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  1. BalognePony added a post in a topic Warrior PVP combos   

    I am not 59 yet so excuse my ignorance. Why is the "C cancel" needed before grave digging in this combo? Does Reckless blow swap to sword and shield? 
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  2. BalognePony added a post in a topic Is the Rosar or Krea Longsword worth investing in at this point?   

    I dropped my yuria and picked up a rosar. If you have decided to skip liverto it's a good choice. For me the headache of upgrading memory fragment gear is something I only want to do with boss gear. I'm not a hardcore pvper so keep that in mind. 
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  3. BalognePony added a post in a topic Rosar Longsword   

    Thank you sir. 
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  4. BalognePony added a post in a topic Rosar Longsword   

    thanks that was really helpful. Is the rosar accuracy and ap better because those are the only two enhance stats whereas the yuria has three stats?
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  5. BalognePony added a post in a topic Rosar Longsword   

    so rosar has better accuracy, base ap, and an extra gem slot over yuria? I didn't realize rosar was so much better than yuria for pve. 
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  6. BalognePony added a post in a topic Problems with the Warrior Class - Comprehensive Thread   

    thank you <3
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  7. BalognePony added a post in a topic Awakening & Ground Smash   

    You won't want to waste skill points on ground smash after awakening. With the greatsword you will have even better hp and wp generation. 
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  8. BalognePony added a post in a topic If you were to start the game today, would you play warrior?   

    ----- YEAH 
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  9. BalognePony added a post in a topic Got Bheg , what to do?   

    It's only 7 ap. Be a man and just put on the bhegs. Your shield will be fine until nouver is added. 
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  10. BalognePony added a post in a topic Awakening Warrior Guide by Oneuproad   

    Really enjoyed the video. Thanks for the good work. 
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  11. BalognePony added a post in a topic Problems with the Warrior Class - Comprehensive Thread   

    I second this. Being able to use heavy strike for fighting packs of monsters in PvE would be very helpful. Scars has a cool down and spinning slash has too small of an aoe. 
    For single target we would still spam scars of dusk and spinning slash/chopping kick but for fighting packs of monsters we would spam scars of dusk and heavy strike. 
    I think adding a damage boost to heavy strike (and giving it 100% crit chance) would be a big help in allowing warriors to farm exp and silver the way other classes can. 
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  12. BalognePony added a post in a topic (Ninja) Need CM Confirmation/some sort of confirmation   

    I have zero interest in playing ninja but I say, with no reservations, that the class should be released now. 
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  13. BalognePony added a post in a topic Transporting Items   

    I am also having this problem. I have things in Calpheon that I want sent to Altinova. Altinova is not available on the drop down menu. The closest is Tarif.
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