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  1. Tvvin added a post in a topic STRIKER Skills NEW Trailer   

  2. Tvvin added a post in a topic State of Ninja is KR   

    Because when people make a calim and stick with it, they have to back it up. I present my facts, people generally doesn't want shortsword classes in node war. Its not because they're bad or the player is unskilled. Its because they're legitimately gimped in comparison to OP classes. And if you're backout of something you're so confident in, why continue to make statements to hold our class back from bug checks?
    (starts cursing to provoke anger, says doesn't wanna argue) alright
    Are you even a ninja player? Because i've only seen you around specif forums until now.Because if you were , you'd know ninja has some broken skills that needs to be looked at , not ''be invincible and 1shot'' derp stuff you're talking about.  You don't even know what people here are asking let alone have the right to a say. Its like someone is asking for a dollar and you go on a rant about 5000dollars.
    And ninja is not ''insanly tanky' . You just need accuracy. A stat thaqt most any can stack. And most classes have better supper armor and blocks.
    1. Please tell me you just aren't speaking in general without actually played ninja at higher levels . That'd be kinda pathetic.I'm not even convinced you play ninja. you're a musa or valkyrie player from the looks of it.
    2.The bar starts to lower around ninja's ad tamer level. name some other characters that's more difficult than him. while your at it, name all the skilled ninjas who haven't disappeared because this class is broken and untreated
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  3. Tvvin added a post in a topic State of Ninja is KR   

    Make a uncut video of you pvping equally geared high tier characters, cean and simple
    1.players must be intelligent with their class and pvping. no more killing scrub montages
    2. lvl60+
    3. potions can be used
    Sanks can do the same thing. I know hes gonna leak here to sa yninja is a little op.
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  4. Tvvin added a post in a topic How is the Ninja Awakening?   

    I want to see this badly. Sanks hype ninja far too much where he doesn't deserve. Would love to seegame play of him fighting that warrior and other op classes
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  5. Tvvin added a post in a topic Siege guild tier list 28th of January   

    When guilds own terrotiries, its not uncommon for them to level for another guild to do pvp or something.  I'm wondering what happened to iconic and gravity tho. Looks like they both died or merged?
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  6. Tvvin added a post in a topic I'm shocked we don't have an Alchemist class!   

    I'd be hype to see a full metal alchemist character in BDO
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  7. Tvvin added a post in a topic State of Ninja is KR   

    They are probably unkillable to some people because they don't stack accuracy. i've seen a grouop of 10 take along time ti fight a ninja who had massive evasion(but pen muskans tho? i hope you're that tanky.). But that same ninja was melted by one ranger in a practical combo.
    I think I see you around the musa and valk forums mainly I think, so i'll explain ninja little bit
    Ninja ,Tamer & Kunoichi = Complex / Not in nodewar demand
    Ranger Complex / In node war demand
    Warrior Easy / High demand / hig damage / high tankability
    Now look at the example between Ninja / Ranger. does something look wrong with this picture? here are three complex characters, and one is more played than all. Why is that? Is it because some players are perverts,only like fema characters? nah, the kuno/tamer community isn't very alive. Is it because players are unskilled and want it easy? Nah, there are way more rangers than ninjas. Then what is it.. hmm maybe its because these characters are less viable for their max effort and perfect play...and unbalanced? yup tottally. You'll see more people rushing to witch,warrior,ranger, wizard,sroc or b erserker than a shortsword class.
    Now if only PA could care enough to check their statstic of who's the most played class and why

    I've seen very well put together threads hightlightning critical issues that were never looked at because apparently we're not taken seriously. Im still waiting for someone to say something about ninjas grapple bug. you know, the one where berserker (a very high tier character) and tamer can easpe from easily?
    The issue is they seem to pass every thread as some complaint rather than look into its  bug. And again your praise and downplay of this class issue once again ruins it for the people around you who wants him fixed.Selfish. I want you to explain to meh why there are more high tier viabl complex characters than low tier complex characters if ninja is so deathly? explain to meh why ninja is the least , or one of the least played characters in every version of BDO, and explain why every top guild never prefers a shortsword class, and would rather trade them for a warrior or wizard / witch. and btw man, im sure every class can solo 3-5 clueless players.
    while accession is strong, its far from the most powerful skill.infact, its easily inturputed by cc from enemies. Have fun using that skill while AoE is flying around you everywhere it leaves you so stationary for long to without defense and cancels?come on. i'd like to introduce you to warrior, witch , wizard's kit that has far more defenses and or power / range
    Think of Accuracy as a secondary AP. Without it, it invalids AP, so you'll do 0 damage if you lack enough
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  8. Tvvin added a post in a topic [Forum Game] @InsertNameHere BE MY VALENTINE   

    I just had to.. lol
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  9. Tvvin added a post in a topic Post pics of your Warrior   

    hes a famous super smash compettive player. I didn't expect you to know him, but the comparsion is funny to meh
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  10. Tvvin added a post in a topic Fomorian Guild Recruiting!   

    dunno what a formorian is
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  11. Tvvin added a post in a topic State of Ninja is KR   

    How would you know what to react to if you would never liste n to normal class discusions from the community?
    1, Unity is not important. Pleasing the majority is. I say this because some players will create a false oppsoing comment to keep characters from getting legiamte help. Some people like playing weak characters to feel more unique rather than think about balance for their entire character's community. Like for example if a lot of people can agree tamer is a awful character, shouldn't devlopers go '' hmm she probably needs a serious tweak..'' I'd also help them if they played that class in their own game and where many people agree she suffers. Then play a overpowered class and report the unbalanced differences
    2.That's not everyone though. You'll find our skilled players know about their enemies kit. For example, musa really suffers from warrior because he lacks a grab, and grab is warriors weakness.
    3 You'd have to be invested into the community to know how skilled people are, what they should be doing and check if they're doing it right.Even if playing perfectly and they're still complaints, its not balanced.
    .Some of PA'S design are met with slience when players try to figure how something works. For example, noone knows how much evasion muskan boots add. We just know its high priced so get it. PA doesn't do a well job of transfering this information.
    4. The majrotty does, actually. This game is broken down to a few catagories
    small scale
    wide scale (node / siege)
    Whats good in 1v1 may be awful in siege, like ninja for example. Hes a awful siege character and his kit does not work as intended for the most part. Ninja is also a complex character with lesser reward for his hard work .What that means is, he has to do a series of combos to be equal to warriors one cookie cutter combo, or sorc skpin. berserkers grabing cheese add ect.. Unlike ranger who can be difficult and rewarding at all catagorites. Whats consider the most important pvp is siege play. And I don't know if you've seen complaint fourums here , but there are top leveled guilds kicking shortsword classes out because they're not asviable as overpowered games.Does the game not deserve to be balanced and fair?
      my advise to devs is to place ninja in siege without anything special and look at community videos of the struggles of flawed design
    5. They have more than enough power to advertise their message ingame and bring more pwople to forums for serious discussions if they truly wanted a good change. I mean, even I could do that. And I have no special privliages to BDO. If you make a mega call to every tamer in BDO to weigh in on their opinions, im sure all the serious ones will come
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  12. Tvvin added a post in a topic How to knock someone off their horse while Im on foot?   

    I think it depends on your class
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  13. Tvvin added a post in a topic Why everytime i post "WTB Deneve Set for Witch" i got insults?   

    I'd post ''B>Balanced trade system'' But that wouldn't work
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  14. Tvvin added a post in a topic Can't Dye Gear   

    Its weird, but you need to have that outfit 100% in default colors before you can use mervs pallet
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  15. Tvvin added a post in a topic State of Ninja is KR   

    Some threads contain a lot of insightful information. Its a ashame officals never take it seriosuly adnn the thread dies. I mean its not like ninja , kuno and tamer are so bad important content, that big guilds doesn't want them. riiight?
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