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  1. LadySelena added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    I don't think they specified a distance... but 1000 doesn't sound too short to me.
    Maybe post in the bugs forums and perhaps someone can give u more info there GL!  
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  2. LadySelena added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    They have introduced an exp penalty if your autopath is too short. Maybe that is the problem?
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  3. LadySelena added a post in a topic Please increase Platinum!   

    Got around 500 ores sitting in storage waiting for the price to go back to normal.. certainly not selling at the current rate. Don't see why they dropped the price to 4k in the first place seeing as its so rare.
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  4. LadySelena added a post in a topic Ultimate Shadow Eruption 6/29 patch   

    I haven't checked the stats so I don't know for sure... but I was just farming in Helms and did notice that I was doing more dmg with it. Could be a coincidence though
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  5. LadySelena added a post in a topic What Are My Sorc Sisters Doing Now ?   

    I'm still sticking to my Sorc  I enjoy the play style very much and didn't chose it because it was OP. I have hope that things will turn out well for us in the end!
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  6. LadySelena added a post in a topic 6/17/16 Patch Compiled List of Bugs [For Daum to send Pearl Abyss]   

    Where have they confirmed this??
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  7. LadySelena added a post in a topic AFK looping bugs since Friday's Patch 6/17/16   

    I can second some of these bugs.  I have regularly found my horse has stopped  in the middle of an afk loop,  with me still mounted.  I have also come back to see  myself running against a wall and my horse parked a really long way away on the autopath.  I hope they get fixed as I have been wasting quite a bit of time...  Horses are already pain enough to lvl without any bugs lol 
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  8. LadySelena added a post in a topic Afk Horse riding - Why do i keep coming off my horse?   

    I just found myself running against a wall behind the Hiedel Stable master.... with my horse parked along the river on the way to the bandit's camp...... I have no idea how I ended up all the way there and my horse got left behind lol Something is definitely up since the last patch that's for sure
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  9. LadySelena added a post in a topic Horse Breeding / Findings MegaThread   

    Sooooo im kinda worried over here guys....  Got a T7J female who at lvl 10 has forechop and streak jump...that's it QQ 
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  10. LadySelena added a post in a topic Can't login "now processing"   

    Well deleting the version.dat file seemed to work for me.
    The launcher checked 33GB of files and then proceeded to download the 3GB patch. So far I have been staying online fine without any noticeable issues...
    Hope the rest of you get it sorted out soon!
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  11. LadySelena added a post in a topic Can't login "now processing"   

    I took version.dat file out of the BDO folder. I opened the launcher and its now downloading again. I will update you if it fixes anything
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  12. LadySelena added a post in a topic Can't login "now processing"   

    I'm on Croxus EU so I don't think its server related
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  13. LadySelena added a post in a topic Can't login "now processing"   

    @CM_Jouska @CM_Praballo @CM_Tytyes Could you please take a look at this problem and help us all out? Thanks!
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  14. LadySelena added a post in a topic Can't login "now processing"   

    whats that?
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