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  1. Capitan Incognito added a post in a topic Reaching Guru 1 in sailing   

    Man, this is slower than training every EVE skill ever.
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  2. Capitan Incognito added a post in a topic Daily Sailing Exp Research Thread   

    It took two tries, but I got a level 14 there. (The second time I got him +500 HP from armor set bonuses and crystals.) It's not that bad. Of course, gaining 6 levels in Port Ratt was a major time sink
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  3. Capitan Incognito added a post in a topic Year 2 Mega Horse Breeding Thread   

    Yes, if only there were some way to harness all the money from those pre-orders to motivate more people to become suppliers. Sadly, Dear Leader has told the developers that no such system could possibly work.
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  4. Capitan Incognito added a post in a topic Total Cost of BDO   

    Like I said, if I didn't care about those things, I wouldn't be playing this game because those are the things that make it relatively unique. The PvP in this game looks very uninteresting to me.
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  5. Capitan Incognito added a post in a topic Total Cost of BDO   

    This is by far the most expensive video game I've played. (I realize there are worse cash shops out there, but those games are also worse.) In terms of value for money... it's just not there. I make more than enough to afford it, but it doesn't mean it doesn't leave a sour taste in my mouth. There was a point where I was justifying it by telling myself that I was saving money by not giving it to Games Workshop for Warhammer 40K minis, but... I'm pretty sure those actually came out cheaper on a monthly basis. I feel less ripped off after having bought a reskinned version of a premium tank I already own in World of Tanks. Probably because it was by choice and my enjoyment of the game didn't depend on it like it does in this game. I mean for some classes, not only do the cash shop outfits give bonuses, but all the base gear looks awful.
    Granted, I now that I have most of the upgrades for one char and a few for my DK, I could probably avoid more spending (unless I want to breed horses) and play a few months and lower the average cost / month, but... at the end of the day. I think I really like the subscription with no/very limited cash shop model a lot more these days. When F2P games first started appearing there were some with really good/generous models like DDO (I still bought every bit of content they put out for awhile for like $100-$200) and LotRO.
    What tier is your horse? How fast can you cook? How many workers do you have? How big is your inventory? How much weight can you carry? Got any rank 1 houses anywhere?
    Sure anyone can no life levels and gear, but if you start to get into the things that make this game different from every other Asian MMO grindfest, you're going to be spending money.
    So true story, I was at Soldier's Grave today on my DK and I'd equipped the Delphe Knights costume to try to decide if I was going to turn it into an outfit. I was about 5 minutes into grinding when I realize I didn't have any actual armor equipped.
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  6. Capitan Incognito added a post in a topic daily attendance reward turn that OFF   

    Personally, I just find it annoying when I get Bound item on the wrong character. The daily reward pops up while I'm at work, which means it's going to be given to either my AFK fisherman or my horse training alt and since you can't ship Family bound items between warehouses, it means someone's going to have to travel to a warehouse somewhere to make that switch. AFAIK none of the rewards have been character bound, but I'm sure that will happen someday.
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  7. Capitan Incognito added a post in a topic Force Enchant vs YOLO Mode Enchant   

    The problem is the chart is probably wrong. At the very least the +8 for weapons and +6 for armor is wrong. My sample sizes are too small to make any statements about the harder enchants (I definitely can't tell between like a 5% chance vs. a 6% for example.)
    5 out of my 7 attempts to upgrade a weapon or armor piece the first time succeeded and 2 out of 2 succeeded with 1 fail stack. That first step is obviously not 20% + 2.5% per fail stack, which makes me doubt the whole chart really. The problem is if it's off even slightly for some of the higher tiers, it can make a massive difference in average number of attempts you need to upgrade something.
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  8. Capitan Incognito added a post in a topic Is there a way to make more than 1-1.5million per hour?   

    Obviously the most money will come from doing a combination of passive/active activities. For example, crafting your wagons/jewelry/boats/outfits/etc. continues even while you're out grinding/fishing/processing things. So really combine the profit of sunflowers + all your crafting + anything else passive you can come up with the profit of one of the active things. (Most of the passive income sources are limited by CP, so once you have like 200 it's a lot more viable to be manufacturing multiple things and farming at the same time.)
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  9. Capitan Incognito added a post in a topic BlackStone RNG Upgrades Suck   

    Honestly, the weapon/armor upgrades are the one place in the game where you can bypass the Rng more or less. It seems like everything else is just random including hp/mp per level.
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  10. Capitan Incognito added a post in a topic SIlver to energy ratio professions (✿◡‿◡)   

    Orwen. The topaz one is the only one still above 2m. Incidentally, Gold Topaz is the only gem of that tier I can't just buy whenever off the market. I'm pretty sure the two things are related. This is also the only reason I make steel. (I'm still only Pro7 in processing, but by the time I make it to Pro10, I'm sure the price will have crashed.) I definitely missed the early jewelry profits and the 3m Merchant Wagons, but I'm doing OK, I think.
    I just hit 50, I have 61m cash on hand, a yellow +15 Yuria, armor is all +11/12. It would be higher, but RNGesus decided I wanted PRI witch earings instead. I got 25 fail stacks twice trying to get my armor from +10 to +12... and my dagger from +12 to +13. (I mean those are nice, but I really just wanted to get my gear to +15 so I could start trying to turn it yellow.) On the other hand, if I'd gotten in on the 3m trade wagons and 5m necklaces, I'd easily have my +15s and Ogre Ring by now. I just got to the point where I can make a wagon every 2 hours. (Granted it could be way faster with an all goblin workforce. Every 45mins? but I really hate farming soft hide now.)
    Also, I doubt anyone is making consistently over 15k per energy (without some additional bottleneck or unrelated work). Last I checked energy pots didn't sell at min price. Granted, last I checked was over a week ago, so I might be wrong now?
    Of course, dumping 200 energy into processing still takes a long time and some cash shop investment in some cases (my alts seem to have trouble carrying more than 500ish ore at a time).
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  11. Capitan Incognito added a post in a topic SIlver to energy ratio professions (✿◡‿◡)   

    I think there's a problem in this thread:
    We're discussing how much you could with 1 energy, when that is a totally meaningless number. Sure, I could get lucky, buy a blue crystal from the market for 25k and grind it into 30 BSP and sell those for 50-60k after tax. (I could also walk up to the market and see that the cheapest blue crystal is 35k and BSP is down below 2k.) However, there's no way, I'm dumping my entire day's energy doing this. Heck, there's no way I'm dumping an hour's worth of energy doing this, so the energy cost is pretty much irrelevant.
    The only places where profit/energy matters are in things you can repeat 100x like processing. In this case some of the crazier numbers don't count either because you're not selling 100+ processed high tier gems. The sturdy plywood that goes into wagons, etc. might work but you have to either account for cost of the ingredients or the energy cost of setting yourself up for that final combine. Making steel doesn't look so great once you consider the cost of the melted iron shards (either in terms of energy or on the market). When I make my steel its because I have too much energy and I just want some processing exp. It's certainly not very profitable in the grand scheme of things.
    You also can't consider manufacturing as part of your profit/energy unless the materials you're making can't be bought on the market. Otherwise, you could just buy the mats and make profit/0 energy = infinity! So maybe it makes sense to talk about manufacturing things that require leather wagons/horse gear/etc. that you couldn't make unless you make your own, but for much of the other stuff the only thing you gain from making mats yourself is avoiding some tax (since mats you made yourself can replace buying mats at 100% cost instead of turning into money at 65% cost).
    Of course even this is misleading. If you can make Gold Topaz, you can make a 3-4m necklace every 1.5 hours or so for millions in profit and all it costs is 1 energy assuming you bought the other mats which are freely available. So profit per energy > 1 million, but you can't really, really dump your energy doing it. (Can't sell that many, only one tier 5 goldsmith, etc.)
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  12. Capitan Incognito added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    So I noticed (thanks to bonus exp I think) that leveling a horse by riding it gives a lot more training exp than leveling one by hooking it up to a wagon. I got 5% at Skilled3 pushing a tier 3 horse from 1 to 2 and 2 to 3, but when that horse went 3 to 4 while on a 4 horse wagon, I only got 2% for it (and that may have been just over 1% rounded up).
    I'm wondering if it's worthwhile to train all horses to like level 5 by riding then hook them up to a wagon for the other levels or if it's just too much hassle? (I'm having a lot of issues parking my wagon due to the stable limitations and it taking up 5 spots.) Currently I have upgraded capacity in Heidel and Glish since they seemed to be closest together and the loop around Heidel has been fairly reliable.
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  13. Capitan Incognito added a post in a topic HP per Level seems to be random!   

    And no organized D&D play I have ever seen (think the campaigns run by WotC or independent equivalents thereof) used either the random HPs per level or the random stats at character creation. That kind of thing might work in your home campaign, but in a setting where you play with random people having some characters just be worse because RNG wasn't acceptable to anyone.
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  14. Capitan Incognito added a post in a topic How much of a nerf would it take to make fishing equal to crafting/trading?   

    Honestly fishing needs the following buff: Ability to open the map and manage workers while you wait for something to get hooked.
    Fishing does give a lot more exp than some of the more profitable crafting activities, although if you're trying to stay under 45 that's actually a negative thing.
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  15. Capitan Incognito added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    The Pearl Shop costumes definitely don't work while on a wagon since horses can't have anything equipped while being hooked up to a wagon, but otherwise, I have 4 T2 horses hooked up to a wagon that have never been levelled any other way that have 6, 5, 4, and 4 skills at level 16. It feels a bit low?
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