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  1. Moonraker added a post in a topic [Fishing] 'Bottle with a Note' item - Also possible to obtain when fishing. Details and location.   

    There is no other clue other than it being exactly thew same RU version text, hence the assumption it is the same spot.

    The circle for digging if small like literally 1M diameter for all spots so be careful to dig in and around the spot to be sure. Moving even 1-2 metres away results in nothing.

    If it is not there then there is no other option than trying to work out the vague clue. All that can be seen as discussed above it that no new locations were added to the database. But then they could use another name and there seems some issue with the other spot with none found. The other clues and spots all work and correlate to the database spots. With the RU version text and these is the only reason they were found at all.
    I wish you and others hunting for this/ these elusive spots. If I see anything on KR forums I'll post here. GL!
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  2. Moonraker added a post in a topic [Fishing] 'Bottle with a Note' item - Also possible to obtain when fishing. Details and location.   

    Like I said above, it is the one spot (under the tree) where no one has found the treasure, even though it is right on the BDDatabase location (see links etc. to view the map and I posted a detail map extract before of it. And also the KR location image I used for that map.  it is the right location based on all that but simply not working like the others.

    I have a suspicion the item is not functioning correctly based on the fact all the others are. Read the thread and players have tried a lot there and even on the RU locations route between. The mention of a tree gives even more of a clue but just doesn;t seem to work currently.
    It wont be found at another location I very much doubt. Not that the other new clue may be found where players have found the item so that should work.

    I would make a ticket at least and ask. I suspect they will just say it is a mystery blah blah but the reason why this one spot doesn't seem to work I can't find a reason so far. If it is broken or misplaced or texts not right (even right the EN texts are mostly totally useless to pinpoint the places as it is, we rely on RU and BDD for that) then it's the only way forward sadly and now two quests point to it.

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  3. Moonraker added a post in a topic [Fishing] 'Bottle with a Note' item - Also possible to obtain when fishing. Details and location.   

    I have a feeling that the two new Garduka Treasure Maps introduced recently, with the new English clues (note that on BDDatabase there are other blank maps yet to have text added, presumably for later new quest maps) are actually different text but using the existing locations.

    So if you check the New one you mention:
    ”For an ordeal of thirsty, as passing by a long long canyon, when fire finally started to burn, I caught my breath in a small shade. I was walking towards burning camel at infinite time. When it was less than 100 steps, I found myself standing in hard and cozy nest. That was my utopia.”
    If you check the Russian translation you included:

    "С тем, что у меня в сумке, я буду править миром! Глупые туземцы даже не догадывались о том, какая это ценность! Главное оторваться от погони... В святилище Скромности мне дали неплохую лошадь, но она уже выдохлась. Закопаю груз здесь, под деревом. Надеюсь, я смогу скрыться в долине Титума. "
    Google translated to:

    "With what I have in my bag, I will rule the world!" The stupid natives did not even know what that value was! The main thing was to break away from the chase ... In the Sanctuary of Modesty I was given a good horse, but it was already exhausted. , Under a tree, I hope I can hide in the valley of Titum. "
    This is the location from a KR location map (using the original graphic with added text) which is located at the bottom right location, which ties into the locations named (see earlier posts on this) from the location map I posted before. However it seems players have had trouble with that one.
    You will see that it is exactly the same Russian text which is already included for this map version, in English it is:

    ”Three big bright stars above a soaring eagle. Twins fell in love with one another, and a child is born. The eldest child shall rule the world.”
    But the Russian text reads the same as above:

    С тем, что у меня в сумке, я буду править миром! Глупые туземцы даже не догадывались о том, какая это ценность! Главное оторваться от погони... В святилище Скромности мне дали неплохую лошадь, но она уже выдохлась. Закопаю груз здесь, под деревом. Надеюсь, я смогу скрыться в долине Титума. "
    It's possible it is just a mistake or issue with BDDatabase data entry mixed up but also possible they use the same locations. However, they other new clue also uses an existing Russian translation (see below) so it seems two mistakes in the database or it is the same locations just new quests.
    Unfortunately, this appears to be the one location shown in the BDDatabase for Golden Treasure Chest, which players have had problems finding. All the other four locations match exactly the actual map location and chest items found. Still not sure why.
    The other new treasure map version reads:
    ”Underneath the lonely lamp, lighting the sand, what do I sing for? Among all blue skins that are fallen off like a fragment, one painful nail that is the farthest from me.”
    and again we see a Russian version using the same text as an existing one: This is the Russian version of this:

    "Туземцы не отстают! Наверное, не стоило воровать их святыню. Чёрт, как болят ноги... Где я? Могила мучеников? Закопаю всё здесь, и вернусь потом. Нужно как-то убежать от погони..."
    Google translation gives:
    "The natives do not lag behind! Probably not worth stealing their shrine." Damn, how aching are the feet ... Where am I? Tomb of the martyrs? I'll bury everything here, and then come back. "We must somehow escape the chase ..."
    Compare to this existing treasure map version:
    ”Where it is full of Aal’s grace, a snake slipped into Old Moon’s embrace. Infuriated, I fed the vile snake with a sweet blade.”

    "Туземцы не отстают! Наверное, не стоило воровать их святыню. Чёрт, как болят ноги... Где я? Могила мучеников? Закопаю всё здесь, и вернусь потом. Нужно как-то убежать от погони..."
    The same text as above.
    Note also that this existing EN version doesn't have a RU translation currently in the BDDatabase.
    ”For I lack four fingers - four skies and four lands. Punctured the neck of the thirsty and let the spring water run through it.
    I suggest to check the locations from the location map posted earlier for the locations using the same RU text as the most likely locations.
    There are no new Golden Treasure Chest locations in the database, though they could use different names. But the above suggests they simply used existing spots.
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  4. Moonraker added a post in a topic Daily Sailing Exp Research Thread   

    Good info.
    Just be aware that in KR they changed it pretty quick so that the player had to deliver the actual item not just talk, so the use of alts in this way was fixed. No idea why they launched it here this way but expect them to change it here also fairly quickly. So grab the easy EXP while you can.
    Once fixed, it will be necessary to accept the quest in Port Ratt, pick up the item, then deliver it to the relevant port on the southern continent.
    This was noted in the March 02 2017 KR Patch Notes. From the Reddit translated notes:

    Quest processing method changed for ‘go through the rough water’.
    You need to hand in the character bound ‘old moon trade goods’ from port Ratt NPC Sihuram to target NPCs at each port to complete the ques
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  5. Moonraker added a post in a topic [Fishing] 'Bottle with a Note' item - Also possible to obtain when fishing. Details and location.   

    Unfortunately BDDatabase site hasn't been update since the latest patch and two new quests added, I assume this is one of them. Hopefully it will soon and any new chest locations should help us.
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  6. Moonraker added a post in a topic [Fishing] 'Bottle with a Note' item - Also possible to obtain when fishing. Details and location.   

    This one seems a problem. All the others are on the actual database flag location so in theory this one should also be. However it seems players aren't finding it there.
    BDDatabase zoomed in map of the location attached.

    It fits with the Russian version which even mentions a tree and between the two places. However I can;t help further as I haven't got this one yet. Good luck with it. Perhaps widen the search of look for any other likely trees.

    Riddle: ”Three big bright stars above a soaring eagle. Twins fell in love with one another, and a child is born. The eldest child shall rule the world.”
    Russian: С тем, что у меня в сумке, я буду править миром! Глупые туземцы даже не догадывались о том, какая это ценность! Главное оторваться от погони... В святилище Скромности мне дали неплохую лошадь, но она уже выдохлась. Закопаю груз здесь, под деревом. Надеюсь, я смогу скрыться в долине Титума. "
    Translation: With that in my bag, I will rule the world! Silly natives were not even aware of what it is worth! The main thing to break away from the chase ... The sanctuary of modesty gave me a good horse, but she was already exhausted. Bury the goods here, under a tree. I hope I will be able to hide in Tituma Valley. ".

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  7. Moonraker added a post in a topic THE AMAZING MARGORIA MONSTER LOOT TABLE   

    They are guild items but the material drops can be crafted by anyone under processing and converted into items that can be sold on the MP. For example Margoria Dark Iron. I have a solo guild and raise payments to aim for millions per day from the other items, beyond those required for quests. A lot of the items required for the blue quality ship parts crafting also for the personal sailboat.
    I agree though, there should be some form of personal loot for non guild players, or sharing as extra for guilds.
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  8. Moonraker added a post in a topic THE AMAZING MARGORIA MONSTER LOOT TABLE   

    The green quality ship parts are all capable of enhancement (as blue quality ones will be when available). It says so on the tooltip of the parts, for example for the prow (now correctly named):
    You can check the enhancement effect on BDDatabase for example:

    Epheria Sailboat: Brass Prow
    Note, for the prow it doesn't indicate that it gives a hidden +1 Speed buff as base and increases on enhancement (see comments I posted for details).
    Do note that beyond +5 enhancement it will delevel on failure so it is harsh beyond that point and required Concentrated stones also beyond that level.
    I have mine at +6 as it wont delevel +5 > +6. I don;t feel that the incremental increase above that is worth the fs building and cost especially as we will be blue quality items hopefully soon to craft which are quite a bit better.
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  9. Moonraker added a post in a topic THE AMAZING MARGORIA MONSTER LOOT TABLE   

    I have +6 cannon so not so different. It takes time but around 45 cannonballs if all hitting. Try to park next to stalker facing approx. NE <> SW and aim the cannon right down. This way even if not targeting directly the monster, the cannon still hits most times apart from if it goes behind the ship or a little out of range. It will hit them at the side even though it looks like it wont.  GL.
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  10. Moonraker added a post in a topic Juur Sea and Sailing xp   

    Juur Sea has never given Sailing EXP as it is not a sea with no mini-map i.e. Margoria and Ross Sea only. Same for Vadabin Sea.
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  11. Moonraker added a post in a topic I'm really confused with this imperial fishing reset right now.   

    From what I understand Imperial Fishing Delivery NPCs have an approximately 50% chance to reset every three hours. Hence why sometimes they don't. So yes, there is RNG with this.
    The 10 August 2016 Patch Notes has the following official detail on this:
     It is not clear how exactly it randomly resets. I does confirm that the amount of fish for each order is set within a set value range. The other reference is ambiguous but could refer to this rng chance not to reset. What we do know from experience since, they don't always reset. Fam has suggested that this is around a 50% chance.
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  12. Moonraker added a post in a topic Mediah Fishing Rod and Maple Float +10   

    Explained above and not how the rods/ floats work.
    Rarit indicated by the small fish icons only reflects yellow > blue > green > white type categories. it has nothing to do with this as Large fish are shown with that also.
    It can be seen when fishing and getting certain quantities of fish on the Fish Guide capture count, that it seems to increment up at certain stage and you get another boost of size updates.
    @Traxxle did some other good work last year on this which back this up. Chec his thread:
    Calpheon Rods and Fish Sizes: A Study
    It's easy enough to test this also. Equip a Calpheon rod and Ash float +10 and fish and check how many times you get updates to fish size compared to without. There is no difference when I tested it and other times when hitting some level, using any rod (Balenos usually) you will get a flurry of fish species updates over a session. 
    Again there should be no ambiguity over what an item does from the tooltip description. These are simple and clear. Yet the simply don't appear to work in any of the ways we may think.
    This is right.
    However on fish quality breakdown of Margoria sea area fish tables, there are three yellow species compared to one in existing sea areas which provides a higher % of them. There is only one green species in these fish tables hence lower green %. Overall blue and white tend to be similar to existing waters though mostly players use auto-trash so you just don't see them.
    There intend seems to make sailing deeper into Margoria waters rewarded with higher % of more valuable yellow fish which is what catches show but then they showed this from Ross which has been fished a lot already.

    I have tested Calpheon rod and Ash float and from the testing I did I again saw little difference with the Large fish species %. Need bigger sample but it certainly isn't obvious difference which it really should be. And most Large species are harpoon anyhow.
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  13. Moonraker added a post in a topic Ross sea exhausted? really?   

    Ross Sea was going Exhausted and other levels inbetween since before Margoria expansion even launched when players became aware that we could fiosh over the barrier into that sea. More so in NA but happens in EU also.
    Resources are shared across all channels so channel hopping doesn't. It also impacts the whole sea area from the far west to the far eastern part next to Al Halam Sea in Valencia.
    It is little surprise as Ross Sea to the west is closest part of Margoria ocean area which has much faster fishing speed (2-3 times faster than other sea areas), three yellow species compared to one elsewhere (Velia beach has two) and higher percentage of higher quality fish. It does have trash even in deeper water for some reason like all Margoria waters but only a small %.
    Given that, the west side is closest also to the Imperial Fish Trader for best silver in Epheria etc. It is the highest EXP gain of all fishing waters including fish spawns (due to them being 3 times slower fishing time). It's little surprise Ross Sea goes below Abundant though it tends to bounce back fairly often also.
    Even Margoria sea was lower last weekend right in the middle of the deeper oceans.
    It increases it, the cast > bite phase but it's only then up to similar speeds of other existing sea areas and only impacts active fishing for that reason as passive fishing is mainly the auto-fishing time delay from bite > catch.
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  14. Moonraker added a post in a topic Mediah Fishing Rod and Maple Float +10   

    See above. From a few official notes comments big fish is actually Large fish as a category, which should align to the item effects i.e. individual fish species are labelled as rare or large (green white trash not so) which should be the trigger for any effect.
    From what has been seen the Fish Guide rankings is purely based on quantity of a particular species which reaches certain levels then opens up higher range of potential weights. Bear in mind that many of these fish and the larger ones appear to also come from harpoon not even fishing.
    It's confusion even over what fish is what is symptomatic of the issue here.
    Test fishing and recording each species and numbers against a control is the only way to get a true reflection of this. It needs large data as the effect seems so small as it is.
    You mean from outfit costume item effects like this?:

    You do understand that any pearl store outfit/ costume skin item gets unequipped when a fishing rod is equipped? And there is no off hand weapon crystal that reduces durability use, only a main hand which also gets unequipped when fishing.
    You don't say what Fishing skill level you are as only that (more durability saved as you get to higher levels, most probably as a separate roll to the Brand) plus the Brand stone -50% reduction (which is significant especially combined with high level) will reduce durability loss on the fishing rod/ float.
    I can only imagine if you fish freshwater in say Heidel because of the slowest fishing in-game combined with it nearly always being exhausted, could you ever get close to that. And it totally makes the Balenos meaningless if the bag gets filled anyhow. It will just fill the bag faster. The catch will remain the same.
    Balenos +10 is great because it speeds up fishing especially combined with a Penguin pet (T3 level 10 -25% means -50% auto-fishing time with Balenos +10) and it used to time the inventory filling around the time the passive fishing session ends, then it's optimal use.
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  15. Moonraker added a post in a topic Mediah Fishing Rod and Maple Float +10   

    Your message seems mixed in what you are saying.
    The Ash Float intended effect on the tooltip is clear on what it is supposed to do:

    Enhancement Effect: Increase chance to catch a big fish
    The Calpheon Fishing Rod has the same effect.
    So we have one of the issues in that the tooltip is ambiguous. What is a big fish?
    It seems most likely it would be those fish species identified as Large fish in the Knowledge > Lifeskill > Fishing > Large Fish section:
    Large Fish
    Striped Bonito 
    Goliath Grouper 
    Blackfin Sea Perch 
    Greater Amberjack 
    Striped Jewfish 
    Giant Squid 
    Sperm Whale 
    Black Marlin 
    Yellow Swordfish 
    Yellowfin Tuna 
    Bigeye Tuna 
    Bluefin Tuna 
    Bottle-nosed Dolphin 
    Beluga Whale 
    Hammer Whale 
    Killer Whale 
    Humpback Whale 
    Minke Whale 
    Saw Shark 
    Whale Shark 
    Galeocerdo Cuvier 
    Blue Shark 
    White Shark 
    Golden-Thread (Golden-Thread)
    Swordfish (Swordfish)
    The Swordfish for example is actually marked as Big Fish on it's tooltip when the others are marked Large which suggests the descriptions of this category were standardised at some point but this was missed but remains in the Large section.
    Note that this list also includes Giant Squid, the new Margoria ocean Rare  type (like Coelacanth and Luvar) being a low drop rate and high price caught, via harpoon fish and marked as Harpoon Required on the tooltip yet in this Large category and not identified as such.
    Note that only around a third of these fish species can actually be caught with a rod, the majority are harpoon only species (some can be caught by both fishing and harpoon in this). So it immediately would suggest the Calpheon and Ash Float is only going to be effective on a third of actual Large fish species. if it worked at all.
    As the Maple Float is specific to rare fish like it's tooltip states:
    Increase chance to catch a rare fish
    The Mediah Fishing Rod states the same effect.
    Does this refer to the fish species marked as Rare (capital R) or rare, or both? Based on the knowledge then this list would be Knowledge > Lifeskill > Fishing > Rare Fish section:

    Rare Fish
    Golden Siniperca 
    Diamond Minnow 
    Miho Spine Loach 
    Spotted Barbel 
    Blue Grouper 
    Giant Octopus 
    Spotted Sea Bass 
    Eyespot Puffer 
    Black Porgy 
    Giant Grouper 
    Atka Mackerel 
    Porcupine Fish 
    Checkerboard Wrasse 
    Tapertail Anchovy 
    Yellow-Head Catfish 
    Striped Shiner 
    Leather Carp 
    John Dory 
    Smokey Chromis 
    Nibbler (Nibbler)
    Herring (Herring)
    Grunt (Grunt)
    Sea Eel 
    Cero (Cero)
    Lenok (Lenok)
    Mandarin Fish 
    Angler (Angler)
    Sea Bass (Sea Bass)
    Cherry Salmon 
    Freshwater Eel 
    Octopus (Octopus)
    Swellfish (Swellfish)
    Porgy (Porgy)
    A lot of fishers take this as increasing the chance to catch the high price, low drop rate (in open water but also from fish spawns not so uncommon) and it is in the Rare category as is the Luvar. But then so are  lots of blue quality fish species such as Sea Eel and Herring and Moray and Grunt. So if you fish at Velia beach it should mean that you get nearly all those fish over any other as they are all rare fish on this list. Yet you don't, the fish table has set percentage chance for all species on that individual table and whether you use the Maple float and or Mediah Rod enhanced or not, the actual catch remains much the same as if you used a Balenos or Epheria rod, for example.
    These lists include both Rare yellow, yellow and blue quality fish so the rods should increase the overall percentage of the yellow and blue species caught. But they don't. Not at least any more than the RNG of  the percentage range you may catch in a session.
    Given that they include both blue and yellow species then it isn't going to increase the higher value yellow species in a catch either even if it did work as expected.
    Some mention the Fish Guide ranking size etc. though this seems to be related more to numbers caught of a species than any specific use of a special rod, especially when compared to the above.
    The assumption should be that the Calpheon Fishing Rod and Ash Float will increase the percentage catch of  big or large fish. The Mediah Fishing Rod and Maple float more rare or Rare fish.
    But, for most of those that have tried and tested these rods because they seemingly offer a good effect, even enhanced both to +10 there is no measurable effect on the actual catch percentage or marked increase in say Coelacanth or Luvar etc if they were trying for those higher value species.
    The bottom line is that, either the effect is working but so small an increase, even enhanced to +10 and using both special rod and float, or it simply isn't working as intended.
    The question has been posed many times yet we still don't have an official response one way or the other. Even if we did and the Devs confirmed it is working as intended, then the impact on a players fish catch simply doesn't appear to change even over time and many fish caught.

    I have had all the rods and floats enhanced to +10 for over 7 months and tested them over time, including using a Maple Float while passive fishing over weeks  comparing percentages to without in the same spot and fish table with no discernible uplift in the rare or rare fish species. Or Large fish when using the Calpheon and Ash float. Even when it was repeated in the Margoria patch notes that is was supposed to have an impact in Margoria waters.
    Consider finally when you may use either rod. Often, fish tables have both Large and Rare yellow and blue species in them. Which would you use? Possibly if the fisher wanted a specific species. Yet again, from the catch numbers of most players, there will not be any noticeable difference.
    This topic pops up all the time usually because a player is disappointed with the lack of any apparent effect despite what the tooltips and patch notes promise, even fully enhanced at a high cost for many.
    It's time that there was some offical word on this. Then at least players can either confirm that the effect is simply not working but can hope it will get fixed. Or that it's as good as we get and really not worth buying and enhancing.
    I suspect that, as was referenced perhaps in some past notes, that the link between fish species (correct tooltip designations)) and rod use should work correctly after some changes. But we really don;t see that yet.
    You ask for examples. Really the best way is for players to test, over time with recording of fish catch and break down of species percentage or at least quality percentage in different waters and noting any uplift. It needs to be of sufficient quantity to hopefully get some sort of effect.
    Like I said, I have do this and found not discernible effect over normal rng fluctuations in rare or big fish species using both rod and float at +10 which should amplify these effects as much as we can in-game.
    Others have also done this and posted their lack of any difference. There is also work like that don by @Traxxle here on this forum which has decent size catch data and appears to show the same. Check it here:

    Fishing Rod Survey: Steel, Calpheon, Mediah
    It is a good place to post any recorded findings but the message remains the same form those that have tried these and are serious fishers who are likely to notice changes.
    Players, however much we fish and record can never give a definitive answer due to the simple fact that RNG impacts our fish catches (which of the species of the table we catch and in what % etc.) But we can note that we find little to no difference which is sad, given the time cost and effort to do so.

    Even a +10% increase say would at least give some difference we could note.
    These rods and floats need to be confirmed as working or not and fixed if not or removed IMO.
    Otherwise, as most fishers do, there is no point in using them over rods which give a measurable difference in effect such as the Balenos and Epheria rods.
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