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  1. Tamalama added a post in a topic Underwater breathing   

    Seriously?  they have sales very often and several times it has been for $10.  But even if you payed 60, how far do you think that money is going to go for payroll and equipment and software, updates, publicity, etc, etc  The initial cost is not even close to simply maintaining the very first version of this game
    So yeah I do not count the initial cost.  That really isn't the point anyway.  The cash shop is their income and if they don't make money there I really would like to know how they should make it?
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  2. Tamalama added a post in a topic WE DEMAND TRANSPARENCY   

    All you need to know for pvp is whether you can kill the other guy...geez ...you need to know the minute percent of accuracy or something to play well?  In a game like this you get the gear that all the streamers tell you....i think part of the game is to find out some of that stuff by playing not number crunching.  What difference would it make if it was transparent stats?  Every other pvp player would know the same thing so you would have no real advantage....just sayin.
    I don't know what planet you are from but after a certain amount of time, for digital sails, you are entitled to nothing....I expect you agreed to it when you bought and loaded and played the game.  That's how the real world works.  Deal with it
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  3. Tamalama added a post in a topic WE DEMAND TRANSPARENCY   

    They do not OWE you anything....especially accountability.....it is their game they can do whatever they like.  If you don't like their policy then say so in the SUGGESTION thread not in general...getting angry in general gains you nothing except validation by other whiners.  I LIKE the game that is not so predictable.  I like this game the way it is and so do many others.  For alot of us gear stats are not the end and be all.
    I have level 58 and 2 56 characters and frankly i find i do not need boss gear as i do not pvp and i can kill what ever i need with duo or tri.  I also have a master fisher, a master cook, a master alchemist and master  processors.  So i do indeed play a wide variety and i am not really worried as much about "progression" as i am just enjoying the game itself and not worrying about whether I can "compete".  Everyone who started this game and read anything about it including the KR version stuff knew how it was gonna be....if you read about it you should have known that this is the way they handle stats.  So why did you start in the first place if this was going to bother you?
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  4. Tamalama added a post in a topic WE DEMAND TRANSPARENCY   

    well thank goodness Daum will not cave to the handful of gear accountants.  They know what they wanted to do and most people like the game..You guys who need this full disclosure thing should find a different game cause this one is not for you.  I and many others really like it this way....if you feel that this is something that you cannot play without you should leave and find a game that actually does provides you with what you need in a game.  But don't demand anything here.  Leave our game alone
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  5. Tamalama added a post in a topic WE DEMAND TRANSPARENCY   

    Yes and how often i see everyone telling new people that they MUST have boss gear.  Pvp maybe...not even sure about that as I don't pvp, but ok I will give it the benfit of the doubt....but I sell all my boss gear and buy tri...pve there is nothing i cannot do , but no one lets them know that...yeah a new person really wants to know the.005% hidden stat on all those pieces....this game has a lot more pve ers than true pvpers.  You are not helping them by confusing them with stats that are hidden...later in the game when they have wrapped their head around it they can explore that if they want.  The beauty of this game is discovery of all types including what gear works for you...number crunchers can figure it out on their own....but let there be some mystery and surprise...there are more ways to play than your way
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  6. Tamalama added a post in a topic WE DEMAND TRANSPARENCY   

    since Beta every day...got my 5000 hours so that ruins that theory
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  7. Tamalama added a post in a topic WE DEMAND TRANSPARENCY   

    Personally like it the way it is.   I understand that today's gamers want to know and compute every single stat on every single piece of equipment but i like that there are still variables that cannot necessarily be identified. 
    The thing is that people start playing and LOVE the game....then all of a sudden they want it to change.  Trust the devs and people who built this game.  And don't try to get Daum to ruin it for those of us who like it just the way it is.  You want numbers crunch, then go play a more transparent game.
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  8. Tamalama added a post in a topic What armor & weapon & accessory is good for DK?   

    Actually I have 2 56 characters that do just fine with tri not boss.  I sold all the boss armor I get and with the funds I can get everything I wanted.  I DO NOT PVP so I cannot speak for that.  With PVE,  I have no trouble in Valencia or anyplace else.  I am just saying because most people don't even think about something besides boss armor, because the minute they ask everyone chimes in BOSS.  A lot of those people have no idea why, they just were told so they work hard and get it.  Then since they have it they try and justify it by saying it makes a difference.  In pvp perhaps.  In pve not so much.  Any of the armors will work, I myself choosing Grunil.  It has more AP but I want it for the 2 crystal slots.  Same with my liverto.  I do not upgrade my own gear, I have terrible luck, so I buy mine already upgraded.  Yes it is expensive but not as expensive as buying boss stuff.  So make up your own mind.  You may be a person who likes to have the very best in the game in which case, great, boss is for you.  But try not to feel pressured into getting something you won't enjoy grinding for.  It will not make you anymore uber than the next guy in PVE.
    I think that evasion is awesome.  The only reason the players who know these things, say it is bad is because good players know that accuracy can make a difference and mitigate DP.  I have 260 DP and 150 AP on my DK and she rarely even gets hit.  I started trying to find a way I could make my witch not die so much and after reading some stuff came to the conclusion that DP is just if not more important then AP.  After all you cannot hit if your dead.  My advice to anyone is do not decide against dp or evasion, until you have given it a shot.  All my characters now have over 200 DP and they are all the better for it.
    I do not talk about PVP or Node wars  or even RB.  I have not tested it in those circumstances.
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  9. Tamalama added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 8th 2017   

    They never get tired of making turds of themselves....the events are NOT wrong YOU are.  Try reading the notes next time
    although I hate giving up a source of amusement.  Lots of laughin at you
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  10. Tamalama added a post in a topic Event > Sweet candy pack bug?   

    It says right on event notes...you should save yourself a bunch of embarrassment and actually read the forum: and I quote"Take the  [Event] Sweet Candy Pack to the NPC Bareeds III who can be found in any of the main towns for one of the rewards listed below."  Not only did you not read the notes but then you posted about it.
    Double whammy
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  11. Tamalama added a post in a topic [Boss Event] So, when are we getting that compensation you say ?   

    I apologize.  I didn't know about the EU servers. And yes that would suck.  So many complaints on NA because the first boss lagged everyone out.  As soon as the next set were announce I turned all my graphics from very high to low, I checked "do not show any pets" , No spell effects for me or other players, and I turned off all names.  I had no problem with the next 2 bosses on Velia 5..  I an hear the crying now" But we shouldn't have to turn all that down"  to which I say well then you got what you deserved.
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  12. Tamalama added a post in a topic Anniversary Gratitude Event [Updated - 3/28/2017]   

    You shouldn't get the prizes.  You and a lot of others would just come on the collect your prize and leave again. The people who have stayed with the game and the new people should get a reward...and you should not...stop crying and being bitter.  
    Stay with the game and maybe you will get a prize next time.
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  13. Tamalama added a post in a topic [Boss Event] So, when are we getting that compensation you say ?   

    yeah well first of all you who say it didn't spawn should obviously have read the event notes.  This morning one only spawned on the #1 channels.  Then they changed it because of the lag out....I guess they didn't expect the turnout .  Lots of greedy players logging on for the event only.  So don't blame them if you are one of those who ask in chat and got wrong info and DID NOT read the GM that said all that 15 minutes before.  It was posted on events forum too so no excuses .  Second of all they changed it when they discovered all the "players" who just logged in to get the prize.  They underestimated the greed of the NAs who normally don't play.  As soon as they discovered it they changed it. And it worked fine.  attended the first 3 events and the first was the server logjam so I didn't get in.  No problem though as the next 2 events were great.  It was a fun event and the freebies much fun.  If you thought you were going to get boss armor then I guess once again you should have read the event description.  For a free prize of any sort, you all sound like the greediest of the greedy.  Why should you get more valuable things when you did not earn them.  Everyone who did even 1 point of damage got a event bundle and got a random prize
    If your horse died you were stupid to park it anywhere near.  If you died oh well....you knew that was a chance.  If you lagged well quit whining and I am sure you went to another event....if you did not then that is your loss.   Once again the players who have read the event notes before and after the morning event, knew what was going on.  If you didn't then that is your own fault.  No one should need to hand feed you.   And the company should NOT compensate anyone for this event.   As usual you are being ridiculous.

    All specs were on the event forum including the time.  If you waited till the last minute and didn't get ready a bit early that is your own fault.  If you were smart you would have done what plenty of others did and gotten ready before the event.  Why in the world you can blame that on someone else is beyond my understanding.  You just want someone to blame.
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  14. Tamalama added a post in a topic Dark Knight Release Events   

    My coupon worked great. Are you sure you read the directions.  You cannot use it with your shopping cart, you click on the pile of coins and then it works. Wow....you are one whineybutt about things that are free.  I hope you do get your money back and go away.
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  15. Tamalama added a post in a topic An Error occured while downloading file: 2001   

    Take it to the support thread.....no one here can fix it so at this point you are whining.  There are plenty of support options right here on the forums and they can actually help you.
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