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  1. Darkseid added a post in a topic Tried to download patch but error keeps occurring.   

    ITs been annoying as hell to remove Paz and version.dat files and continually have this error for hours. its continually deleting the version.dat file and upon checking the files not replacing it at all.
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  2. Darkseid added a post in a topic Marketplace Pre-Order   

    This is what I thought happened and if so this does not seem remotely fair or reasonable let alone balanced.
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  3. Darkseid added a post in a topic Marketplace Pre-Order   

    Something about this has been bugging me and maybe someone can answer:

    Why can I not post an item outside of its Min/Max value, but people can set Pre-Order amounts outside of those values?

    If I put a Tri-Mark of Shadow on the marketplace the max value it will set for is 243,000,000 currently. The game sets no Max pre-order value so when that items is purchased from the highest bidder at say 400,000,000 does the seller receive that difference? If not, what is happening to those extra funds?
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  4. Darkseid added a post in a topic Pwn newbies and the under-geared: Is that a new sport?   

    not sure why that would trigger anyone. its a freaking game. I hope to god that isnt triggering people. i've dealt with far more as a RL fighter and Marine. My point being if they themselves are not noobs as well then why not PVP in Red Battlefield. That is where you really test your PVP skills in this game correct.

    Obviously I know I am noobish since i play this game on and off switching between GW2 and Warframe otherwise I would know I am not going to have crystals break or lose Xp on death.

    BTW i have no clue what the Archeage reference is, please tell.
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  5. Darkseid added a post in a topic Pwn newbies and the under-geared: Is that a new sport?   

    I actually had someone random PK me this weekend. Gank me. 3 v 1 for no reason other than as they stated they were from Edan and on Edan there is no time to type you just gank. I used an Elion's Tear because I didnt want to lose the XP or risk any crystals being lost. Killed again. This repeated 4 times before they finally stopped. Nothing wrong with PvP. I engaged PvP with 5 others this weekend and they were fun experiences, mutually agreed upon.

    Here is also the thing, what are you accomplishing with the 'noob' comments. Clearly the game is gear based so if you are in lower level areas ganking lower geared characters what the hell did you expect? Why are you not in Red Battlefield if you are so elite, what are you afraid of actually facing geared competition?
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  6. Darkseid added a post in a topic Updated(27/09): Valencia Spots GUIDE   

    Fogan's - 5 days of hardcore +12 hours grinding a day never hit a single Compass part. It most definitely drop Rocaba Shoes and Black Magic Crystal - Precision. Rocaba Shoes are like candy out there.
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  7. Darkseid added a post in a topic Lavientias Event Items **Update [1/3/2017]**   

    Does this mean the event will be extended? The next update doesn't happen til after the event has ended...I believe the event is supposed to end with the update.
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  8. Darkseid added a post in a topic Updated(27/09): Valencia Spots GUIDE   

    is that AP combined Awaken and Total AP?
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  9. Darkseid added a post in a topic BDO Gear Calculator   

    this is an awesome project
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  10. Darkseid added a post in a topic Best grahpics card?   

    I agree because I get much better FPS on GW2, Warframe, BF1 and plenty of other Multiplayer games. 
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  11. Darkseid added a post in a topic Best grahpics card?   

    Im not sure why he is getting such FPS drops especially in non boss areas. I do not get those kind of FPS dips with my EVGA FTW 1080. I am routinely above 50. In the high 50's so long as I am not in Heidel. My drops hit about 40 and dips below in World bosses.
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  12. Darkseid added a post in a topic Best grahpics card?   

    This depends on varying factors?

    Most Important; what resolution do you plan on gaming at? 1080P or 1440?

    Since I doubt you are 4k gaming if you are at 1080p then a GTX 1080 GPU would be unnecessary. If you plan on playing at 1440 then I would suggest a GTX 1070 or GTX 1080.

    You choose the brand of GPU but EVGA and ASUS are among my favorites. I currently play with a GTX 1080 at 1440. Most of these cards are priced at $600-800 which in terms of GPUs and long term cost are quite cost effective.

    AMD cards are fine. I used to game with AMD cards quite a bit. The AMD equivalent to a GTX 1080 would be not existent. The best you would get is the RX 480 which is more in line with a GTX 1060 or 1070.

    Again a 1080 is unnecessary if you are gaming at 1080P. My wife was using a dual GTX970Ti and then upgraded to a GTX980Ti and both maintained FPS pretty well.
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  13. Darkseid added a post in a topic LGBTQ Perspective (Male Character Models AND Genderlock)   

    What the hell does LGBTQ have to do with your complaint about 'Attractive"? Is "Attractive' only limited to LGBTQ all of a sudden? Does it only meet your standards and definition. The injection of your opinion and desire to have more attractive male characters which is subjective in itself has little to nothing to do with your sexual orientation.
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  14. Darkseid added a post in a topic MALE & FEMALE Hairstyles - including SKETCHES - UPDATE   

    Those are cool
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  15. Darkseid added a post in a topic Oh boi are you ready its so close   

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