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  1. Suh added a post in a topic Beta New Forum - the time has come!   

    Seeing how the whole thing is designed vertically, I would say they actually only test it on smartphones. It's barely readable on a normal screen, except if you like scrolling for every post in a thread.
    Edit: Oh well, the only usefull part of the header (the forum tree) is the only hidden part once you scroll. Just, why?
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  2. Suh added a post in a topic Monsters ignoring me?   

    Just had the same issue at basilisks (and I don't outlevel them): they simply stand idle but I can still damage and kill them. It lasted few minutes and after one or 2 rotations everything went back to normal.
    Edit: Calph 3 (EU) in case it matters
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  3. Suh added a post in a topic The economy is dieing   

    Because having everyone self-sufficient totally call for a good economy and won't emphasize the solo-experience at all.
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  4. Suh added a post in a topic A quand une interdiction des grosses guildes en node 1 ?   

    Même si le nombre est l'une des variables qui a le plus d'impact, ce n'est pas la seule.
    Du coup ça sera totalement arbitraire comme séparation. Au final ça empêchera les guildes plutôt casual de 100 membres mais 35 participants même pas full TRI de participer aux T1, et ça n'empêchera pas une guilde de 50 membres full boss TET avec 100% de participation et un éléphant opti de se pointer.
    Perso je trouverais ça plus intelligent de permettre aux guildes qui sont moins de 100 de former une entité temporaire le temps d'une node.
    Exemple simple: les guildes A, B et C ont respectivement 30, 30 et 40 membres. Elles s'allient (réellement) avant la node, ont 1 fort commun (avec la même limite de bâtiments que les guildes qui tag seules, histoire de ne pas profiter du nombre de cannons x3), n'ont pas de friendlyfire durant la node. Et si ils gagnent, les gains sont répartis par rapport au nombre de membres: 30% des taxes de la node pour A et B, 40% pour C.
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  5. Suh added a post in a topic Are the dev's or GM's going to acknowledge that half the channels are broken and completely unusable by the majority of the player base?   

    According to what? I never said every NW is the same, you just assumed it. For all I know, you could have a NW against nobody. But keep emphasizing your erratic experience.
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  6. Suh added a post in a topic Are the dev's or GM's going to acknowledge that half the channels are broken and completely unusable by the majority of the player base?   

    No it's not a point, it's kicking an open door by stating: I'm avoiding the problem by avoiding what create the problem. And it's not helpful either in our case. Else the solution is rather obvious: remove players from the game and you'll remove the lags. We really needed an IT guy to figure that. But, that's not a practical solution since the point of a MMO is to hold players.
    Commonly called empiricism. It's actually something necessary. Else I can just say cats do fly (see my last point).
    As I said, we can also remove the players from the server, but again, that defeats the purpose of the game. So as long as NW is a part of the game, it is expected to have a high amount of players clustered in a small region. And there's nothing wrong with it since it's a part of the game ruleset and not something we decided as players.
    I'm indeed questioning his experience, which is a fair stance considering it would be silly to say "I never had any lag in NW, though I only ever did one NW". It's a matter of sample in the end.
    And actually, if someone showed up saying: "I did my TET first try, therefore there's a 100% chance to TET", you would probably be the first speaking about how the size of the sample and the experience is important. You're just going against your own scientific reasoning for the sake of defending Plunge's argument process (which is mostly based on philosophical arguments and have no place in this thread). We aren't confronting ideas, we are confronting factual issues.
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  7. Suh added a post in a topic Are the dev's or GM's going to acknowledge that half the channels are broken and completely unusable by the majority of the player base?   

    I don't remember wishing your death, and I didn't argue about the "majority" either, but again, Plunge's doing Plunge.
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  8. Suh added a post in a topic Are the dev's or GM's going to acknowledge that half the channels are broken and completely unusable by the majority of the player base?   

    Thanks for proving, one more time, that all you can do is nitpicking, and while War try to cover you with argument process, that's something you actually never managed to achieve (I mean, arguing). Plus, at least the 5y old have 5 years of experience, while all you can come with is: a made-up opinion based on the absence of experience.
    Oh, and in case you wonder, ask War how a server-side problem can impact only a part of the users. He will fill you in the details.
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  9. Suh added a post in a topic Are the dev's or GM's going to acknowledge that half the channels are broken and completely unusable by the majority of the player base?   

    Plunge's point: "It's fine, I never experienced lag"
    Counter argument "But, you never experienced it because you have no experience"
    Plunge doing Plunge: "Shhh, it's fine, you don't lag when you avoid people"
    Counter argument 2: "But we can't avoid people during NW because that's NW"
    Plunge doing Plunge again: "I already did a NW, once, some time ago, in my dream, I think, and ... it was fine!"
    Philosophizing with a 5y old child about the meaning of life would probably prove to be more insightful.
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  10. Suh added a post in a topic Are the dev's or GM's going to acknowledge that half the channels are broken and completely unusable by the majority of the player base?   

    That's very odd, perhaps a portion of the game, namely NW, requires a large amount of people regardless of what you think about it. So, did you experience it or not? Is it working or not? 
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  11. Suh added a post in a topic Are the dev's or GM's going to acknowledge that half the channels are broken and completely unusable by the majority of the player base?   

    Or it means you and Rooney never did any sensitive activity in BDO, let alone a NW.
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  12. Suh added a post in a topic Iframe   

    There's no general cooldown in BDO, using the CD of a skill doesn't impact the CD of another. So the comparison with stamina doesn't really apply, especially when it's used both for offense and defense.
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  13. Suh added a post in a topic Nerf des zones : Bashims , Sausans , Helms   

    En fait tu n'as toujours pas compris qu'on ne passe pas d'une zone à l'autre dans un ordre logique parce que le jeu le veut. On va là où il y a ce qui nous intéresse, quand ça nous intéresse. Dans le cas des Bashims, c'est une zone qui est à la fois facile et rapide d'accès, et relativement efficient pour xp solo et farmer les points de skill. Du coup même au 60, si t'as juste 30min de temps de jeu pour faire ton boost xp rapidement, ça reste un très bon choix plutôt que de perdre 1h à faire un aller-retour aux pirates ou dans le désert. Et même dans le désert, en général ça implique d'avoir les stats pour (comme pour Pila Ku), voir en plus de monter un groupe (comme Aakman).
    La même logique s'applique à la majorité des spots sur ta map: les bashims sont bien pour l'xp solo, d'autres sont bien pour la rentabilité régulière, d'autres encore sont là juste pour le shiny drop. Certains spots sont bien pour solo, d'autres sont mieux en groupe. Etc, etc. Il n'y a pas d'ordre logique dans les zones (en dehors du fait que certaines sont globalement plus difficiles que d'autres). Mais surtout, il n'y a pas d'ordre logique parce que tu l'as décidé, à un moment où, comme par hasard, ça t'arrange.
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  14. Suh added a post in a topic The economy is dieing   

    Because if it's highly needed, it has a high perceived value, and if it has a high perceived value, someone will always use the empty spot to be richer because of the lack of concurrence. That's a working economy in a nutshell.
    Even if you "need" something, as long as it is rare to the point that his price skyrocket, you will find someone who is willing to sell it at that high price, like you will find someone who is ready to pay said high price. Which can't happen in BDO.
    And that logic applies to basic things like BSP too: the low price doesn't match the high demand, so nobody will bother supplying the economy. Instead you'd rather keep them for yourself, and make a full chain of production. In BDO, you're either a whole or nothing, you can't be a part of the economy, and so, the economy isn't really working.
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