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  1. Julae added a post in a topic Remove pure pay2win from housing system please   

    A simple solution would be that you cannot get a bonus from more than 1 of the same item.  So that if you have 10 jukeboxes, you only get the bonus from 1 jukebox. 
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  2. Julae added a post in a topic This will make MORE money than the current business model   

    Hey OP, I love your suggestions.  If I may add, I am a firm believer that anything sold in the store should be made available to craft, which truly makes the game free to play.  Alternately, why not have costumes/armor without stats for a lower price? Or make the skins available to craft in game without stat bonuses?
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  3. Julae added a post in a topic This game.. Why is it even running?   

    Maybe you should update that router and modem you bought back in 1999?
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  4. Julae added a post in a topic Dancing Emote   

    I agree.  Several dance emotes would be awesome.  You could make them cultural dances like in Age of Conan.  And add some to the pearl store!
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  5. Julae added a post in a topic [Errorcode : 2001] Launcher Crashing After Latest Patch   

    I simply restarted my PC and it fixed the error.
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  6. Julae added a post in a topic Error code 2001   

    I restarted my PC and it fixed the problem.
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  7. Julae added a topic in Suggestions   

    Add New Bird Pets
    Right now we don't have too much variety in way of birds.   It would be cool to see "black" feathered bird pets such as:
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  8. Julae added a post in a topic A thread for Fond Farewells   

    Can I have your stuff?
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  9. Julae added a post in a topic Fix the OP sorcs in Battlefield ....   

    My main is a Valkyrie and I rip Sorcs up like timeworn newspaper.  Learn to Play.
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  10. Julae added a post in a topic basteer weapon quest   

    You also need knowledge of both Glish and Heidel.
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  11. Julae added a post in a topic Question about character creation   

    I deleted a character (Orwen server) and was able to use the name right away, your mileage may vary.
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  12. Julae added a post in a topic Ranger cannot kill a warrior or valk. How is this balance?   

    I kill warriors and valks just fine.  Maybe try using other attacks besides just 1 or two?
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  13. Julae added a post in a topic My Roommate calls me Pay2WIN, is it true?   

    The OP is not P2W.  True P2W is buying an item in a cash shop that gives a clear advantage over another who does not have said cash shop item.  For example, a Cash shop breast plate that has clearly better stats than an epic loot drop off a raid mob is P2W.  Getting money indirectly is not P2W as money can be easily obtained for free, it just takes longer.  Now you can argue the OP paid to advance quicker, but that is not P2W, if that were the case, anyone's alt twink is P2W, which would pretty much make us all P2W within a year.
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  14. Julae added a post in a topic [OOC]Heavy roleplayers...where are you?[ORWEN]   

    You can also try signing up on:
    And use the RP finder tab.
    I also do Heavy RP.  Look for me Eilserves (Family name) Julae (first name)
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