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  1. Climhazzard added a post in a topic The Wizard is a class of anti-valkyrie   

    Nope, Valk can't win that fight, just turtle up until you can get to someplace safe or an opportunity to mount your own horse.
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  2. Climhazzard added a post in a topic The Wizard is a class of anti-valkyrie   

    AP Valk vs AP wiz is a quick fight, can go either way but Valk can win.  If either are DP specced it's pretty much a stalemate, try to get them to about 50% then save your CC for the Teleport>healing lighthouse attempt, if you succeed in interrupting it you'll have a chance.
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  3. Climhazzard added a post in a topic PVP Class Post awakening   

    Barely any mention about Valkyrie other than ^, she is good/ok after awakenings compared to other classes?
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  4. Climhazzard added a post in a topic TOM CRUISE PLEASE REPLY   

    Probably cost each guild 100m in resources.  Multiple practice wars and servers still fail on the first day of real wars.
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  5. Climhazzard added a post in a topic New underwater graphics in Korean version   

    I clicked on this thread because i thought the title said "New underwear graphics".... such disappointment.
    On a more serious note, if swimming controls remain as bad as they are now, it won't matter how good the underwater graphics are.
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  6. Climhazzard added a post in a topic Siege Channels Still Virtually Unplayable (Lag)   

    The first and second days of the second nodewars practice week, the war was nearly unplayable for my entire guild, as well as the guilds we were fighting.  During the territory war every single person in the region crashed from the game at the exact same time.  It's obviously not just the computer of one person.
    I'm pretty sad they are sending it live without even acknowledging how bad the second practice was in terms of lag/play-ability.  If they're not going to address it now then I really hope we get caught up with KR in terms of content fast so they can focus on it for awhile and makes things a bit more playable during nodewars and in general.
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  7. Climhazzard added a post in a topic RIP Edan Blackstone powder profits   

    In this game if the supply of something is low, and the capped price of it is also low, it rarely gets posted on the market.  In a game with a less controlled market it would get posted for 5x or 10x as much, that would make sense as it's a rare item, and people would happily pay 5x or 10x as much for it (examples being certain gems like memory or extraction, though they may be more common now).
    Supply and demand will always be the final determination of prices on items in a free market, yeah players can post some shit for 100x more than what other players posted it for, but if 1000 other players are also competing to post it, the prices will still be low.  Price inflation can be controlled by controlling supply, and by not having useless events that inject extra spending money into the market.  If BDO were a free market there would be anomalies like Kzarka prices, but that's because Kzarka are very rare and are or were only obtainable by the strongest players.  Those players most likely already had their own Kzarka and would be free to post any extras they get for enormous prices that people would probably pay.  As it is now, it's basically like that anyways, you have to bid enormous amounts on rare items if you want any chance to get them, but the seller doesn't profit from the transaction like they would in a free market.
    If developers didn't like seeing Kzarka being bought for extremely inflated prices (in a hypothetical free BDO market system), they would simply up the drop rates of Kzarka, change the drop system so dmg done is not a factor in loot recieved, and allow other ways to obtain them, not set a max selling price for the item.  As the item became more common it's price would naturally go down no matter how much people wanted to post them for.
    Well, I'm no economist, so it's not like I'm convincing anyone a free market system is better.  The main problem I see with it how it is now, is that for the market in BDO to really work there would need to be an actual economist on their end controlling the prices, and from what I've seen so far I highly doubt that is the case.
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  8. Climhazzard added a post in a topic Ocean update Val part III   

    Think of the possibilities!  Like aerial battles!
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  9. Climhazzard added a post in a topic RIP Edan Blackstone powder profits   

    Don't worry, artificially controlled prices are a good thing for the economy...  not.
    IDC about this one though cause I hate grinding crystals when I need BSP, though I suppose if the price is lowered to much I'll end up grinding them anyways when people stop posting BSP on the market...
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  10. Climhazzard added a post in a topic PSA- Do not roll this class   

    I gotta say that I don't understand why berserkers keep getting buffed.  They went from average to good to gods.  They should have stayed at good.  Right now they can chain CC a single target far longer than any other class, yet have some of the best burst damage in the game, great aoe CC and initiation for GvG fights, all while being the beefiest class in the game.
    Seems like it must be a pet class of the developers or publishers, along with wizards and sorcs, maybe rangers.
    Some actual objective balancing would be nice.  I main a Valk, we're in a better place than Maewha currently, but we have a shitload of problems too and at least as many useless skills, including our 100%.  Let's stop buffing zerkers and wizards into godhood and look at some of the other classes...  oh that's right, we're being balanced for awakenings we don't have...
    I can understand if you can't trust player feedback, but at least trust that classes with very few active players must have a lot of problems in comparison to classes with high active numbers.
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  11. Climhazzard added a post in a topic Pay2win? No thats not right, but neither is "Convenience"   

    Without pets and weight limit upgrades this game is extremely inconvenient.  I tried it for awhile before giving up, you can't really grind efficiently at all without both.  Pets we're getting slowly through events though, so weight limit is the only real offender imo, unless you're a big time fisherman, then inventory space as well.  Possibly a few costumes for life skills.
    To anyone who thinks otherwise, message every player on the growth leaderboards on any channel, I challenge you to find one who hasn't bought pets or weight limit upgrades.  Goodluck.
    Personally I think stuff like that should be loyalty shop only, but that's just me, and I'll keep playing this game as long as it doesn't go full on pay to win.... and I don't reach 125 failstacks trying to TRI my Liverto.
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  12. Climhazzard added a post in a topic Black Magic Crystals?   

    Be great if they really are drops, instead of something you have to get from imperial trade token thingymabobs.
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  13. Climhazzard added a post in a topic Darkflame [Patch Notes - July 13th] by Rageprimeeu on twitch.   

    If DP got buffed health pots and heals would possibly need adjusted.  But I doubt anyone really cares if a DP Valk is unkillable in small fights, possibly DP wizard.  I personally think DP needs adjusted though, or endgame AP values need diminishing returns.  That's offtopic though.
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  14. Climhazzard added a post in a topic Why Daum? Why? (Level 30 shovel requirement???)   

    I got 2 shards spending 3.5k energy digging in the desert over the course of a week (I'm serious, fk digging).  It was clearly to easy to get shards here so it's now been adjusted.
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  15. Climhazzard added a post in a topic Darkflame [Patch Notes - July 13th] by Rageprimeeu on twitch.   

    Not to a competitive level no, but I duel sorcs all the time, and many of them do exactly that for easily 5 minutes straight.  Sure they mix in other abilities, but alternating DF with iframes is the essential strategy, and makes stamina management much easier.  DF is the reason a supposedly high skill cap class is actually quite easy to play.  Nerfing the damage on it made them less threatening, more like hard to kill CC that could occasionally burst people.
    If you nerfed the block frame on it instead, gave it a cooldown, they would then have to use more abilities in between using DF, and alternating DF with iframes would run you out of stamina.  Which would raise the skill cap of the class, nerf the survival a bit, but still let them be "assassins" as they all like to claim they should be.
    TBH I'm fine with whatever they do, the only sorcs that could beat me on my Valk pre nerf could still beat me post nerf, and can still beat me now.  The only thing I don't really like about DF + Iframe spam is that it makes sorcs very hard to peel in group PvP which is supposedly one of my roles.  I can peel other assassin like classes, such as blader/plum, much much easier.
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