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  1. Gibbed added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Regular Maintenance July 06th - extended   

    Nerf 5 classes!  Sounds like a special snowflake is butthurt.  LTP or better yet just go find a game more your speed, like "My little pony", though admittedly the purple pony might make you apoplectic and have you yelling at your monitor for a nerf. 
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  2. Gibbed added a post in a topic Gear and level power gap way too high - about to leave the game   

    This post is exactly why most open world PvP games fail.  Nothing new here either.  It's not PvP when you just gank someone that has no chance of fighting back, that's just griefing.  PK is just a way for RL losers to pump up their epeen.  Sadly, this game has some great potential. Don't get me wrong, I love it, and don't care much because I just buy hundreds of tears just to res and karma idiots away from me.  I'm also retired so I have plenty of time to grind grind grind away.  The little boys getting off on griefing people will drive away the majority of the player base, and then they can play with themselves (something they're very good at).
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  3. Gibbed added a post in a topic NA Authentication Server Stability ** Update - July 1st **   

    My wife told me after hitting start it was stuck on "Processing...".  She asked me what she should do.  I said leave it, as long as it's not crashing.  Four minutes later she was at the server screen.  Don't know if they will work all the time but give it a shot.
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  4. Gibbed added a post in a topic Its the 26th and still no Valencia announced?   

    Patch notes:
    - Something that we release was easily exploited or hacked.  We fixed that shit.
    - End.
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  5. Gibbed added a post in a topic Donald Trump Image   

    Epic win!
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  6. Gibbed added a post in a topic Seriously... Is there a way to turn off guild flags?   

    EPIC.  Cry some more, please.
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  7. Gibbed added a topic in Suggestions   

    Change the name of Node Wars
    To Zerg Wars.
    This way people with medium and small guilds can just give it a pass.  Good luck with this shitty mechanic.
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  8. Gibbed added a post in a topic Pearls refunded for Ghillie suit change   

    LOL.  Hilarious.  Nice backfire poll.  Lucky for you this isn't a democracy and Daum might let you turn in your suit for your pearls back.  Might.  Most likely your screwed.  Which again, is hilarious!
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  9. Gibbed added a topic in General   

  10. Gibbed added a post in a topic Game is not fun any more   

    LOL.  Derp much?  What a tool.
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  11. Gibbed added a post in a topic The Answer to Everything is random()   

    I guess because it's the most profitable segment of their business.  They expect to sell over one million copies by the end of this year.  Pretty good for a little company.  NA = $profit.  Designing with a western market in mind = more profit.  Simple logic must not run in your family.
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  12. Gibbed added a post in a topic Bored with BDO   

    Donkey Punch, Dirty Sanchez, Blumpkin.   Then combine them and really live!
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  13. Gibbed added a topic in General   

    The Answer to Everything is random()
    I love this game.  More so then many MMO I have gone though in the past 7 years.  Love it!  That said, it seems the answer to slowing progression, making things for hardcore gamers, making things less casual, and all around just about everything is throw a random() function at it.  For instance, instead of making accessory upgrading a random process they could have made it a function of alchemy mastery with the addition of finding very rare materials and combining them in a ritual to form the new PRI accessory.  Instead, we have random().  It's everywhere.  More then any other game mechanic.  They should have named the game Random Ocean.  A frustrating gambling system better left to casinos and the fools that go to them.  Lazy design and programing is random().  Thoughts?
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  14. Gibbed added a post in a topic [Maintenance] Maintenance June 1st   

    Hodor!                                                                                        dead.
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  15. Gibbed added a post in a topic Patch Notes - May 18th   

    Yup, gotta give credit for the patch notes.  Much better detail this time, keep it up!
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