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  1. Ravare added a post in a topic Shroud Armor?   

    Ok so I finally got home and checked.
    You need to do the [Lv.37 Calpheon]Secret Guards and Jordine questline.
    If you completed it already, you get to do it again
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  2. Ravare added a post in a topic Shroud Armor?   

    Questline starts again near Tarif.

    Since most of us have completed it already. they triggered the quest a 2nd time for your character.
    Look in the Suggestions Tab and you should have a level 52 or something quest chain again. I believe its the one where you go find Edan near the Harpy Point
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  3. Ravare added a post in a topic Just a Couple of Pics of Who all got Screwed at Mutant Ogres   

    More info probably will need to be given to the GMs.
    1) Did he do a specific move or action before he reset?
    2) Was he dragged to a different location?
    3) Before the reset was someone holding aggro and died? Did the aggro person hit "V" to evade? (this could possibly produce a bug       maybe?)
    4) Did he reset when it turned to "nighttime" AKA when mobs hit harder? (possibly that reset him as a "new" mob?) Looking at your last screenshot, it looks to be night when the beginning it was daytime
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  4. Ravare added a post in a topic ATTENDANCE rewards last week so much effort?! LUL   

    OP gets free items..........

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  5. Ravare added a post in a topic What Guild are the GM's in?   

    GM sitting at their computers like...

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  6. Ravare added a post in a topic Regarding exclusive character customization locks and presets   

    But to go do more too look like when the rubarb pie is reptilian in nature to attract the decide of when poof.
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  7. Ravare added a post in a topic Striker When????   

    I'm guessing a month to 2 months from now.
    Tomorrow we are getting the new crafted outfits that KR got about a month and a half ago.
    So that seems to be our pace now.
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  8. Ravare added a post in a topic World Penguin Day   

  9. Ravare added a post in a topic Striker PvP   

    I'm going to build a Rosar set if I can.
    Already have Full Grunil on my Ninja so going to switch between the two on the Striker alt to see what the difference is.
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  10. Ravare added a post in a topic 3 Days of Content for Alt - New Classes   

    But that's what I am getting at. Why should the EXP scaling be changed? Why should the leveling process be prolonged?
    I am not against leveling in MMOs, its the journey that i always enjoy when I play. But I also realize that honestly, most of exp'ing in MMOs is drawn out to make you stay in certain areas then move on to another. Its a way to also improve your character over time.
    BDO is designed where your levels are viable.....yes........but they are not the most of the progression for your character. A lot of the progression is as well tied to CP/Energy, which is therefore tied to other things like random PvE quests, Knowledge Gains, and Life Skills. All of these things that players honestly skip out on because grinding mobs is much faster. But is that the developer's fault or the players fault for not caring to do the quests?

    How viable is it to make your 2nd or 3rd character level slowly? Why do this?

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  11. Ravare added a post in a topic 3 Days of Content for Alt - New Classes   

    Or you could do all that PvE content like unlocking everything in the Knowledge Book.
    Which requires you to do trade skills, kill mobs for knowledge, talk to almost every NPC for knowledge. Get Amnity with certain NPCs to be able to  talk to another etc.
    All doing that because it goes to maxing out your Energy and CP, while also increasing your daily housing fund.
    This game wasn't really setup to provide your alt with a totally new game experience. Slowing down the leveling curve does only one thing, make you spend more time in an area that you would normally. If you are working on the knowledge book as you level and while you encounter those areas, your leveling speed would decrease dramatically. Mainly because you are doing other PvE things, just not relegated to killing stuff.

    Even FFXIV which is a highly praised MMO offers almost nothing for your "new class". Other than grinding and whatever quests you didnt do already or class quests.
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  12. Ravare added a post in a topic World bosses   

    Didn't read all the responses but here is one suggestion.
    For Armor, use Grunil armor for failstacks for your main armor. Eventually you will have a full DUO Grunil set pretty easily. Use this alt-armor set for farming bosses to avoid losing your really expensive gems.
    Unfortunately the only way to get around exp loss is Elion's Tears or using an alt to farm bosses (I have a Wizard parked in Heidel for this).
    I still havent gotten a drop, but at least my Ninja doesn't risk the exp loss.
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  13. Ravare added a post in a topic So we cant transport character from Altinova to Valencia?   

    Doesnt take too long.
    I even just take my horse sometimes when im lazy
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  14. Ravare added a post in a topic Post you'r ingame character here!   

    What outfit is that?

    It looks like Cantusa but without the details.

    Edit: Ohh that must be a Striker with their base armor.
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  15. Ravare added a post in a topic Peace!   

    RNG is harsh though.
    I can only handle trying to enchant maybe one week out of the month. After a bad run I stop for a long time.
    If I kept at it trying to get TET I would definitely not be enjoying the game as much.
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  16. Ravare added a post in a topic Peace!   

  17. Ravare added a post in a topic Relic Scammers   

    I run relics with 2 others consistently.
    We will invite 2 randoms for the last 2 spots,  but we make them use their scrolls first. If they refuse or give us a hard time then we kick them.
    Sometimes one of us will go first so they can trust us, then they go. Then our other 2 guys finish it out.
    But we don't ever let the 2 randoms go last.
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  18. Ravare added a post in a topic STRIKER Skills NEW Trailer   

    No problem, thanks
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  19. Ravare added a post in a topic STRIKER Skills NEW Trailer   

    Do you know or have you seen how powerful the lifesteal skills are? As in how much HP is recovered and how often the skill can be used?
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  20. Ravare added a post in a topic Show me the guy that choosed this servers for mass PvP   

    Alright OP, stapler privileges revoked. You can get it back when you calm down.

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  21. Ravare added a post in a topic STRIKER Skills NEW Trailer   

    Striker Knockdown on Wizard

    Wizard Stunned on the Ground:

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  22. Ravare added a post in a topic Unrealistic Aspects.   

    I personally love the key combinations.
    I only use the quickslots for potions, costume pieces or skills that aren't hot keys.
    But I can understand the rest of the points except the horse stuff.
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  23. Ravare added a post in a topic Have u attend Spring Tulip Screenshot Contest?   

    I took some screenshots last night before bed. But once I saw the Facebook and Twitter thing then I opted out of it.
    I'm not posting that on my Facebook page and I don't want to set up twitter just for this.

    And on personal basis, i'm really against companies or individuals using social Media as free advertisement
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  24. Ravare added a post in a topic What are your Golden Egg loots?   

    2x Sharp Bag
    1X Tree Belt
    1X Witches Earring
    1x Ancient Guardian Seal (I think)
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