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  1. MightyMidgit added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 22nd 2017   

    No Yukata for DK... Sad day. But it's a new class, so it's understandable that they won't have all the costumes (especially promotional ones) for the DK yet.
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  2. MightyMidgit added a post in a topic please make more male classes   

    There are female giants, no doubt about that, but a female Zerker seems weird to me. As for Sorc, a Sorcerer (male) and Sorceress (female)?
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  3. MightyMidgit added a post in a topic Allow both awakenings for both genders   

    The idea was to make already similar classes much more different with their awakened classes.
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  4. MightyMidgit added a post in a topic please make more male classes   

    I feel that they have done fine with the class genders so far. Those that have little lore or cultural reason for gender lock have both male and female variants. The ones that don't, tend to have reasons behind them:
    Ranger/DK - Elves are predominantly female in BDO lore. They are a matriarchy, so warriors and leaders are all female. Very few males in that race.
    Tamer - Korean cultural reasons as well as BDO lore.
    Zerker - A female Zerker just seems wrong...
    Sorc - The only one I feel could have a male counterpart. Don't think there is any reason for gender lock with this class.
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  5. MightyMidgit added a post in a topic Griefing to a whole new level   

    I never said you were the one who first derailed the topic, just that you were wrongly defending those who are.
    Went back and looked at my posts.
    The first one was on topic, stating that people should give up if they can't have their way, not resort to cheap tactics like impersonation, and that the game should not make impersonation so easy.
    The second was a pointless response to a fellow guild member.
    Third post was telling people to get off the karma bombing discussion and back on the topic of griefing through guild impersonation.
    My fourth post was my response to you, who defended those who were derailing the topic after directly quoting me trying to get this this discussion back on track.
    If you can't stay on topic, your time is better spent elsewhere.
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  6. MightyMidgit added a post in a topic Griefing to a whole new level   

    Your argument is like saying it is okay to fight about whether or not pineapple goes on pizza because the OP started his post with a story about having to live an entire week off of one pineapple pizza, when the main topic he was trying to discuss is the fact that the majority of college students live in poverty.
    There are some who believe karma bombing is a thing, and many who don't. The OP holds the opinion of the former, so he tell his story with that bias, but that does not mean it is the topic of the discussion. The first sentence does not have to be the topic. It was the opening of a story to introduce the issue at hand. It's pathetic that people get enraged about minor details or opinions to the point that they are blind to the issue that the person is actually trying to address.
    I like multiplying/refining the salt with logic and reason, because there is nothing that makes people saltier than when you prove someone's lack thereof.
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  7. MightyMidgit added a post in a topic Griefing to a whole new level   

    Everyone seems to not realize that this thread is NOT about karma bombing. The OP stated that he does not care about karma. He is red by choice. The topic was griefing through in-game slander/impersonation. What brought this on was a story about someone trying to get the OP to go red, but realized they couldn't because he was already red and didn't care, so they tried to use tactic that is easily doable even if it is against the terms of service, guild/player impersonation. The discussion was about this, not about people making themselves go red and then whining about it. If you kill someone and go red, your fault. End of story. Now, let's get back on topic.
    Thank you. Finally someone who understands!
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  8. MightyMidgit added a post in a topic Griefing to a whole new level   

    You could always G-kick me.

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  9. MightyMidgit added a post in a topic Anniversary Gratitude Event   

    Why do people whine so much!?!?!?
    Thanks for the events! I'm already well past the house fame one, but I'll be sure to get some candy!
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  10. MightyMidgit added a post in a topic Change Font or Give Font Options   

    The readability may not change much, but recognition of similar letters would improve drastically.
    You actually can change your font to Wingdings! There is a (probably?) legal soft-mod you can use to change fonts without changing any existing game code. What we need though is a game-supported method of selecting fonts.
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  11. MightyMidgit added a topic in Suggestions   

    Change Font or Give Font Options
    My guild had an incident recently where a player was enraged that a few of my perma-red guild mates stole this players rotation at sausans, and try as this player might, no amount of getting themself killed to my guild mates had any effect because, well... they are perma-red. Karma means nothing to them. So what this player ended up doing is creating a new guild with the name exactly the same as ours except for changing the "l" in our name to a capital "i". This player then proceeded to go to other channels and karma bomb strong guilds to get them to dec on us. We don't care if the world is decced on us, but we hate karma bombing with a passion, and this salty player imitated us in order to sully our guild name by making people think we are karma bombers.
    The main thread of the event can be found here.
    With that intro, I don't want this thread to be derailed with discussion on PKers, griefing, or whether karma bombing is a thing or not. That is not the topic here. There are plenty of threads that address this already.
    What I want to talk about is the game's FONT that easily enables imitation of guild and player names, something that is against the terms of service and naming policy.
    Discussion on Fonts
    From my understanding, the game uses Bitstream Vera for it's font. It is a sans-serif font that makes lower case "l" (L) and upper case "I" (i) indistinguishable. I will use my former dead guild as and example:
    TheBlackTidesTheBIackTidesCan you tell the difference? If you look closely, you can. The capital "i" is just a tad thicker in the forum's Arial font. In game, they are the same thickness, but the lower case "l" is a tad taller, like this:
    lIlIlIlI (in-game)IlIlIlIlIl (forum comparison)The Problem
    In game, it is possible to tell the difference when both the "i" and "l" are next to each other, but when on their own, no comparison is possible. While playing the game, especially in combat where people are moving around quickly, you don't have time to tell which letter it is, so you dec on the quickest assumption. This leads to the ability of people to mimic the names of guilds and players, and if they so choose, ruin the reputation of the legitimate name holders.
    My Suggestions
    Change the font used in game to one that has a difference between lower case "l" and capital "i". Sans Serif fonts are nice because the space text takes is minimized, but there are variations that keep this minimization and still make those two letter distinguishable.
     Enable support for 2 or 3 or more fonts, including at lease one Serif font, so that players can make the choice of which font to use. This is the best option, so that those who make use of the "l" and "i" similarities as part of their name (such as a certain top guild) are still able to, but those who need to distinguish between them for decs or otherwise still can.Example Fonts that work:
    Tahoma: IlIlIlIlVerdana: IlIlIlIl
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  12. MightyMidgit added a post in a topic Griefing to a whole new level   

    Update: Looking at the guilds, the one in question has either been shut down by the GMs or the person in question disbanded it.
    I think this all comes down to 2 things:
    Don't get too salty. PKers will be PKers. If you can't win against them and trying to get them as negative karma as possible doesn't work because they are already red, cut your losses and grind somewhere else. Don't throw a tantrum. You're not specifically being targeted. You're just an extra mob to kill that gives PvP practice.Pearl Abyss needs to use a different font than Bitstream Vera so that people can tell the difference between a "l" and "I". Possibly give the users a choice between 2 or 3 fonts in game.
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  13. MightyMidgit added a post in a topic Patch Notes - February 22nd 2017 [Updated]   

    The lore hasn't gone far into this, only that males are rare (the half-elf from the main story line had an elf father, I believe). One man can have sex with any number of women, so breeding is not an issue. There could be only one male elf, kind of like reverse smurfs, and that male is in charge of mating with all the females. Who knows? An explanation I made to another person who addressed the same issue was that the elves keep the few males in cages solely for breeding purposes.
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  14. MightyMidgit added a post in a topic Dark Knight Release Events   

    To those of you who state that the 1 year event is underwhelming, how about having to wait until Kamasilvia comes to NA/EU before being able to play DK? Yah, there is a small event and whatnot, but they gave us the new class early! I think that is more than enough of a bonus! People complain about everything... It's kind of disappointing...
    Happy 1 year!! Keep of the hard work. I look forward to playing BDO for another year+!
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  15. MightyMidgit added a post in a topic Post Pics of your Dark Knight!   

    Best One in the entire thread. When I think Elf and Dark Knight, this is exactly what I would picture. Well Done!
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