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  1. TheLeetTaco added a topic in General   

    Blood Moons (Idea)
    So once a week a blood moon will appear for levels 56+ 
    What this will do is strengthen the mobs and xp
    (sorta like nights right now but on steriods)
    any other things you think it should change post below
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  2. TheLeetTaco added a post in a topic So when do we get this? (PvE)   

    Thanks guys And RedThunder that means its coming out for kamamsylva part 2
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  3. TheLeetTaco added a topic in PVE   

    So when do we get this? (PvE)
    Just wondering because this looks EPIC!!!!
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  4. TheLeetTaco added a post in a topic Patch Notes - March 22nd 2017   

    Based off of the Korean Schedule we should have gotten Kamasylve by now and not an un-important update that adds nothing....
    I Just want updates that add to the game content wise not Cash shop wise ;(
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  5. TheLeetTaco added a post in a topic Game locks up/crashes after clicking Enter on a server.   

    thanks that worked
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  6. TheLeetTaco added a post in a topic Game locks up/crashes after clicking Enter on a server.   

    Has anyone found a fix yet?
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  7. TheLeetTaco added a post in a topic Game crashing within minutes of logging in   

    I have been having the same problem I have tried multiple things like disabling the shader cache see if that helps (dont know if it will)
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  8. TheLeetTaco added a post in a topic Game locks up/crashes after clicking Enter on a server.   

    I have done This and it is still happening and has gotten worse Wtf is going on literally didnt know there was a tier 20 horse on the game.... (pic just to cheer you up)
    My gpu has not been overclocked but let me lookin to the overheating thing (Another Pic of a bug :D)

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  9. TheLeetTaco added a post in a topic Game locks up/crashes after clicking Enter on a server.   

    Cpu: Intel i7 4790K
    Gpu: Asus R9 390
    MB: Z97 Msi
    RAM: Corsair Vengence 16 gb (2x8)
    I'm Having the crashing problem now but it started off as Really REALLY bad graphical glitches before the crashing started (examples will be linked)
    I have noticed that crashing occurs when i click enter to join a server, opening the map while in game, and sometimes while editing the graphic settings.
    (I do have it set to ignore the frame cap in bdo through amd settings)
    I'm hoping that they will fix this before the release of the new area (because i love me some content)
    P.s. Maybe it has to do with the hardware because my friends don't have any problems with the game and are not amd
    P.p.s Also don't hate on the company remember they are only allowed to do what the actually owners allow them to do

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  10. TheLeetTaco added a post in a topic Ideas for Content   

    1) "Dungeons"- They could also be summoned; similar to the guild scrolls(another idea). Also when spawned (not the idea just noted) there could be a world notice of the general area.(they could also have it so that guild leaders wouldn't be able to use it when a dungeon is spawned(which would be once a week of every few days)).
    2) Factions/Kingdoms/Alliances-What i was thinking was is some sort of war aspect between cities to make the world more immersive for example guilds could join under a city to gain allegiance(like an awakening but for guild skills) and each city has different aspects. When cities go to war those guilds must defend or destroy the enemies castle to get a boost to these skills while the other city does not. Furthermore,Guilds could compete to own the city or become advisers to the king.  If you have any ideas yourself or would want to build off of this post bellow
    3) Fishing competitions-It would be no different than horse racing skilled would go against skilled and so on.
    4) Calendar for guilds-Yup  it could also be used to show events that are happening in game like the Lauren box event currently going on.
    5) Crafting guild quests-This is something they should need and could also add trading/moving goods for cities if wars happen  
    6) Blacksmithing-  they could also make it so its a mini game and depending on how well you do determines the grade of the weapon (durability wise)
    7) Pet Battles- I haven't played wow for awhile but its something i enjoyed from the game (haven't played pokemon since black and white fyi  XD) and you can get pets from the market just super rare  (but you can request people to post them)
    8) Leader-boards/ranks (PVP,  )- When it comes to PvP i was thinking more of a red battlefield sort of thing where people compete to be the best like rankings (guilds could go against guilds in an all out brawl with no castle) (this is based off the old feeling of the game because back in the days *medieval times* where people would fight each other to claim the rank of the best ) this would be held in the arenas around the city's, horse racing i guess is already implemented so scratch that. Finally now that i think about it naval battles wouldn't make sense.
    9) Carnival(have carnival mini games once a season in a designated city w/ rewards)-  yes this is from wow but i think it would be a fun thing to have in bdo
    11) World events (mobs attacking a village/city)- maybe the game would lag a bit i guess but it probably wont be any worse than kzarka boss spawn  , i was thinking the mobs  would depend on the area around it(so velia would be attacked by mobs of weasels and wolfs, velia red orcs,etc.) and they could have it so that depending on the people there, determines the level and density of mobs (there could be a mixture of higher and lower level mobs with the varying special affects)
    This is to clarify the things you pointed out that i didnt think about as i said before feel free to respond

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  11. TheLeetTaco added a topic in Suggestions   

    Ideas for Content
    So far the game has been great and really enjoyable; the combat system is great ,the graphics are gorgeous , plus there is lots of things to do; but i have some ideas that seem fun to me
    -dungeons (not instanced ill explain later)
    -fix the banks(You still have to own a house you just have to get it to certain number(the better banks need more,and the best banks go off of the max rank house))
    -factions/kingdoms/Alliances(because of server merge/explained later)
    -fishing competitions(who can catch the longest/weight fish in the designated time or who can catch the most fish in time)
    -calander(for guild to post when they are doing things/ when events are happening)
    -crafting guild quests
    -blacksmithing(to craft better Armour/weapons)
    -pet Battles (just a fun thing to do and levels)
    -leader-boards/ranks(pvp,horse racing,pet battles,naval battles)
    -Carnival(have carnival mini games once a season in a designated city w/ rewards)
    -some way to improve the experience of grinding (like make it so that when grinding it isn't just muscle memory)
    -world events(mobs attacking a village/city any damage done is actually kept for a certain amount of time/things dealing with story like Calpheon attacking heidel,etc.)
    Dungeons- They spawn anywhere on the continent, Once found the guild must get there within a certain amount of time or else they will be stuck outside, once the opening collapses the guild has a certain amount of time to clear the dungeon and get the loot  / or how long it takes the people trying to get into the dungeon to break through the collapsed material,after the outsiders break the barricade it is a free for all.
    If you any tweaks to my idea / other ideas post them below ( i'd be glad to see what other people think should be added)
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  12. TheLeetTaco added a post in a topic Gold Bot fix?   

    Yeah sorry didnt notice that
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  13. TheLeetTaco added a post in a topic Gold Bot fix?   

    yeah but just an idea because there still are bots so that would force them to stop because then there is no way to actually get the silver to the players
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  14. TheLeetTaco added a topic in Suggestions   

    Gold Bot fix?
    So currently gold bots use potions and trading to accomplish their terrible deed.
    I was thinking and if they make it so once you trade potions they should not be able to sell them (this is how people get silver from cash) which in theory should stop the gold bots
    if im wrong please tell me in comments
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  15. TheLeetTaco added a topic in Suggestions   

    Water Content Ideas
    So if you took any geography class in school you know that the world (Earth) has Currents so if you try to go against the current it causes you to go slower and if you go with it you go faster.
    My idea is that they add currents to the game and the only "real way to find out about them is to gain knowledge of the ocean(by either sailing the seas or buying a map of the currents from a vendor).
    Why i think it would be a cool idea: This would allow for faster travel around the map Unique idea to have in a game Adds a whole new level of planning a route to your next destination
    Next idea: We all know that it rains in Black Desert and doesnt do much when it happens over the ocean. In real life when it rains it cause the waves to become huge making it hard to navigate. personally i think it would be cool to have this is the game.
    Why: Makes exploring the ocean more interesting and more thrilling Adds a more onto the idea of planning your route Unique idea
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