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  1. Zalta added a post in a topic Bounty - 6000 Pearls for ChoNations Head   

    Lord Cho Bless. 
    Take me too!  Imgay! 
    If you choose me then i'll give you a free meal at Fogo de Zalta. If you know what i mean  

    We use only the freshest of ingredients and only the best meat. And no, we do not discriminate against horse meat. In fact half our supply comes from @Stabby 
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  2. Zalta added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 22nd 2017   

    Oh my
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  3. Zalta added a post in a topic Bounty - 6000 Pearls for ChoNations Head   

    Stabby, I'll ERP with you at my house in Calp 2 for 6k pearls instead. 

    My RP skills are 10/10! 
    Holla at yo boy! or Gril, whatever you're into.
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  4. Zalta added a post in a topic Valentines Events [Part 2]   

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  5. Zalta added a post in a topic Serendia Territory War   

      Ha but real talk, I think Iconic had about 50+ members. Cho had numbers over Iconic but it was still satisfying to see a trash talking guild like Iconic get steam rolled. 
    Villian  focused Juicy, Illuminatti focused Ascendance. 
    Asance had a decent amount of people, so with Iconic that would be about 100 or so. On top of that Juicy was also mercing for Iconic so that adds another 20-30(they werent very organized)? 
    Granted neither Juicy nor Ascendence were a problem for Cho as Villian and Illuminati had them held of fairly easily. 
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  6. Zalta added a post in a topic Serendia Territory War   

    What war were you at? 
    You think a lifeskills guild like chonation has enough members to hack the system and have 250 members in their guild?
    Don't give that junk guild that much credit :x

    Also Ascendance+Iconic alliance confirmed????
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  7. Zalta added a post in a topic Best Siege ever   

    Only Lord Cho can help us now. 
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  8. Zalta added a post in a topic Best Siege ever   

    CM_Yukimura and CM_Serenity Helps please. 
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  9. Zalta added a post in a topic Siege guild tier list 28th of January   

    Geez who is this masdeath guy?????? Is he a god? 
    I heard he wasn't even that geared. 

    I for one like those LoTD guys. They have the numbers, somewhat organized from what I noticed, and they have some really strong members. 
    As a Cho I can say they have earned my respect and a lot of them are really nice guys. 

    Lord Cho Bless! 
    LoTD's numbers are very impressive. However, if you want to talk Zerg, I think its only fair that we bring up Aftershock. While they may not be Siege or Node war relevant just yet, they can field numbers. I have never seen a guild able to field so many members as quickly or at any time of day. If they can survive and start getting into the siege spotlight, they may be a upcoming guild to watch for. 
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  10. Zalta added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance December 28th **Update**   

    Its still 2016!
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  11. Zalta added a post in a topic New siege problem   

    Its not hard to understand. The problem here is that you are still whining about it. 
    You are right, an outside guild should not be able to affect the fight that is going on and they already stated it will be something they are looknig at.
    However, it is possible and therefore get over it until they fix it. 
    Keep in mind, that these people that are res'ing can also be killed... so its not like they can't be stopped...
    You hit them once and they arent able to use the item. 
    And while some people may be complaining this caused Critical and Kyokai alliance to not win that siege, the point that both sides were being res'ed was brought up. Im pretty sure that while the res'ing was happening neither side stopped someone from res'ing their own team (or didn't accept it) FYI ignored the medical kit... 
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  12. Zalta added a post in a topic Unbiased Pre-Merge Edan Guild Rank (Final)   

    OMG right? They have so many giants. They practically tower over the battlefield...
    Totally not fair...
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  13. Zalta added a post in a topic New siege problem   

    So the difference between your Digging era and this so called "exploit" is that those that did the digging profiited to a point they could buy their way past this games RNG(a lot of attempts and gear up: completly unfair advantage) I get it you are salty you lost but based on the kills it looks like you weren't doing that great anyhow. And i'm positive them res'ing at 20% hp means you should have easy kills. 
    Calling this a bannable offense is a joke and it just tells us how salty you are. You feel like it was unadvantageous for you even though some of your guild members were getting res'd as well( again as stated from your own guild-mate).  
    Just more drama and salt.
    A witch and wizard can't heal someone unless they are same guild or same party. 
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  14. Zalta added a post in a topic New siege problem   

    Might as well remove the wizard resurrection skill while you are at it. Use medic kits to res your players. Do i t in a chain and you can red your entire party. You res one friend, he res's the next and so on. While all those people where standing there res'ing both your enemy guild and your own, you could have been killing them. 
      It seemed like both sides were getting res'ed. He said it himself. 
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  15. Zalta added a post in a topic Mediah Showdown Cancelled – Manup brings 8 guilds   

    May the almighty Cho cleanse the new world from the salt! 
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