper_Dance added a post in a topic Journal not showing for 2016 year 4   

    Also having this problem with guild history.
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  14. Sniper_Dance added a post in a topic Guild History Not Working?   

    I'm also having this issue, it's been like this since the Mediah update :l
    It makes it really frustrating if you happen to be a guild leader. Guess I'll just have to pass on more work to my slaves officers.
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