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  1. Black Rose added a post in a topic A complete rethink of the AH   

    I am not "mad" as you say, I just felt the system needed some work.  My example was incorrect so I accept your explanation.  As to things being "stupid" that is your opinion and we know how that goes.  Oh and the word you are reaching for is "LOSE"  Here. I'll use an example for you.
    "Look, your shoe laces are LOOSE, if you don't tie them, then you may "LOSE" your shoes!"  Perhaps you should lose the objective thoughts such as "mad" and "stupid" and grow up a bit more.  "Experienced" is related to the number of posts, not the content I assume.
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  2. Black Rose added a topic in Website Tech Support   

    Support Tickets Ignored?
    I have two ongoing problems going on 2 weeks now.  Tickets are submitted to tech support and I get an acknowledgement that they are received and that is it?
    Every day I log in and my hot bar is blank.  Its not a game breaker by any means but it is still a pain and there is a problem.
    I can't craft, even with all the mats numbering in the thousands and the craft window shows ZERO mats.  The usual "reload the game" doesn't work.
    Given the scope of the game and the number of issues, I can imagine the work load on the support team, but what does that say about Daum?  Hire more people?  I can't imagine there being no money given the gouging prices in the pearl shop.
    Engaging game, I love it but the support thus far is non existent.
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  3. Black Rose added a post in a topic A complete rethink of the AH   

    In Tera, the tax was actually added to the item.  So if an item was listed for 12,000 Gold ( Tera currency was units of gold ) the listing price was 15,600 which was the tax amount of 30%.  The buyer paid 15,600 and the seller got 12,000.  The buyer paid the tax, not the seller.  Very simple. But in Black Desert, the seller is the one that loses out, which is not how it should be.
    The other issue is the filters.  I want to find a specific armor item.  Lets sort by class and then by set piece or slot.  Why must I see every armor item for every slot for a Witch when all I want is gloves, or chest?
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  4. Black Rose added a post in a topic Inventory must have available slots : No more please   

    I have to agree.  It is simply weak programming,  WHY do I need an empty slot to turn in a quest where the reward is money?  If I am turning in an item in my inventory then doesn't that free a slot?  Why do I need an empty slot to turn in an item that will them free up another slot?
    The whole concept makes no sense at all.
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  5. Black Rose added a post in a topic Join GoldenLegion! [NA][PvX with a twist]   

    I've been in BDO about 2 weeks now.  My character name is Shay_Duvale, while I have been teaching myself the game I find the general channel chat toxic and while the forums are less so, most people are generally not into helping new people and most of the replies I've gotten to my questions were not even close to being correct.  So back to google where I spend most of my game time
    I love the game but I've hit a point where I need guidance and I need help.  My tolerance for toxic people is not very high.  So what I need is a guild of intelligent, friendly people that I can learn from and use my new found knowledge to help the people that help me
    I am an experienced gamer and games like BDO are my preferred type.  I've played Rift, Tera, Age of Conan and of course World of Warcraft.
    I am over 18 years old and I have a mic and headset.  I am also online every day
    Thank you
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  6. Black Rose added a post in a topic How Do I Find a World Boss?   

    Yes and here is the information at that link, please note the information on where he is.  I know how to use google.
    ID: 20013Red Nose NPC
    Level: 40
    <Leader>- Description: 
    He is nicknamed “Red Nose” quite simply because he has a big red nose. He abhors Humans because they’ve always made fun of him for it. Red Nose became stronger and larger using the Black Crystal he obtained from the Immortal Alchemist when he was just a youngster. He is much more intelligent than other Imps, but he still harbors a strong distaste for having his nose poked fun at. It is said that whenever he hears an allusion to his red nose in jest he calms his raging heart by seeking out the peaceful sound of a flute.I see asking a simple question in a toxic community is going to be a tough problem, but I will eventually sort it out.
    If you can't contribute to an answer then I suggest you not bother.
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  7. Black Rose added a topic in General   

    How Do I Find a World Boss?
    I am pretty new to the game, been playing about 2 weeks or so.
    Often I see in chat that Bheeg is on such and such a channel or RedNose.
    I know that these are world bosses.  I've asked a few times in the toxic mess that is the general channel and while I sometimes get a 1 word whisper mmost of the time I get some inane toxic useless comment from the kiddie corner.
    So, as I have had good luck asking for help here, I thought I'd give it a try.
    After I switch to the channel that is mentioned, such as today "Bheeg, Mediah U2" how to I locate the boss on the map?
    Thank you
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  8. Black Rose added a post in a topic Where is my Raft?   

    Right after I posted I thought of that and I found it buried in the middle of 4 other boats.  Thank you
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  9. Black Rose added a topic in General   

    Where is my Raft?
    After two days of trial and error I finally managed to build my 1st raft.
    I took the registration to the giant at the docks in Velia, registered it and named it.
    Then I took it out.
    Now where is it?  There are about 8 rafts and 6 or 7 other boats tied up at the wharf.  I know it looks cool but why do people leave them out?  Anyway I jumped onto every raft there and not one of them gave me to option to operate it.
    I jumped off the dock and swam under the boats that are docked there, thinking my raft was mixed up in the mess that is parked there, but no luck.
    Can anyone direct me on how to find it and use it?
    Thank you
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  10. Black Rose added a post in a topic Server lag effecting gameplay experience: A Solution Range proposal   

    Any attempt to turn in a quest or interact with an NPC makes everything stop working.  KB is dead, only thing to do is exit.
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  11. Black Rose added a post in a topic Server lag effecting gameplay experience: A Solution Range proposal   

    I've created a character on the last server on the list, and entered the game and its totally unplayable.
    Every server has so much lag that nothing can be done.
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  12. Black Rose added a post in a topic Server lag effecting gameplay experience: A Solution Range proposal   

    I just loaded up an alt on Orwen server, Valencia 02 channel and everything is working fine right now.  So, I am going to play a bit and see how things go.  However it seems the issue is on the Uno server only.
    Update:  Lag is starting to hit on this server as well.  I clicked through the dialogue of a quest and when I clicked on "complete" nothing happened  for about 10 sec,  I exited the dialog and reopened it and the quest completed.  So the lag issue is a reality IMO and not just one server as I initially thought
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  13. Black Rose added a post in a topic Server lag effecting gameplay experience: A Solution Range proposal   

    I've been playing pretty much all day with minor issues here and there.  Then around 7:30 PM eastern time USA I found using my heal and mana potions weren't registering.  My character was moving with no problems except heals were taking as long as a minute to actually do something.  Also mobs would just stand around rocking back and forth, then after a few minutes start swinging their weapons at me I presume, except I was quite a distance away.  I cannot turn in any quests, pressing the R key nothing happens, pressing control and clicking on the icon to interact with an NPC does nothing.  I also cannot move my character.
    I've tried changing channels and logging out to desk top and that has not helped.  I have not tried another server yet as all my advancement is on Uno.
    I am really enjoying the game, so hopefully these sudden ( for me ) lag issues will be resolved.  Also, note: Upon switching to a channel that was marked as not busy there were virtually no players there at all, most likely everyone is having the same problems.  I can't believe thousands of people are suddenly haveing issues on their end.
    It has to be a server side problem as I can play The Division on uplay, Rift and also Tera with no lag.
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  14. Black Rose added a post in a topic Servers Lagging. Like... everyone..   

    I was playing about 7 hours and everything was fine, then all of a sudden I couldn't turn in quests, using pots in combat didn't register, mobs would just stand in one place and never aggro, then 10 min later suddenly start swinging and I wasn't even standing there.
    I tried to change channels, change servers, log off and back in, nothing works.
    I am sure its not on my end as I can play The Division, Rift and Tera no problems.
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  15. Black Rose added a post in a topic Crafting Problems   

    I think I figured out the ship building problem.  I thought if I had the listed materials then all I had to do was click start.  But I see now that I have to actually work on the black powder 1st, then work on the logs.  It looks like its working now.
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