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  1. TotallyRad added a topic in General   

    Trying to upload young wizard template to beauty gallery
    If I fill it out, go to bottom, and click save, it says "Save?" in a dialog box. I click yes. "Would you like to register it to explorers gallery?" I click yes.If I click the x at the top, it isnt there in my saved stuff. If I click "save current" in the blue box near top, it says "You haven't saved yet. Discard the text? Yes/No" If I say no, I am back where i was before clicking blue box.
    Theres like no young wizard templates up that I can find yet so I wanted to contribute. But this UI is making it really damned hard.

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  2. TotallyRad added a post in a topic What did Lauren give you?   

    Judging by the several hundred red Manos necks on the market suddenly, gonna guess I'm not the only one who got it. Red Manos... Red __Nos... Illuminati stuff here
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  3. TotallyRad added a post in a topic Awakening Event Series - Valkyrie   

    Does destroyer of dreams trigger later on when you guys tabulate? or is it immediate?
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  4. TotallyRad added a post in a topic Picture The Seasons - Calendar Event! [Winners Announced]   

    I wish that I had even realized this was a thing. All I knew about was trick or treating and masks
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  5. TotallyRad added a post in a topic Node level and knowledge rank test   

    In very long response to a GM's question about my personal issue of dissatisfaction with some aspects of the game, I definitely railed on the company as far as either ignoring this issue or a response of basically lolRNG when people were documenting drops and factors that affect them, that are officially supposed to improve loot and are in actuality doing nothing. I made sure to attach the infographic.
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  6. TotallyRad added a post in a topic Awakening! Valkyries Sound Off!   

    Definitely excited for that stuff, Andross. It's just that it still lacks things like enough of a burst without lucky timing or having to live with exactly one super armor/special block skill to survive a lot of things in pvp - on top of a guard that will supposedly be broken by a ranger in a half second with a crit despite boost from lancia. Did i mention grapple thru guard? It's just a mess of a class and I wish it were not. It's a tank without the hp/mitigation one associates with that. It's a support class with minimal healing and long  cooldown/short duration buffs to the group... I just don't see justifying valkyrie mains in a highly competitive environment. Luckily, in the process of getting a new boss alt for grinding valencia on my valk, I discovered wizard and horseback combat. The amount of grinding I can do in the same gear and weapons is insane. I literally just changed weapons on a different class and suddenly i could get in groups, survive with mobility, and have great boss damage. That's not to say a highly geared valk can't do boss damage or grind, but there's a reason the class has trickled down to people who just love the playstyle.
    Either way, I'll be there with bells on ready to spend today playing with lancia if only for funsies.
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  7. TotallyRad added a post in a topic Awakening! Valkyries Sound Off!   

    To be fair this is just gonna be my boss alt but still im pumped. Played valk as a main for months and loved it outside of gvg. I won't lie - given the likelihood of getting a dandelion for wizard before release makes me wanna use the one i have for valk since i have boss weapons otherwise, i figure i'd be in great shape for getting good boss loot between threat and dps but with my luck ,no way
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  8. TotallyRad added a post in a topic Awakening! Valkyries Sound Off!   

    Got my gear moved to my valk and parked and ready with my best horse and consumables and I'm ready to kick some ass. Even went and got knowledge on the two golems I was missing to make it go faster
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  9. TotallyRad added a post in a topic Node level and knowledge rank test   

    Basically people like me go "why is it that I have a level 10 node and S rank knowledge because i liked grinding here, but now that I have those supposed benefits I'm getting either the same loot or, more often, less."
    A guy goes "rng is rng dude"
    I cite some statistics.
    No acknowledgement from the actual company other than that rng is a factor for months. Even trying to say the reason i had good drops before were because of a black stone event or kamasilve that didnt actually occur at that time for me, just excuses instead of trying to look at what obviously doesn't work. If I consistently walk out of 2-6 hours at fogans with one pair of rocaba boots and a scroll if I'm lucky, things are not working right.
    ^^^ That is why OP was necessary.
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  10. TotallyRad added a topic in Website Tech Support   

    Daum Cash Payment Blocked
    Problem solved on Daum end. Paypal reps apparently can confirm your identity and release the flag yet some kind of automated process continues for god knows how long.
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  11. TotallyRad added a post in a topic Is RNG making people despair and leave?   

    I'm falling way behind my peers right now. It was one thing when kutum and kzarka wouldn't upgrade. It was another when it was a liverto. And now just a craftable offhand is so unwilling to cooperate, with generous stacking margin, that I used 30m in sharps this morning alone. I've probably rebuilt this weapon three times over in the last week. The second time I managed to even duo it was just throwing three concentrated sharps at it and it popped. Then 40 something stack failed again. I have upwards of 300 stacks on my account right now because nothing will upgrade. I'm now 15 ap behind the more average players. Frankly, as someone whose never been able to afford boss armor or had it drop and with the ap disparity, I'm afraid to show up to node war and just die a lot and get cut because RNG is determined to keep me from progressing. I'm having to play like it's my day job and moonlighting gig just to make attempts and then keep up with repairing the failure. 
    Since I did manage to buy bhegs this week, and they're halfway done, I'll enchant  then the rest of the way. In the future, I'll just have to settle  for being miserable and farming silver to buy pre  upgraded items. The stress of what RNG failure at no fault of my own might cost me socially is ruining the game for me. 
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  12. TotallyRad added a post in a topic Node level and knowledge rank test   

    I supplied this kind of information to Dew a long time ago with numbers and stuff and got blown off as rng as rng. Guess I should have made a bar graph
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  13. TotallyRad added a post in a topic Lvl 56 and need a point in the right direction!   

     they aren't actual witch earrings. Just identical stat items. Same with rings. Do the 2 seal reward repeatable quests constantly at hexe and monastery. The tooltips will explain trading  them in via quest. 
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  14. TotallyRad added a post in a topic [Maintenance] *extended* Maintenance October 26th   

    Another patch, another reinstall because my ran tests flawlessly and I have nothing set up that could trigger it in any exemple I've found. See you guys at 3
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  15. TotallyRad added a post in a topic Save the integrity of the BDO brand and post a CBL?   

    Wanna know who's probably gonna be banned and will not be logging in this week? The people selling tet boss gear tonight
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