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  1. Alexxy added a post in a topic Need to know few things about trading.   

    How long will it take a boat from epheria to ancado harbor afk?
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  2. Alexxy added a post in a topic Sorceress buffs on kr   

    you can't instant cast judgement, but you can cancel it really quickly into a violation with soul harvest. Or with turn back slash if you land the hit with judgement.
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  3. Alexxy added a post in a topic 2/15/2017 Accuracy tests   

    BDOTemp1's gear @ 2:51. Preaches full ap, but runs 2x RCE and a Tree spirit belt. Nuff said.
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  4. Alexxy added a post in a topic Sorc vs Ninja duels   


    2:51, runs accuracy. Do you even try to cover up being a troll anymore? 
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  5. Alexxy added a post in a topic Nerf Witch and Wizard   

    Yeah, tell that to the witches and wizards with teleport ranges the size of a football field and have misdirectional teleport as to not signal to the enemies where they are going to teleport next.
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  6. Alexxy added a post in a topic Is Sorc. really the most difficult class to play, but also the most powerful?   

    1. Abyssal Flame, Bloody Calamity, and Dead Hunt makes Sorcs one of the most sustainable classes in hp.
    2. Mana leech skill add-on for DoD on a Sorc literally gives her 0-100 mana when used on a crowd of mobs. If you don't take this skill add-on, you're doing pve wrong.
    Sorc is most played probably because since the release of this game Rangers, Witches, and Wizards are overrated cookie-cutter range classes in every mmo, Tamers are Loli's and can't be taken seriously, Berserkers are ugly as Karok from Vindictus, and Warriors have no tits.
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  7. Alexxy added a topic in General   

    Don't you want my money kakao!
    Was gonna allow you to milk me of $300 today, but I logged in and see it was a one time coupon of only 20%. Don't you understand you had great potentials today to milk the playerbase for a shit ton of money? Instead you made it a one-time use coupon for an "anniversary sale". Great marketing plans, whoever came up with this idea on the marketing team needs to be fired asap because you just lost a potential $250 from me and probably a lot more from other players. I'm going to go spend only $50 as to not waste the one-time use coupon. .
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  8. Alexxy added a post in a topic Kutum or Nouver ?   

    Can be like BJGodna, builds 377 DP and still wins 1v3's. 

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  9. Alexxy added a post in a topic 2/15/2017 Accuracy tests   

    Can't take this guy or his guild seriously when it's a shitbag of a circle jerk...
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  10. Alexxy added a post in a topic TRI basilisk belt vs TRI tree spirit belt   

    From what I noticed, evasion is heavily reduced when you're knocked down or bounded. I think special attack evasion allows you to ignore the CC effects and special down attacks, air attacks, etc of spells (I might be completely wrong on the CC effect part). Most damage comes in during the stages of you being knock-down or bounded, so evasion is near useless there. Evasion is good if you're face tanking while in super armor (I.E., charging up judgement). Oh, and grab ignores evasion. Damage reduction is more reliable when it comes to damage mitigation during knocked-down or bounded states, but less efficient compared to evasion when you're in normal state.
    So with this in mind...accuracy is a lot more important for when the opponent is actually not in knocked-down or bounded states... 
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  11. Alexxy added a post in a topic Exploit to making tri ogre/laytenn   

    that's definitely a tri ogre on my necklace 
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  12. Alexxy added a topic in General   

    Exploit to making tri ogre/laytenn
    Found a glitch/exploit to making tri ogre today. Blew up 2x tri crescents, 1x tri basi, all tet boss armor pieces, 2x tri witches, failed pen dandelion, sold my hebate, sold my giath, sold my muskan. Basically blow all your gears and sell the remaining half.

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  13. Alexxy added a post in a topic I'm Prettier than you!   

  14. Alexxy added a post in a topic Show off your Sorceress!!!   

  15. Alexxy added a post in a topic Kutum or Nouver ?   

    ok I trust you scarflare, I'm going to make one and weep as my money drains.
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