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  1. Anatari added a topic in General   

    Why costume 2-piece sets instead of 3-piece sets like before?
    I noticed with all the older costumes, until the ranger awakening costume came out - ALL the costumes were 3 piece sets  (Helm, Chest, Boots). Now with ranger awakening and the Halloween costumes, they're all 2-piece sets (Hat, Top [Includes Chest, Gloves, Boots]). Why is this? I'm sure others, like myself liked to be able to have the option to mix and match the 3-piece costume set pieces around.
    We do pay for the costumes, and to be further limited on how we can use the costume pieces is pretty annoying for something stuck behind a pay-wall. Why add in a further limitation with how to use them now, when there wasn't such a limitation before?

    Is there any way to fix this and separate the pieces systematically like before and keep stuff going forward with the 3-piece set and add a hotfix for the 2-piece sets?
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  2. Anatari added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Red Nose Rigged Box
    Yep, title explains it.
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  3. Anatari added a post in a topic Give us an option to hide other "non-pvp-flagged" character models anytime.   

    bumping this topic, Daum/Kak we really need an option to hide visuals of neutral players. 100-200+ players at a world boss is impossible to even attempt melee combat with. All settings on very low still gets 2 FPS. I know its more of a CPU bottleneck than it is a GPU issue and adjusting the GPU settings won't have much helpful impact on the CPU side where its handling the calculations for every character on the screen.

    This game wasn't intended to process 200+ characters on the screen at the same time, its not optimized for it. Having this option will be a helpful optimization tweak to help everyone with performance issues in these busy parts of the game.
    We need an emergency fix for this issue, it awful!
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  4. Anatari added a post in a topic Post pics of your Ranger   

    My blood elf ranger.
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  5. Anatari added a post in a topic 6 months later from NA release and im getting closer to deleting this game.   

    I'm not having any freezing issues or game crashing problems. I've had the game logged in at one point for 7 days straight, with the occasional relog if the games memory usage was getting too high from loading a bunch of assets over a couple day period.

    Only time I really get any performance issues is when I'm in a city with a lot of players or at world bosses, but I've adjusted my settings to help accommodate some of that by using the "upscale" feature and adjusting some other settings. Otherwise the game plays fine on High texture and High graphic settings.

    I'm sure you're having a PC hardware issue and maybe some network or internet type of issue. There is the occassion like the other night when tree spawned, the servers were obviously having a problem, but that was rare and the only time I encountered a problem where the server/channel had a problem.
    You're right, we the consumers do help pay for their service and their wages for their employees, but that doesn't mean ranting about it when you finally had enough of your fill is the way to handle things. Have you documented when these issues have been happening, time and date? Have you contacted support to report these issues? If not, then you really have no right to blow-up like you did, unless they flat out told you, there's nothing they can do and that's it. And honestly if it really is your PC and internet/network causing the majority of the problems, there's nothing Daum/Kakao can do for you, they're not a PC or Internet helpdesk, they just develop a game and assist with technical matters within their control about their service infrastructure and their game programming.
    How exactly have they handled their consumer-base? Do you have some resources proving what you are implying here?
    Um, even if you were in driving range, I don't think they would let you rant on them in person, I'm sure they would have the police escort you before it got to that point. You sound pretty unstable in general; just an honest observation by how you've handled yourself so far.
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  6. Anatari added a post in a topic Reduce relic scroll animation sequence   

    Allow people to combine similar types of scrolls into one for a total increased loot reward system.
    5 x relic scrolls -> combined = 1 "ultimate" relic scroll; which gives the same chances for loot as doing 5 separate.
    Do this for field boss scrolls as well. I think KR has a similar system, this would be nice to have very soon.
    The problem I have with any boss type scrolls is usually the boss is standing there, has the target cursor on them ready to be attacked, but they can't be attacked yet for another 5 seconds or so. This timing system should be cleaned up a bit so the boss is attacked when their allowed to be targeted with a red cross marker.
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  7. Anatari added a post in a topic Karlstein Armor Dye Issue   

    yeah, instead of silver I would have preferred to dye those pieces gold and the white part a different color though, hopefully someone here @CM_Aethon @CM_Tytyes @CM_Praballo can bring it up to PA's attention for a solution on this and other affected armors that have parts incapable of being dyed.
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  8. Anatari added a post in a topic Give us an option to hide other "non-pvp-flagged" character models anytime.   

    yeah, I already had other players effects disabled for a starting attempt. Then tried reducing the graphics quality from very high to high and tried upscale on top of that. It's still a problem when going into a channel with 40+ players fighting a world boss and fishing areas or populated areas in town seems an unnecessary performance drain when something like disabling other player models can help alleviate that issue.

    I get about 30-34 FPS with those adjusted settings I just mentioned. I know people could get a much more smoother gameplay experience by either limiting the amount of character models being rendered to the player through an additional setting or being allowed to disable specific character models that are not in PVP or not in group or not associated to your guild, etc; would be a much better and more optimized solution for this issue; which allows the user to decide what to enable and disable for further performance optimization.

    Would like an official response from @CM_Aethon @CM_Tytyes @CM_Praballo on this issue if this has been or will be addressed with pearl abyss, since they're the ones making official changes to BDO on the coding end I would presume.
    I know you're being funny/sarcastic with your response. I have an EVGA GTX 970 FTW for my GPU. I would never use SLI as a solution. In my opinion and past experience its faulty tech for the performance boost you should get for the additional money you have to spend. Hopefully PA can resolve this issue and save some money for the user-base from having to get 4x 1080's to get 60+ FPS at kzarka. >.<
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  9. Anatari added a topic in Suggestions   

    Give us an option to hide other "non-pvp-flagged" character models anytime.
    Obviously the issue with this involves too many player models around world bosses and around fishing areas and popular city areas. Some other MMO's have this option where you can simply toggle an option to enable/disable (enabling or disabling the rendering) other player models. This would be amazing if we can get this implemented because the performance is super-taxing on hardware resources during those times, especially in combat, where you really don't need 40-60-80+ player character models ruining your experience when trying to participate in something important like a world boss.

    Some exceptions to keep in mind with this would be:
    - Those player characters who are flagged for pvp or in a guild war with the player who has this option enabled, can't be hidden from the player so the player is aware of potential danger.
    - Players who flag for pvp and have this option enabled, will only show character models they engage with in combat. (This could cause a massive performance spike issue for those players who purposely flag during a world boss fight and hit multiple people at once, since those players involved in PVP now, would show up to this player, rendering the character models that were attacked.)
    - Players who enable this option can still see the name tag for the hidden character model players in the area, dependent on their name display settings.

    - This feature could also be available with a toggle for NPC's as well, but the main issue is in high populated areas, exclusively during combat.
    - There could be a separate toggle option included for horses.
    - Players who have disable other player model rendering - enabled, but have disable other player horse model rendering - disabled, would still hide the horse model for those character models.
    - This feature could work in the similar manner that show/hide player names works for guilds, flagged players, etc.

    I'm sure others would agree, but normally getting 50-60 fps in other parts of the game, then going to a world boss fight and dropping down to 15-20 fps or lower is awful, especially for an important event such as a world boss fight; where making sure you have no latency or performance issues interfering with the players ability to see and react in time to fight mechanics.
    Sure others might claim, "well that removes the immersion", for those players they don't have to use the feature, simple enough. This feature also wouldn't provide any game changing advantage or disadvantage to the player enabling this option, just performance improvement advantages. Once a player flags for pvp, their character model is immediately rendered to the players with the hide other character model option enabled.
    • 6 replies
  10. Anatari added a post in a topic Explorer Event Series   

    no guarantee there would even be an influx of bheg gloves anyways with the boss loot box. So it still would be worth then, what it is worth now. 

    For all anyone knows it could be rigged with a low % chance to get one of the more sought out boss armors by like 1-2% and the least sought out armors like rednose could have a 80-90% roll rate. I almost bet a lot of people get rednose armor from the loot box and very few get heb, musk, bhegs, giath as the winning roll.
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  11. Anatari added a post in a topic Karlstein Armor Dye Issue   

    no, the costume items' bustier is not underwear. It is actually a part of the costume and is un-dyeable, along with the other metallic pieces marked in the image.
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  12. Anatari added a topic in Suggestions   

    Karlstein Armor Dye Issue
    This is extremely annoying. I can dye every part of this armor except these 2 parts. Is there anyway to get this enabled to dye these parts? Its not very fashion consistent to have the entire armor dyed a certain color spectrum and then these white and silver part sticks out like a sore thumb.

    • 5 replies
  13. Anatari added a post in a topic Pearl-Item Bid System unfair because of channel/server/client latency mismatch.   

    Yes, this is exactly what I'm suggesting to happen, because as it stands now, having a system that relies on latency to compete in this fashion such as this on a bidding system is no bueno for anyone, except the people with really low latency.
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  14. Anatari added a topic in Suggestions   

    Pearl-Item Bid System unfair because of channel/server/client latency mismatch.
    Current marketplace pearl item sale system is unfair to all participants because of latency issue between the associated channels and the marketplace.

    Item posted on the MP, notice came up. I went to the marketplace and registered for the initial bid phase - Phase 1.

    Phase 2, waiting that full minute for the purchase button to pop up so you can try and type in the confirmation code in an attempt to beat others in buying the item - never happened. The item was sold around the time the purchase button should have popped up.

    I can buy out other non-pearl items that are in the bid phase if I'm fast enough off the Marketplace, but because there's so many people scrambling watching this one pearl item on the market as its notice pops up, across all channels, I believe its causing big problems and an unfair advantage to everyone else who can't type in their confirm code on Phase 2. Because the purchase button lights up to whoever has the fastest connection to the BDO server first. Since people with better latency connections to the BDO server will see the purchase button pop up first, everyone else who's behind won't even see that phase of the bidding process and the item will appear as its just vanished without any chance given to buyout the bid.
    If someone has 100-190ms latency to the game server from their location, for example. Then another person has 30-40ms latency because they're closer to the server. That creates an unfair advantage to anyone else attempting to buy these items off the MP and no one with latency 100+ will ever be able to get one of those items, unless the person with 30-40ms is sleeping at the keyboard.

    A new system needs to be created that allows everyone to place their bid and the bid just gets RNG'd off to one of the bidders at the end of Phase 1 "registering your bid for the item". Otherwise something else needs to be done about this because its not a working system for all users to take advantage of. It's impossible to beat someone else out of a bid buyout if the other person has a faster latency connection to the server and the BDO server can't guarantee everyone an equal timed bid buyout at the exact same time, regardless of what channel they're on, KNOWING that each channel has its own latency issues from past experiences and on top of channel issues, there's latency between the BDO server and the player and the BDO server to the channel the player is playing on.
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  15. Anatari added a post in a topic So, what will I win?   

    Looks like a situation that could happen to any company. So they thought one business model was going to work better over another business model in the other regions. Something financially wasn't going the way they had planned and now they got to change up the dynamics a bit with a different approach by adding another business model into the scene for those players who lack self-control and don't have the financial responsibility or those other players that lack self-control and do have the financial responsibility to support that lack of self-control.

    Either way this really doesn't affect anyone like the P2W loud crowd claims. The only people it does affect differently are the players who would be willing to empty their wallets for a little easier access to normal things that are available to everyone already. Basically saving time for the compensation of money. Okay? big deal, right? Not for me.
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