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  1. Tacu added a post in a topic Weird problem, game suddenly stopped working   

    Only thing I can thnk of is to see if anything's showing in event viewer - unlikely but you might spot something
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  2. Tacu added a post in a topic I NEED HELP!!!!   

    Make sure your launcher is set to correct region, be it NA or EU   You might be trying to open the wrong one
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  3. Tacu added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance April 19th - *Extended   

    There were probably some bad settings in some config / server names incorrectly configured / localisation issues and they had to wait for developers to confirm correct values and/or provide new files.
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  4. Tacu added a post in a topic New player needs help with housing and crafting   

    First thing you probably need to know is that to send workers out to make things, you need stuff in the banks in the towns in which they're based. So in your example you need mats in your Glish bank probably to actually manufacture horse gear, although you can send the Heidel worker out mining and whatnot and then transport what he brings back to Glish bank too.
    Next thing to do would be to look at what you need for the crafting. So for the horse gear workshop you need various leathers [gather yourself afaik], various metals [use workers for this, get them mining], some powders [choose the right mining nodes and workers will bring back the powders you need while they're mining] & the ubiquitous black stone powder.  So yeah. Based on that I'd find some mining nodes to send my workers to - plenty of online resources to list what each node drops or you can see in-game too if you've discovered the node. Workers will deliver the mats back to their 'home' bank so just move whatever you need to glish bank and then use your glish worker to craft the horse gear when you have the mats.
    I'm using Heidel as main ore storage, Calph is now main wood storage, Velia is used for processed metals and Glish is where all the leather and gemstones live - but that's what works for me with my setup so probably no use to most others
    Edit: meant to add link to example of online guide, here it is :  https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2016/03/14/black-desert-online-production-guide/
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  5. Tacu added a post in a topic Easter furniture   

    Does this thread help at all?  http://forum.blackdesertonline.com/index.php?/topic/138072-easter-housing-items-help/#comment-1911451
    I still have the housing item quests so believe they're active; just need to get the 40 eggs which is taking a bit of time
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  6. Tacu added a topic in Suggestions   

    Update the System Requirements to include SSD
    I really think this should be a thing.
    I've been playing for around a year.  The game was installed on my HDD (mainly because my SSD is tiny and because I was concerned about the log file writes).  Game performance has varied hugely during that year: I've had periods where I randomly DC'd while riding my horse around; went through a few months where I couldn't engage in combat at all because I'd DC; had several days where I couldn't even log into the game because by the time the running man had finished crossing the screen, I'd DC'd.
    it was this last that made me move the game to my SSD last weekend, after I'd spent over an hour trying to get back into the game after DCing.  (Found some instructions about how to redirect the logfiles to my HDD instead, so no longer concerned about that issue.)   And since then I've played with no 'unusual' connection problems at all - still get some lag and desync obviously, but no more random DCs when riding through crowded areas and I've been able to log in every single night without problems.  NPC rendering now completes before I actually get up to them and obviously the game is loading wayyy faster too.
    The way the game files and patches are structured, I honestly don't think it's viable to run this off a HDD, and I think you should start recommending that people use an SSD instead because at least then you can rule load times out of the equation when players are complaining about performance. 
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  7. Tacu added a post in a topic Calpheon Bank, trying to understand the NPC is driving me mad   

    Oh makes sense, thankyou
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  8. Tacu added a topic in General   

    Calpheon Bank, trying to understand the NPC is driving me mad
    The guy sprawling across the desk closest to Basquean Ljurik.
    He says :
    'I've got a big wad of cash, any suggestions for a good investment'
    'Would you please find it quickly, it's urgent'
    'Not that I want to help the slum by doing business here'
    and 'You can trust the bank HUHUGUYGBUIHOIIGYTFTUVUYBUI'
    What in earth is he saying in the last one, it's been bugging me for a few days now and I just can't make it out even though I'm a native English speaker
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  9. Tacu added a post in a topic BDO Night time to real time   

    Haha, didn't even know that was a thing, that countdown timers like that existed.  And then I clicked on it & was like ' It's working, wtf is he talking about'... until I noticed it said 23 days until next nighttime. Umm, maybe it relocated to Finland?
    Slightly more seriously, there are threads on here somewhere about how long the night is but I don't know any other timers that might help you monitor it, sorry!
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  10. Tacu added a post in a topic Connectivity is so bad it's unplayable   

    I've been trying for an hour tonight to log in   I've finally given up, bit the bullet and cleared 50GB off my SSD so I can run BDO from the very-full SSD rather than the rather poor HDD it's been sitting on for the last year.  Just hope I don't need to install any more software now until I can afford to buy a bigger SSD...
    EDIT: At least I can now log in so guess that was a success
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  11. Tacu added a post in a topic In game help   

    I think best thing to do is to raise a ticket, I think they're pretty quick at responding to this kind of request and it can't do any harm
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  12. Tacu added a post in a topic Easter Event   

    I love the way people ask for help, other people take the time to assist and then get rewarded by a tl;dr comment
    It's kinda like an on-line version of the Darwin Awards!
    @‌OP: get them from combat, gathering.
    The tl;dr reply tells you what you get.
    My tl;dr: fite, get things. U get presentz, dey cool !
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  13. Tacu added a post in a topic You deleted last years EGGS!   

    They have now started sending out in-game mails to alert that items will be deleted though, so at least they've taken comments on-board & we'll know in future
    I mourn the loss of last year's eggs though but tbf it was in the offing so not really surprised and certainly not going to stress about it!
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  14. Tacu added a post in a topic Black Spirit adventure, bugged for the last 6 days   

    I've had this since Weds and I think it's related to the last patch.
    If I completely log out and restart my game client (and to be safe I'm also changing alt and channel too..) then it seems to work again but currently having to do that every hour until I have the 3 rewards..
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  15. Tacu added a post in a topic "★``````S`e`c`u`r`i`t`y```````A`l`e`r`t```````★" 0xE019101A   

    After over a year's playing I'm getting this too.
    Seems to be connected to the performance deterioration on my machine since Wednesday's patch insofaras if I log on my char in Heidel and press any key before everything has finished loading, then I get thrown out of game.  But log in and wait 5 minutes and everything seems to be fine again.
    I'm trying to find a channel that's actually playable currently. I used to have a lot of problems with lag and desync which seemed to fix a few months back but since the DK patch things have been going downhill and since Weds patch it's getting close to unplayable again   Maybe time to take a break once the current value pack has run out...
    TO add: if a log an alt in another town then it's still laggy and unplayable but I'm not getting the 0xE019101A errors so obviously it's not really a virus
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