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  1. HongHong added a post in a topic Kuno help needed   

    When you talk about a duel of a skilled Kuno and equally skilled DK with similar gear, the match up is definately in favor of the DK. That's not because Kuno is bad, it's just a bad match up. The Kuno needs to get close to deal damage, while the dk can kite and deal damage while evading. 
    Most DKs i meet in open world fights are very bad though, so i never had a problem.
    The reason most kunos can't beat some classes is probably, because they have no idea how to fight them.
    That chart is meaningless for awakened kunos, as we are not using those skills for damage anymore. They are utility and we are supposed to have the right values with a patch that got introduced months ago.
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  2. HongHong added a post in a topic Kuno help needed   

    It mostly depends on how you play. Do a knockdown on your target, then use the spin meme combo and you will deal equal damage to other classes.
    All of this "other classes are so much better" discussion is just unnecessary. The class does alot of stuff others don't, while obviously not being a second wizard class.
    Should you want Wizard damage, play a wizard. Should you want DarkKnight iFrames and damage, play a DarkKnight. Should you want to sneak around, jump and assassinate people, then Kuno/Ninja is the class for you.

    Edit: Kuno is strong right now btw. It will be even stronger when we catch up with the latest Korean patches and will probably get even more buffs, considering it's on the bottom of the kdr ranking the korean devs are balancing with.
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  3. HongHong added a post in a topic Kunoichi Night Cat costume   

    No need for metal kitty anymore. Everything is shark now!
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  4. HongHong added a post in a topic Kunoichi's basic walk awakening   

    I always changed to pre-awakening for running for weeks after we got the onion ring. Now the stance shift she does while standing with the chakram annoys me more. That step to the side is just unnecessary! 
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  5. HongHong added a post in a topic Kunoichis finally getting SOME love! [KR]   

    "Name a worse class than kuno" 
    Worse at what? As i said before, classes are filling certain roles and there are some situations in which kuno outshines every other class. I agree with the whole "play the class you like" thing, but you also need to be aware of what roles you are able to play in.
    Example: Tell a Wizard to sneak through half of the rbf to cc and possibly kill a group of enemies. Then watch him die on the way there.
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  6. HongHong added a post in a topic For Endgame PVP Kunos. What Crystals do you use?   

    For full survivability, tadd is the obvious choice and rosar is just a slightly worse tadd. Kutum is best for daily use and i only change in node wars and large scale situations or when i can avoid getting oneshot with equipping a tadd. 
    From my experience, anything under 280dp is oneshot for most guys with 200+ ap anyway.
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  7. HongHong added a post in a topic For Endgame PVP Kunos. What Crystals do you use?   

    Using Ankle Cutter just to get that crit chance will be hard to keep up and at most times will be not viable, unless you need to switch to pre-awakening anyway. If you switch, you are missing damage from not having that 5 crit though.
    A warrior can definately do this, as they have 100% on far more skills than our class. I'm not convinced that Kunoichis can go without crit, so i usually use Mediah + Arehaza + Valencia with 2 crit gems. Accuracy is mostly no problam for me though, so lower level kunos might benefit from chosing accuracy over crit. Keeping your food rotation on is going to cost alot then and the accuracy need could be better bridged by getting accuracy accessories, kutum and bheg gloves, in my oppinion.

    Edit: The best thing you can do against Witch/Wiz, is getting a kutum and not slacking on your armor. Full Tri boss gear with a tri kutum is already 283 dp. At lvl 60, that's enough for most situations.
    Also, if you take a nouver as a kunoichi and then wonder why you get oneshot, you should compare Nouver and Kutum damage. It's not enough of a difference in pvp or even pve to lose 20dp over it.
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  8. HongHong added a post in a topic For Endgame PVP Kunos. What Crystals do you use?   

    Instead of 2x Black Spirit, you should use 2x awakened spirit's crystal for the 50 hp it adds. Im not sure what you did with the gloves, but usually you go 2x Black Magic Crystal -Valor for 2x +2 crit and +5 grab res. For the boots you will want 1x Black magic Swiftness and 1x Black Magic Hystria.

    This will give you 4as, 4crit and 3 movement, which you can top off to 5/5/5 with Mediah Meal/Special + Arehaza Special.
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  9. HongHong added a post in a topic About to join the ranks of the others who have left this class....   

    If you pick the wrong fight or stay too long, yes. Having dp also helps.
    I do and stealth is one of my most useful tools. You need to use it smartly though, which means not going invis in front of players and pets. Obviously you will get killed while doing that.
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  10. HongHong added a post in a topic Everybody's leaving Kunoichi but...   

    I agree with you, that Warrior is definately easier to play and much easier to play well. However, that only means we kunoichi have to be more skilled players to be competetive. 
    I hope the upcoming changes will deal with the slowness of some skills, but i am doing very well already. The only class that i struggle against are highly geared zerkers (who wouldn't?). Kunoichi is fine. No reasonable buffs will ever make it the next wizard!
    If you want to play an easier class, do it. Don't blame it on the class though.
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  11. HongHong added a post in a topic About to join the ranks of the others who have left this class....   

    Invisible is pretty op actually. You can sneak into the enmie's backline and gank multiple targets, before you take your invisible exit.
    The Buffs will mean alot for large scale kunoichi viability, because they get some time off the longer skill rotations and make us faster.
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  12. HongHong added a post in a topic INC Kuno Buffs   

    I think it's easier to learn the muscle memory for certain skill combinations that you can chain. For example s+f > shift+f or a weapon swap and follow up grab. When you have alot of those little combo pieces practiced, you can build combos via that method.

    Have any of you noticed any changes in skills, other than the Letal Spin Spree animation change? I did some pila ku just before the servers went down and after the patch. It seems that i am noticeable faster and the range of Spin Spree is alot wider than before.
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  13. HongHong added a post in a topic About to join the ranks of the others who have left this class....   

    Wiz/Witch are very powerful classes and obviously outshine every other class in one thing, which is dealing loads of damage. I agree with some of you, that classes like those need tweaking and certain aspects are too powerful, but you need to realise one thing. If you compare the damage of the most powerful (and stationary) damage dealer to the far more mobile assassin class, obviously the damage dealer will win. 
    Should you go for a 1v1, the wiz/witch can throw around as much damage as they want and will have a very hard time beating any skilled Kunoichi. Our class has the ability to avoid, guard and even heal against damage, which paired with our superior mobility should lead to a win for the Kunoichi.

    I love kunoichi far too much to leave for another class and don't really enjoy those anyway. Let's see, if we get the kr buffs today!
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  14. HongHong added a post in a topic INC Kuno Buffs   

    Imo combos that rely on a certain CC are destined to fail anyway. Should it not work, you will need to change it up. Set combos can't do that, so you need to know your CCs and build from there.
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  15. HongHong added a post in a topic Which of our awakened skills is the most effective for a knockdown ?   

    ● Wheel of wrath beginning animations were increased to link better from other skills

    Did you mean this? 
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