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  1. MajorS added a post in a topic Road to TET Boss 6 bil and counting   

    Thanks for that, gives me some data to compare to my calculations. Wish more people would document and publis data like this, would make updating the enhancement tables and actual possibility for the benefit of all players.
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  2. MajorS added a post in a topic You KNOW the marketplace is screwed when...   

    Occams razor is actually pretty logical, because its based on Stochastic calculus. When you start with statements that logic dictates, then i dont know who is dictating here but it certainly isnt logic. Logic at this point and Plunges posts actually dictates to start with basically the opposite of what he says unless its backed by actual evidence.
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  3. MajorS added a post in a topic Housing Monopoly   

    Are you
    a) ignorant
    b) clueless
    c) troll
    d) all of the above
    The sheet i linked is my own if you cant even tell the difference. And since you are incapable of math i will break it dowan for you again. Day = 24h, 1 cycle = 9h => about 2 cycles per day => which means that those two results fall within a time period of 24h which is a day which is the 23m i mentioned. I am not sure whats worse your constant babbling of nonsense or your inability to actually comprehend and realize when you are wrong. Because even if you do only 1 cycle per day the 1m you mentioned is still wrong. WHich is clear from the evidence you posted yourself but failed to understand in the slightest.
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  4. MajorS added a post in a topic 10 Large Fences with 20 Special Haystacks   

    You dont average 2 seeds per breed, for blue crops its more like 1.5.
    Seems to be higher for greens tho.
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  5. MajorS added a post in a topic Human or Goblin Worker?   

    I got the same feeling, that luck isnt working (what a suprise a non wporking feature in BDO). It certainly doesnt matter for crafting and investment. However im too lazy to do a full test on it and will wait until the introduce tiers above Artisan (as was hinted at in a Korean patch note a while back).
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  6. MajorS added a post in a topic Once again, RNG is too punishing   

    Its also not hard to play Roulette, you just need to play the right number. Easy winnings ...
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  7. MajorS added a post in a topic Enhancement & Failstack Costs/Strategies   

    In a way while forcing Grunil to TRI is indeed the "cheapest" option it is in general better to simple use it to build failstacks instead (see tab Stack building). For most people DUO Grunil is already more than enough and getting jewelry and weapons up which require high stacks is a better return. See the big stack as a blessing.
    That is already part of the calculation. You can see a full breakdown of costs in Enhancement full which accounts for enhance item costs, repair costs, replace costs, stacke costs and degrade.
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  8. MajorS added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    crafting ultimate Oros Knot
    I have been crafting Oros knots at the Altinove workshop for about 16 days now at a rate of 4 per hour and around 10h a day. (> 600 crafts) I have seen plenty of blue procs but not a single yellow one. Either the craft is bugged or the proc rate so abysmally low, that it may aswell be 0%.
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  9. MajorS added a post in a topic Housing Monopoly   

    Oh thanks for asking, indeed i do
    There you have it, line 99 and 100. It takes a little over 9h for my Goblins to complete one run, so i get 2 per day. I rest my case. So how about next time you have no clue what you are talking about (which is usually the case) you just dont hit the reply button? Or atleast do it every other time.
    And since you seem to have trouble reading and understanding, let me quote yourself to you:
    "The MAXIMUM you can make in a day is 12 million silver, in truth you're much more likely to hit around 1 million extra day. "
    For your convenience i have highlighted the important part (not sure you can see that, but there is only so much that can be done). And last time i checked a day has 24h and that means at 9h per run that is atleast 2 runs per day if you log in every 12h atleast. And to put icing on the cake you didnt even read the source you quotet yourself otherwise you would have seen the part where it says :
    Cycles per day2,582,54
    Benefits per day5.729.395,536.172.962,93 
    No you dont.
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  10. MajorS added a post in a topic Does the horse training skill do anything?   

    In the absence of concrete evidence you go with the one that makles the least assumptions. However i have heard using ones brain might help, you should give it a try for once.
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  11. MajorS added a post in a topic You KNOW the marketplace is screwed when...   

    Plunge is talking about stuff he doesnt know anything about (as usual). And no, logic certainly doesnt dictate that because of misinformation what Plunge said makes any more sense. You may need both your reading and logic modules adjusted as it seems. Logic says that in case of uncertainty you go with the null hypothesis (there is no difference) / okhams razor (there is no difference because that makes the least assumptions)
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  12. MajorS added a post in a topic Housing Monopoly   

    No you cant. At around 14k you will run out of items to place that give more than 50 points a piece.
    Oh Plunge do you ever get tired of making up numbers? Over a period of over 2 months i averaged about 4m per day on just one 500m bank. And the maximum i made from that bank in one day was a little over 23m.
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  13. MajorS added a post in a topic Does the horse training skill do anything?   

    What world is that an argument in?
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  14. MajorS added a post in a topic Mediah Fishing Rod and Maple Float +10   

    Cannot? Why someone physically stopping him? The word you are looking for is doesnt want to. In which case he should invest in a branding stone, because that 25% reduction in auto fishing speed make a big difference if you care at all about how much you catch.
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  15. MajorS added a post in a topic LT gain per lvl not universal for all?   

    You gain extra weight on levelup so yeah its relevant. (lv 15 musa 252, lev 56 musa 404, strength 1 on both)
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