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  1. Ranger 321 added a post in a topic Questline bugged?   

    Thanks so much, I managed to find the other NPCs and finally could turn the quest in..would never have done it without your help :))
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  2. Ranger 321 added a topic in In-Game Bugs   

    Questline bugged?
    The quest "Trina's Supply System", which is part of the main questline now, seems to be bugged. I have to "check the rear supply depot" 5 times, but there are only 2 NPCs, so I can't complete the quest and not go on in the Black Spirit questline...unless I am just too stupid to figure it out.
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  3. Ranger 321 added a post in a topic [Updated][Maintenance] Maintenance November 30th   

    This actually fixed it for me, after 3 times getting the corrupted file info, I deleted the config.filecheck in the Blackdesert program folder and could download without problems; it just skipped the checking files part.
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  4. Ranger 321 added a post in a topic Patch Notes - August 3rd   

    Thanx for fixing the -----atoo  Ahem...did not mean to use a dirty word..the 'white parrot'

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  5. Ranger 321 added a post in a topic Pet Appearance Change Coupon Bugged - need help   

    I had the same issue, reported the bug, got answer within 24 hours (suggesting to delete the cache files, which did not work) replied to that answer and got a message back (within 12 hours) that there seems to be a bug and that they are working on a fix. So I experienced support to be fast and friendly, and have no reason to complain...
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  6. Ranger 321 added a post in a topic Claimed value packs nowhere to be found   

    Did anybody receive his packs yet? I claimed mine on Friday, and nothing in my mail so far...
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  7. Ranger 321 added a post in a topic strafing with lmb + rmb   

    Oh yes, it seems to be Crossing Wind...many thanks for your answers!
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  8. Ranger 321 added a post in a topic strafing with lmb + rmb   

    Hmm it looks rather like evasive shot, but when I press the right button too I use stamina and get a very powerful shot, so it is quite effective alternating those two. I like it better than F-Cancelling since it gives me more control over my moves... I am level 44 and it allows me to farm mobs quite effectively, so it can't be that wrong lol.
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  9. Ranger 321 added a topic in Ranger   

    strafing with lmb + rmb
    After watching tons of videos and googling for hours I thought somebody here might help me: How is it called when I strafe left and right pressing LMB and press down RMB additionally? So pressing both mousebuttons while moving around? It's not Evasive Explosive and not Evasive or Ultimate Evasive...what is it? Is it anything? lol It seems to work for me, but I would like to know what I am doing. Thanks for any replies!
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