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  1. Phinix added a post in a topic What happened to the crowded channels?   

    PA/Daum have no one to blame but themselves.
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  2. Phinix added a post in a topic The power of RNG (scary stuff)   

    This game's "fail and lose the item" gambling RNG mechanic is absolute garbage and they should be ashamed.
    Probably the worst gear "progression" system I have EVER seen in any game in the last ten years.
    100% rewarding mindless grind time investment. Might as well sell the game to robots.
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  3. Phinix added a post in a topic An urgent call to fix this game Daum and pearl abyss.   

    I have tried to point this out since launch but this community seemed so toxic (even by MMO forum standards), so immature, insulting, and unwilling to hear constructive criticism, that I just gave up trying to have a rational conversation here. Nearly every reply was "nub carebear get gud herp derp" gibberish. Maybe some of those types have already burned out and left and it may be possible again to have meaningful conversations.

    Essentially this game attempts to leverage forced PVP to compensate for a total lack of investment in actual end game content, and the content that does exist (bullet sponge world bosses with badly telegraphed and frequently de-synced 1-shot spam milking cash shop rez tears) is almost so bad as to not merit participation, if it weren't necessary to grind hundreds of times for ridiculously overpriced and overpowered BIS gear.

    Endless grind and downright insulting RNG "mechanics" (RNG for the sake of it with no certainty of reward, like a gambling casino compared to a guaranteed investment), are intended to milk time while endless convenience barriers and cash shop stat boosts and shortcuts attempt to pry out short-term impulse buys that promise to somehow deliver what is missing, which of course they can't.

    The power gap is a real problem this company doesn't appear to care to fix. They haven't even begun to balance this in Korea. It should be quite obvious at this point that Pearl Abyss has gambled that the ability to have cheap, unfair fights with defenseless opponents is what whales with fat wads of cash to blow really want, and have chosen to go down this ultimately self-destructive path rather than adopt what most serious publishers including Blizzard have realized is clearly the better model where gear is virtually meaningless in player vs. player situations and skill and strategy ultimately determine victory or defeat.

    Thus, they have hinged the long-term success of their game on a forced PVP system that is fundamentally broken.

    No lifers that are able to grind 24-7 on easy mobs will climb the vertical progression ladder faster than any normal healthy person can leaving 90% of the player base unable to compete in what constitutes the only "end game" BDO has to offer, who will then in turn leave in short order.  Meanwhile the type of player that actually enjoys this sort of boring, unchallenging combat will pretend their 1-shotting defenseless targets attempting to perform the limited activities that give the game any depth constitutes any remotely rational interpretation of "skill," then quickly get bored themselves once people stop paying attention to their trolling on the forums and they run our of people wiling to stick around to be targets for people with nothing going for them but an abundance of free time.

    Without some serious changes to this ridiculous power gap I see this game vanishing the second ANYTHING new comes out, which is a shame because if you can get past the many design flaws the artistic quality of the game really is quite beautiful.
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  4. Phinix added a post in a topic Have not been on BDO in a bit...   

    ESO isn't designed to suck your wallet at every turn either. Cosmetic cash shop only.
    Here, it's grind grind grind that world boss for gear, and buy buy buy those Elion's Tears to avoid losing days of leveling to stupid lazy 1-shot mechanics.
    All for what? To last 2 seconds longer against no-lifers PK camping defenseless noobs at quest givers?
    I already quit when I realized my hopes in the awesome graphics and combat and decent crafting would lead to something more than grindy pay to win.
    Sadly this game was terribly managed by a company more interested in pandering to gambling addiction than building community.
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  5. Phinix added a post in a topic CAREBEAR GENOCIDE - Witch pk video   

    Anyone else feel like every PVP video from this game is "shrub vs. shrub?"
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  6. Phinix added a post in a topic A thread for Fond Farewells   

    Agree 100%. Pretty much been my experience as well.
    Game started out with potential, but PA/Daum turned it into "yet another grindy pay to win Korean money grab."
    Oh well. Glad I resisted the temptation of the cash shop as long as I did.
    Now I can uninstall without feeling like a total tool.
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  7. Phinix added a post in a topic Pay to not be annoyed   

    As soon as I realized what a disgusting cash grab this company had turned an otherwise beautiful game into, I made the conscious choice not to spend a penny on their greed shop.
    Not so much out of principle, though it is. More it is because I have no confidence a game with that sort of blatant abuse in a B2P game you have to purchase to play will be around very long, and I am not about to invest money in something that I'll be dropping the second an alternative comes along.
    Gain some imaginary advantage? Grind to the end faster? What's the point? There is no end game, PVP is ganker's anonymous, and the game will die after ANY competition arrives. Besides, I can't support a game that forces you to PVP as an excuse not to invest in real content.
    Just consider it therapy for overcoming the impulse buy twitch. It's an exercise in willpower!
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  8. Phinix added a post in a topic Why alienate the people with actual buying power?   

    Right. Because someone that blows their wad on 100+ inventory slots, max carry weight, luck panties, XP boost pajamas, hide-my-griefing shrub suit, infinite XP-free insta-rez, pet roulette until max XP gain, horse resets and fishing suits for millions in extra silver, is not at a decided advantage when it comes to camping grind spots and advancing their character to the point of the desired unbalanced PVP advantage.
    People saying this game isn't a pay to win cash grab are the ones stretching.
    A rose, or turd, by any other name would smell the same.
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  9. Phinix added a post in a topic PvPers should be able to enslave/exploit PvErs   

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  10. Phinix added a post in a topic Why alienate the people with actual buying power?   

    Sounds like just another game that will become a ghost town of gambling addicts within the first year to me.
    Another example why the B2P/F2P is such a toxic business model.
    Addicts will throw money away regardless of the content.No incentive to create depth. Just throw more gimmicks on the cash shop. THEY BUY IT.No need for balance. Just decrease grind/RNG proportional to $$.No need for content. Just force new players to be bait for geared $$ to take wank selfies 1-shot PKing.Encourage "us vs. them" divisive $$ class elitism which destroys any semblance of community.The last point more than anything is what I see destroying this game every day on the forums.
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  11. Phinix added a post in a topic World / Field bosses = Blatant cash grab   

    As long as there are addicts and suckers there will be corrupt pushers to prey on them.
    I blame the people throwing money away on these shameless gambling addiction grabs just as much as Daum.
    They wouldn't be pulling so many of these things ($9 real money-only skill resets, $20-30 character-only costumes with stats, tears, horse skill resets, breeding resets, etc.) if people weren't gobbling them up like digital narcotics.
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  12. Phinix added a post in a topic Why alienate the people with actual buying power?   

    I haven't seen the video you are talking about, however I do know a thing or two about "the power creep."
    I know you do NOT fix the problem by giving people with money a way to bypass the problem. This just creates another problem without actually solving the first.
    You fix the problem by implementing caps, catch-up mechanics, and by offering alternate paths to progression.
    You also de-incentivize OCD treadmill running by making gear next to irrelevant in PVP scenarios.
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  13. Phinix added a post in a topic Just make PVP optional.   

    Which is why this game is sadly doomed to fail in relatively short order as I see it. Huge numbers of gamers will leave BDO in droves the second something new comes out, because Daum is too stubborn to admit that forced PVP doesn't work. It never has, and it never will. Especially with this modern crop of internet tough guy gamers.
    Taking away a large percent of players' freedom to play how they want to cater to a smaller number of people that just want to grief or fight defenseless targets because they lack the skill to win against a real opponent in the battlegrounds?
    All they have to do is flip a switch and make one of every pair of servers voluntary PVP only. Then everyone is happy. Don't like people grinding in your precious piss-stained territory? Flip to the PVP-enabled channel and fight for it. Just want to trade and quest and play without worrying about Johnny shrub the epeen wanker hiding behind every quest giver? Play on the PVP optional channel. SIMPLE.
    Instead, they cater to sociopaths and losers and milk the short term cash grab, because with this model they KNOW it will be a short lived title.
    Just sad given the beauty of the world and the excellent combat system. I really hope they see the error of their ways.
    Honestly though, it is just a game at the end of the day. Nothing Earth-shattering is decided here. Nothing of cosmic significance.
    I don't really feel much attachment to the outcome one way or another.
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  14. Phinix added a post in a topic We are Family!   

    Filled out the form, but here is our family on Orwen (Rishi_Yoitsu is the farm tamer in the middle):

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