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  1. Priscilla added a post in a topic Kutum Vs. Nouver.   

    kutum doesn't have hidden monster dmg, it has accuracy which makes higher number of your skill procs  hit, making you do more dmg.
    and real defense offhand isn't kutum, it's parry dagger...sicil is a hybrid neck, which is good. but to be completely honest, it is not cheap, I would rather make something like duo ogre and tri bensho instead....but sicil is a viable hybrid option no debate.
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  2. Priscilla added a post in a topic tri cadry guardian ring preorder   

    FULL DP build. wizard,witch,zerker, warrior.  But I dont think that with out 400 DP it is even effective lol... and thats tet boss gear, and tri defense accessories.....
    For utility, it's really good against lower geared players 460GS- , not so good against high AP players.
    But yes, DP gear is inferior to AP gear, there's no debate there.
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  3. Priscilla added a post in a topic tri cadry guardian ring preorder   

    Cadry ring is 5m, its not 50m basilisks, or  80m tungrade.... and TRI isn't that bad...just don't make one and expect to upgrade it in one try... make 10 of each tier... then upgrade to the next tier.
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  4. Priscilla added a post in a topic why does witch do double damage again?   

    Just so you know, witch received ninja nerfs last patch....
    And what DP buff are you talking about, I'm still getting one shot straight through block/super armor as lvl 60, 360~ DP witch. By 215 AP meahwa, 220 AP tamer.... And theres 250 AP players out there....
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  5. Priscilla added a post in a topic tri cadry guardian ring preorder   

    Make it your self, make 10 duos, and just smash them at 40+ stacks.
    You will 100% get 1, maybe 2-3.
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  6. Priscilla added a topic in General   

    Gatekeeper Group
    I'm a lvl 60 witch, with about 480-490 GS.
    I've come to a point, where a tiny bit of bump in GS, is becoming very expensive and my gear progression did not stop, but it's really hitting that plateau effect.
    I just don't have the mental fortitude, to farm Sausans or Pirates for 10-12 hours a day, for 100m~ silver. I've began working on my CP/workers... but it will take time before it brings in anything worthwhile.
    Just wanted to know anyone around 59-62(460-500+ GS) was interested in joining a gatekeeper farming group. I've heard you can make decent silver per day with a good group 200-250m
    Anyways I've made a discord channel dedicate to finding people to do gatekeepers with.
    Anyone can join, here's the link https://discord.gg/umTtD
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  7. Priscilla added a post in a topic DR > Evasion for sieges after latest patch? Tested hybrid DR build myself   

    It's the guy who bought out all the crappy CADRY rings, now trying to convince you to buy crappy rings for a higher price.
    DR is utter trash.
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  8. Priscilla added a post in a topic Manos ruby necklace hidden human ap better than ogre.   

    that what I thought 
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  9. Priscilla added a post in a topic Event random boxes...anyone gotten the top item?   

    I've got nouver box
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  10. Priscilla added a post in a topic How to gain EASY fail-stacks past 30   

    Idk, 30 stacks for DUO attempt on blue quality accessory is pretty standard. 
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  11. Priscilla added a topic in General   

    How to gain EASY fail-stacks past 30
    People complain about not having an efficient way to fail stack past 30.
    Heres a guide consisting of pictures only

    Easiest 5 fail stacks of my life.
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  12. Priscilla added a post in a topic Is +1 luck underwear worth the investment?   

    2 days ago, Kutum weapon box
    Yesterday, Kutum box, + nouver box

    Today, another kutum box.

    3 luck from titles, 1 from underwear, and since I dont have +1 luck on my pets, i have to slot my glove... and believe me, putting luck gem on your main gear isn't a decision you come to lightly... i could make a much better crystal set up, if i had that slot open in my glove.
    I would say, it's worth it, and +5 luck is definitely better than 4... it really makes the difference between getting a rare drop and not getting one.

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  13. Priscilla added a post in a topic Awakened Black Spirit Crystals and Kakao servers LOL   

    Lost black spirit crystal and awakened black spirit crystal, due to server lag. That's 4 awakened black spirit gems, and 1 black spirit gem this week...  and if you count by pre order prices (50-80m for awkaned black spirit crystal), thats about 200m worth of silver loss in gems due to server lag.  I'm not counting or posting regular gems lol...
    The game is laggy, it's unplayable... how long can this continue.
    I mean they are unwilling to fix their servers, but why cant they add an option in game to purchase lost gems from black spirit, for the marketplace value.  Not to purchase random gems, but to purchase the gems you've lost, or prevent gem loss altogether until their servers are in check.
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  14. Priscilla added a post in a topic Awakened Black Spirit Crystals and Kakao servers LOL   

    I'll do this from now on.
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  15. Priscilla added a topic in General   

    Awakened Black Spirit Crystals and Kakao servers LOL
    I've died about 4 days ago, due to d-sync, lost both of my awakened black spirit crystals on death, couple hours ago I've finally replaced the second gem.
    Went to farm cadry elites...Game became unresponsive for about 1 minute, I've kept spamming my potions, holding block, and rotating healing spells, after about a minute, when I've regained connection to the server, I see this.

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