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  1. ApochSaint added a post in a topic Karma system revamp? (civil discussion please)   

    that doesnt work though as lvl 59s and 60s are still farming Sausans where many 54-56 players are. 
    What they need to do is make more of these mobs viable. Weve got so many other mobs in this game that people rarely grind because Pirates and Sausans which are 53-56/7 zones are still the best at 59/60. give loot and exp buffs to Valencia.
    I personally also think that a rework of exp from mobs needs to happen. People who are lvl 59 should be grinding level 59 mobs because its the wisest place for them to be. I cant blame level 58-60s for grinding sausans and pirates when its so much more beneficial than level appropriate mobs.
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  2. ApochSaint added a post in a topic Solution to Karma Griefers by Players   

    Isnt that called....Cyber Bullying?
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  3. ApochSaint added a post in a topic Psycho-stalking arrogant grind-PKers   

    this is not an unspoken rule. If you bomb YOUR OWN Karma for a grind spot because you know you can wreck the person there, that is fine. but its also ON YOU. Its not the other persons fault you went negative on Karma.
    absolutely correct. by all means PK the player if you want. Dont however pretend like it wasn't your decision to do so. Everyone knows the system yet act like it wasn't their fault for going red. again. you knew the rules before you PKed. You accepted the "consequence" of doing so. There is no such thing as a Karma Bomber. What there actually is, is someone who CHOSE to go red
    so. a CareBear is a type of mythical creature that when teamed up with other mythical creatures of its kind have the ability to do something called the "CareBear Stare". This ability is known to cause AIDS.
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  4. ApochSaint added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance February 15th   

    For sure. However I dont think any argument could be made that its EQUAL across the board of those listed in regards to how much help they need. Musa needs help too, but its very much in a nicer boat than the Ninja. 
    Patch Notes OP. Please Nerf
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  5. ApochSaint added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance February 15th   

    everyone QQing about Musa and Kuno...
    ummm. Ninja needs the love more than both of those classes
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  6. ApochSaint added a post in a topic Musa & Chase Stamina Cost - Daum You F***ED Up   

    Lmao. 3 stamina per chase use. So i can use it over 500 times before my stamina depletes. 
    Get the f*** over yourself
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  7. ApochSaint added a post in a topic Obsolete   

    Literally days after Daum/PA announced they would be coming to the NA they stated they would be changing the game to coincide with what the majority of what the western market wants. While I dont think it was necessary to let you force enchant that high that doesn't just "make it easy" its still a huge time sink to get enough money and stones to force enchant at that level. 
    removing RNG from games is not a bad thing. People always assume it means that everyone will be max immediately and and and and. but people fail to realize that its a grind game and the grind is most definitely still there. alot of people wont be able to make themselves grind out that many blackstones, amity splurge for durability repairs and get silver for durability repairs/buying blackstones.
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  8. ApochSaint added a post in a topic Say NO to force enchant 16-18   

    its ON RECORD that they said they were going to lower the huge jumps in 16-20. 
    even if you can force enchant sit down and do the math on HOW many blackstones and moeny spent on Dura repairs. That is a HUGE amount of money that not very many people have. 
    all they did was make it more attainable they didn't however make it so everyone would be maxed out day one. There isnt that many players with that amount of income to be able to max out that quickly. 
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  9. ApochSaint added a post in a topic Dragon Bite no longer works when on cooldown.   

    which is intended since they buffed it so you take less damage when its on cool down. they also made it far easier to get the combo off with all hits and they took out the back step before the lunge. now you shoot straight forward.
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  10. ApochSaint added a post in a topic Musa & Chase Stamina Cost - Daum You F***ED Up   

    56 Musa here to say you guys Whine WAYYYYY too much. 
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  11. ApochSaint added a post in a topic So it seems many are dissapointed with musa and maewha   

    Why did you necro this thread. It died off as soon as people were informed that Bladers were bugged hence the inherent crappiness. 
    Thanks for bringing it back that is what we needed -.-
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  12. ApochSaint added a post in a topic Hacker Hunting Initiative   

    seems pretty obvious to me that they arent covering it up...since....you know.....this post is a thing. 
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  13. ApochSaint added a post in a topic Chase ani cancel- ok give us free respec   

    Its a nerf that Kr now has as well. Its to prepare for the Awakening weapons I believe
    its also REALLY not that big of a deal. if youre relying on Chase spam in PVP then you arent doing it right
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  14. ApochSaint added a post in a topic Cool Maewha gameplay to keep your hypuh till release   

    what gets me is how amazing the GFXs are in that first video. I play on max settings (no high end mode) but nowhere near as smooth looking as what is in that vid. Is there some sort of GPX option he has on to give that nice bloom effect on the lighting and the smoothing of all the edges. Cause like....damn
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  15. ApochSaint added a post in a topic (Unofficial Poll for Everyone, *minus the poll*) If you could fix one thing in our Current Version, what would it be?   

    and no one mentioned the Popping. this is my biggest issue. GIVE ME A DRAW DISTANCE! please
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