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  1. Coreven added a post in a topic BDO: An MMORPG still lacking PvE   

    I can relate to OP on the lore and quests part, RuneScape has never been beaten or even matched in quest goodness by any single or multiplayer game in history. I'd love to see a story of any kind of anything in BDO, whatever it has right now is a sorry excuse. The world is vast and beautiful but it's soulless and filled with thousands of meaningless twenty-bear-asses type of tasks instead of proper story quests. Man, what a waste.
    That said I'm fine with the RNG and endless time wasting and lack of raid, PvP tournament etc MMORPG content 'cause I don't really care for effort and only play BDO for what I see it as at the moment, a beautiful black hole of a timesink. I like wasting time on BDO, and I especially like how my characters look while I'm wasting time. Epheria Marine when?
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  2. Coreven added a post in a topic Classes Other Than Sword Classes.   

    I like swords.
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  3. Coreven added a post in a topic T8 horse price   

    My perfect t8 when I checked it before steed update was worth 272m, unbred female. Probably cost 130€ to make.
    Holy shit, talk about unlucky. How did you do that?
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  4. Coreven added a post in a topic The elusive T8 courser   

    I got impatient when I got my first t8 and used the first and last methods described in the OP, total cost probably like 150€. She wasn't a very smart horse by nature.
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  5. Coreven added a post in a topic Can I use a VPN until my IP whitelisted?   

    For what it's worth a friend of mine has used a VPN in a similar situation half a year back when Daum had some trouble with IPs in England and isn't banned yet. I'm sure they're reasonable and understand, but you should probably reply to your ticket asking that instead of the forums.
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  6. Coreven added a post in a topic Dark knight Awakening(Trailer)   

    Nah. She ain't got the thigh physics of ranger (to my knowledge, PLEASE prove me wrong and wake me up from this nightmare). You'd think since PA is a fan of reusing bodies they'd at least have reused ranger's since they're both elves but nah good old sorc recycle to the rescue.
    On topic: That is AWESOME, I love telekinetic swords, I'd reroll immediately when she launches but I value thigh jiggle more
    at least ranger still has pretty cool swords if not as many or edgy or cool as dk
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  7. Coreven added a post in a topic The costumes in the shop are overpriced   

    Try your luck at purchasing them from the marketplace for 20-25m silver when someone lists them, only a few of them can't be listed on there. Just set a notice for them and pop up at the marketplace when you see it.
    And yeah, probably at least 100 other people also made a thread about it.
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  8. Coreven added a post in a topic What kind of Bartle are you?   

    67% Explorer
    53% Socialiser
    47% Killer
    33% Achiever
    I treat BDO like Skyrim with optional multiplayer elements, generally preferring to just mess around completing quests, reading lore, and seeing the world. I do interact with my guild in-game, but outsiders usually only in the case I have to get memory fragments.
    Killing I only resort to in revenge or when sparring with guild mates, and there's a bit of wanting to be the very best in total energy and farming.
    This game is perfect for me, all the RNG, balance, or gear > skill issues don't concern me at all, or just work in my favor.
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  9. Coreven added a post in a topic Player Base   

    Sorry man, it's dead. Servers are closing down next week.
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  10. Coreven added a post in a topic Kutum Vs Nouver   

    Pretty sure learning to Google WAS part of the curriculum, though. But since you insist, from the first page, in order:

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  11. Coreven added a post in a topic Kutum Vs Nouver   

    Sure, I'll help you out. "kutum accuracy test site:forum.blackdesertonline.com"
    I wonder why people always find Google so hard to use.
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  12. Coreven added a post in a topic Kutum Vs Nouver   

    They did tests and based their opinions on that, some on this very forum. You do tests and prove 'em wrong. Burden of proof is on you now.
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  13. Coreven added a post in a topic Kutum Vs Nouver   

    I've read claims that Kutum's accuracy is very little, or just not working at all, and numbers like 5 Acc for TRI Kutum being thrown around. Very low, essentially. And we know for sure that TRI Red Coral Earring has 6 Acc, so that's why.
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  14. Coreven added a post in a topic Kutum Vs Nouver   

    I simply have TRI Nouver right now as that's what I received as a drop, and am planning to acquire Red Coral Earrings to patch up the accuracy issue. Even one RCE gives more accuracy than Kutum, I understand. I figure in PvE Nouver also might be good for the resistance 'cause it'll save you time when you're not that much cc'd and will keep you safer when you're grinding in high-level areas, but it might be negligible.
    Right now I'm not planning to get my hands on a Kutum for a minor sidegrade, 'cause as you've noticed there doesn't seem to be any clear consensus on the matter, so you're likely not making a HUGE mistake going with either of them, really.
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  15. Coreven added a post in a topic Protected Guild got declared   

    edit: wrong guild, ignore
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