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  1. Miserio added a post in a topic Patch Notes - July 6th   

    uhmm what about water collecting? You dont need to press R anymore. Great !
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  2. Miserio added a post in a topic Shoveling is actually quite fun...but   

    I was doing the gathering quest at Ibellab Oasis and noticed that you get 100% muddy water on each gather and also the  Black Scarab for the quest. BUT! in addition to the muddy water you also get the other stuff. So at times you get like 3 or 4 drops from 1 single gather. Where else in other places of the dessert you always just get a single drop.
    Not sure if this will also be the case after you have done the quest.
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  3. Miserio added a post in a topic BDO 101: Beginner's Guide to Valencia   

    Really nice video.
    I didnt know about the compass. I was just wondering, in the video you dont show what you actually can do with the compass. I have been getting around the desert quite easy without it so far (using maps that I found and just pointing my char in the right direction). What does the compass add to this? I will probably do the quest myself today, but might be nice to add this info here.
    Extra tip: Use your cat to scout for gathering locations, when it finds something, look on the big map, you will see where you are as there is a beam of light there.
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  4. Miserio added a post in a topic Crescent Mountains Knowledge HELP!   

    i ended up going up the mountain just west of the entrance to the shrine. But my problem now is that i cant find the node manager anymore lol.
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  5. Miserio added a post in a topic How to get a camel!!!!! For NA   

    I got the camel quest without doing a single other quest in Valencia. Think only requirement is to be 55
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  6. Miserio added a post in a topic Feedback - June 17th Update   

    The pre order does not seem to work yet. Items that i pre order just go into the market (through B phase and then to sell phase)
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  7. Miserio added a post in a topic Patch Notes - June 17th   

    It is there, my breath is 31 atm.
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  8. Miserio added a post in a topic Ninja will be released today   

    lol a nice https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ moment.
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  9. Miserio added a post in a topic Skill Tree Rework. Skill Tree Reset?   

    Just wondering, why do you mention Valk? It is the class with the least changes in this patch. If I read the changes to valk, i dont see a lot of change in my style. 
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  10. Miserio added a post in a topic Feedback - Recent Patch Notes   

    Being well in Artisan with processing, I was not sure if the change to energy use was good or bad for processing. I ended up with a thumbs up to this change. Of course it feels a bit bad as I used a lot of energy on processing, but on the other side it will open up a lot of new options for processing. And makes it possible to create more high end stuff by workers.
    I also applaud you on the level of detail in the patch notes, really great. Good stuff coming to BDO, I do hope that Valks get a bit more love in the next patch as we seem to be left behind a bit in this one.
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  11. Miserio added a post in a topic Patch 15.06 (Siege War) postponed   

    I am really split on this one, on one hand I have spend a lot of time and energy to get well into Artisan, which will be much easier now for others so losing the advantage. But on the other hand it will also make it easier for me now to process more. 
    I just think the marketplace will get a bit to much disrupted. I would have preferred a modification of "processing now requires half the energy as before".
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  12. Miserio added a post in a topic Those Seagulls!   

    Thank you! worked lke a charm
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  13. Miserio added a post in a topic Feedback - EXP Penalty Removal from PvP   

    99%, and the OP aint one. 

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  14. Miserio added a post in a topic Bugged at 255 Contribution Points?   

    255 is indeed softcap. The Calpeon daily CP quests gave me a level per day. Now it hardly give me 20 to 25% for all Calpheon quests.
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  15. Miserio added a post in a topic Please reconsider high level XP Loss rate...   

    I agree, I tend to avoid anything that will most likely get me killed now, unless i just leveled. Its just a wrong mechanic at 51+
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