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  1. Ceegee added a post in a topic Error Trying To Patch Today? Anyone Else Encounter this?   

    Ya i just ran into this
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  2. Ceegee added a topic in Technical Issues   

    Getting an Error: filename : 300.PAP
    When I start up BDO launcher to patch I get this message, and it quits out immediately,
    • 10 replies
  3. Ceegee added a post in a topic How do I gear lvl56 PVE Ranger or Maehwa with 520m silver ??   

    What's that chart based off?
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  4. Ceegee added a post in a topic Searching for a PvE based guild! (Edan)   

    still searching!
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  5. Ceegee added a post in a topic Best way to farm Memory fragment now ?   

    Afk fishing. Easy 2-5 relic shards a night.
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  6. Ceegee added a post in a topic Pirates rotations   

    There's no downside to dying for pvp. It doesn't matter. Anyone have some rotations to share? 
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  7. Ceegee added a post in a topic Pirates rotations   

    I play at off peak hours, not too many people to worry about. And if so I'm sure I can group up if I have to.
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  8. Ceegee added a topic in PVE   

    Pirates rotations
    Hey guys,
    I've finally geared up enough to solo pirates (57 177ap Wizard) and I'd like to know the different rotations (I've never grinded seriously there). I want to solo grind, because I enjoy it. I'm mainly there for exp and red coral accessories/silver.
    What are the main rotations? What are they called?
    Which part of the island is good for solo rotations?
    Could someone draw the area on the map or describe the solo rotation? Or direct me to a guide of someone explaining them?
    • 26 replies
  9. Ceegee added a topic in US Guild   

    Searching for a PvE based guild! (Edan)
    Hey guys,
    I'm interested in finding a guild that is PVE focused. I enjoy grinding, hunting world bosses, doing boss scrolls, and fishing (afk). I'm looking for a very a active group of people that enjoy the same. Ideally I'd like to have some kind of event to participate in most nights, and if not have a good rotation to join of people grinding XP/silver. I'm a level 57 Wizard with 400+ gear score.
    Also I play mostly in the mornings from 8am PST, so if there is a strong morning crew that would be great! 
    • 3 replies
  10. Ceegee added a post in a topic EDAN DOWN   

    Thanks Aethon!
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  11. Ceegee added a topic in PVE   

    Which aspect of PvE do you enjoy?
    I often find its easy to get lost in the level/gear race and not appreciate all the other aspects of BDO. I'd like to experience world bosses, map exploration, and Valencia grinding (still haven't been there yet at level 56 because I'm still gearing up). 
    What are some things you guys enjoy doing?
    Is there anything you would recommend people try?
    • 8 replies
  12. Ceegee added a post in a topic Does the softcap change as new content comes out?   

    I feel like grinding those small margins are more of a waste of time if you're casual, as you won't be able to compete with the hardcore players. Instead getting your gear up and grinding for silver seems better. That's the disadvantage I see. Personally I'm more interested in PvE and getting my gear up.
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  13. Ceegee added a topic in General   

    Does the softcap change as new content comes out?
    I remember when I first started playing in March, 55 was thought  to be the cap, and 56 was really tough to get. Now it seems 56 is the soft cap, much easier to achieve, and most content is available at 56. Maybe with the next patch 57 will be easy to get? 
    I'm curious because as a casual it seems like grinding past 56 right now has diminishing returns, and I rather wait for better grind spots to level up.
    • 80 replies
  14. Ceegee added a topic in Wizard/Witch   

    Anyone use Earthquake for PvE or PvP?
    I remember people used to say that the max form of earthquake was bugged and didn't do the actual number of pulses it was supposed to. Is this still the case?
    I really like the spell, the cast time is fairly quick and with super armor, and I feel it has some great purposes in mass PvP. As far as PvE, it's nice to cycle it in once in awhile with large mobs.
    • 11 replies
  15. Ceegee added a post in a topic Happy Red Nose Day 2.0 Everyone!   

    lol, it's RNG. why would you expect to get the best with the lowest chance?
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