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  1. Jurenito added a post in a topic Explorer Event Series   

    wELL, I had not played from august 18 and misunderstood - indeed i had not even read it, just been told about it-  that returning explorer event, entered a monthe later (aroun september20th) and then realized I am not "qualified" for having logged for just a few minutes since july.
    Not the best idea to get players back Now i won't enter again if i just want to spend some time in the game just in case you decide to launch another "returning player" event only if you haven't played since...  Not that i am pissed off for not getting the rewards, but just my character will be better not playing at all than logging for loyalties  or crafting ocasionally.
    Not really well played, Daum..
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  2. Jurenito added a post in a topic What they could ruin more, after the awakening?   

    The fact is I am a better player than you, so it is impossible you are the best player.
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  3. Jurenito added a post in a topic Rise of the amount of chargebacks (p2w update)   

    iNTERESting, i had fun playing this game at release but drop it after a few months and now I can get my money back alleging it is now pay to win... Well, I thought about it but I would rather not be a douchebag. I had fun with the game and haven't even log in for a month at least. But as I said it would be really hypocrite to say I quit because it is now p2w and ask for my money back (because I have always said this game was a little pay to win, it is just more p2w now. Also: that p2w means more "pay to (be) whale" than "pay to win").
    If you are really pissed off with those changes to the extend you were having fun with the game before they patched them and now are really angry and really wanted to quit and feel betrayed your demand for chargeback could be right and sutdied. But most of you are just asking the money for a game you had already stopped playing with that excuse. A game you had fun for a while and now want your money back. I am not knight, gentleman or samurai, but my honor is worth more than 50$. SUre, i could buy Ds 3 and another game with that money, but I wouldn't feel right with myself betraying my principles for 50$ (now, if it was 1000$ i had to consider it).
    It is sad, but what is more sad is most of you will think I am stupid for thinking like that.
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  4. Jurenito added a post in a topic Browsers won't load with this game   

    bUMPED, i tried to play yesterday and remembered why I had stopped playing.
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  5. Jurenito added a post in a topic Secret Shop - Zaka/Boss armor   

    I don't know . I had seen liverto axe many times in markerplace. There wasn't anyone even camping them a month ago.
    I preordered a Weapon Core for 15,5M (maximum in AH is 15) and haven't got any on a week. SHould I put it on a price lower than maximum?
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  6. Jurenito added a post in a topic Secret Shop - Zaka/Boss armor   

    You are a wizard.
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  7. Jurenito added a post in a topic Grunil bonus - not showing bug?   

    It is a display bug, some people have been testing and the numbers work. Although the 5  AP doesn't show, it exists.
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  8. Jurenito added a post in a topic Browsers won't load with this game   

    Is there a geek in the house?
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  9. Jurenito added a post in a topic Ban appeal?   

    A friend of mine did that in WoW and they fooled for it: he said his account was stolen and 2 days later started to bot. My own account was stolen (actually I let it get stolen sometimes when it was inactive, long story) and was used for botting and farming.
    But why would anyone steal an account to bot-farm in this game when there is no direct trading? I don't think there is even a 1% chance you are really innocent. If you thought someone was accesing your account, couldn't you change password?
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  10. Jurenito added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Browsers won't load with this game
    Hi, I have a problem. There are sometimes (not always) when I open this game that if I won't to browse webs at the same time, they won't just load. I think that could be because of the XIGN3 or whatever its name and my firewall, but can't find the problem.. The game runs smoothly and I never lag, and it only happens sometimes, not always. It happens with any browser: chrome, edge or firefox. Didi this happen to anyone else?
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  11. Jurenito added a post in a topic Ban appeal?   

    Oldest lie of MMORPgs:" I wasn't hacking, someone stole my account".
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  12. Jurenito added a post in a topic Griefing sausan spot for a week by this retarded guys   

    i THINK the fact this post is yet in "technical issues " forum is an indicative of the laziness status of the game.
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  13. Jurenito added a post in a topic Patch Notes - June 17th   

    Epheria Port can no longer connect to Altinova for Transport
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  14. Jurenito added a post in a topic Leveling after early 30's   

    best leveling zone depends on your gear and class, if yours is not already +10 ~ +15 and want contribution points khurutos are a good option.
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  15. Jurenito added a post in a topic Did we get screwed?   

    i Do feel a little screwd for having get rid of DP when I used my 45 reset coupon. 
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